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Wednesday, 29 August 2018


                             »»»- CJ and Kayla’s - Pov «««                                  
 After an hour of prodding from Kyle CJ eyes finally opened to find two people looking at him then suddenly the guy grabbed him by the collar and shook him senseless
“Who the hell are you and how did you get into my sister’s room”. He looked around and inwardly face palmed himself how could he have missed it, this wasn’t going to end well
“I’m Cameron Jason Till, I am your dad’s guest and I think I walked into the wrong room”
The guy eyed me warily and turned to his sister which I suppose is my soon to be fiancé (I misjudged her damm she is one smoking hot chick). “Is dad back”. She nodded honestly she looked shocked.
“Dammit Kayla get the guy to leave your room problem solved, shit grow some fucking balls” with that he walked away and instead of tears I saw her smile she was one wired girl.
                                            »»»»»»»  -  ««««««      
Why wouldn’t I smile I mean Kyle just showed that he obviously still loved me I feel elated and I had totally forgotten there was someone in my room until.
“Um Angel I know this is a weird situation but have we met before”. CJ said breaking her thoughts, she peered at him and as if to say, this guy obviously had lots of issues he just introduced himself to me and now he’s acting like we’ve meet before.
“Seriously Jason no, and for some particular reason I get the feeling I’m not going to enjoy having you around and how did you know that name did dad tell you”. The idiot just looked at me and smiled goofily still managing to look hot.
“Yes and I get the feeling you won’t, but to be serious you will end up liking me I guarantee it’s going to be like those cliché girl meets boy, boy meets girl sex teen movies”
She narrowed her eyes as if I was going crazy and boy she had no idea.
“Okay Jas….”
“It’s actually Cameron but you can call me CJ all my friends do and my instincts say we would soon be more than friends” he said cutting her short, if looks could kill CJ would have been dead by now.
“First of all in those teen movies they fall in love and it is all fiction and secondly a dead tuna fish is hotter than you so us being friends is a no, now get out of my room”
He just grinned and walked closer to her leaving little or no space between them and she began to breathe hard. “Are you sure because right now I’m not the one breathing fast am I”.
She pushed him away. “I am not your after shave smells like crap and as a warning I have a black belt in judo so the next time you encroach my personal space you are dead”.
He frowned “It does not “. Then he laughed. “But I like your feisty side I think I’m going to enjoy staying with you, my feisty, nerdy, beautiful Angel”
Very much annoyed she shouted “By god I do not belong to you and stop calling me that”
He smirked and replied walking out of the room. “Are you sure, anyway see you during dinner Angel?”
She groaned he had totally put her in a bad mood his presence was totally mind nerving.

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