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Thursday, 23 August 2018


This is a Novel by Nia Celtic

Copyright © 2017 by Nia Celtic
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed, without the prior
written permission of me.


Hi Rubix 45 hmmm ……. That sound weird and so stiff considering it means my forty fifth attempt at creating you and am not even done yet since I’ve not yet given you the artificial intelligence to speak, anyway I’ll call you Emma (yes much more better for my darling diary) the name’s Audrey Shimar Mckayla Ross yeah I know weird name, it was a mistake on my birth certificate it was supposed to be shimmer and to be honest I can’t think of why anyone would want to name their child that though, but my mum found out through her mum who is Asian American that it meant God’s Angel so the name kind of stuck, anyway I’m your typical everyday teenager with a lot of friends, queue of boys just dying to date me and lots party invitations.

You didn’t really believe that did you? sorry about that you can sue me for defamation of character when I’m done, now for the truth (the name stands though), to the outside world I’m Miss Makayla heiress to the Ross empire all around Europe and more importantly your programmer.

But in the place where it matters the most to be noticed I more like a shadow, you know invisible to the whole world, like that person you see in your year book some years after and you’re like “I didn’t know this person attended our school”.

On a typical day the only people that speak to me is my Nana, my programmed diary (yup you seeing as I just completed you today, yeah me did I just go London Tipton on you yeah you’ll soon get to see how much of a Disney freak I am) our gardener, Hailey my personal shopper(I’m not really fond of her) and my yoga/ballet/gymnastic instructor Chris, yup it’s that obvious I don’t have any friends, it’s not that I’m a dork or nerd or a tomboy (okay maybe I’m a bit of  nerd academically but not in my personality, I do not speak nerd), in fact I’m a total girl not like crazy girly but girly all the same, I’m not ugly or fat or anorexic, believe me  I am like those cliché blondes with baby blue eyes ,soft curls that cascade around my face, slender enough figure with a willowy gait due to years of tireless gymnastics, yoga and ballet, I have curves in all the right places yes I mean all the right places ,But tell me who notices?  Isn’t it obvious no one, nobody ever remembers my name in school not even the teachers even though I’ve been in the honor’s program since I began high school and I’m most likely to be the valedictorian this year, oh yes the principal remembers my name but why wouldn’t he I mean my dad practically funds the school, so once a week Peter(that’s the principal ,he so desperately needs dad’s help I’m on a first name basis with him) calls me to his office to talk which just comprises of him cunningly asking me to convince my dad to help kick start another new project sometimes I wonder why, I mean our school is ranked second in the country as the most technologically advanced which is pretty weird for a mere high school. Back to my ugly story of invisibility it’s pretty much obvious that I’m loaded but unlike most people with crazy rich parents I don’t flaunt it and well since people never notice me I don’t bother to act like they do so I don’t attend rally’s or participate in spirit week or go to plays or football games either , so you see I’m just like a phantom but boy am I smart I have been programing soft wares since I was nine to be honest it’s not like it doesn’t get to me that  people don’t notice me it does but what can I do being sorry for myself won’t change the situation so I’ve learnt to live with it I mean it gives me the opportunity to sit back and observe and although I want to be part of what’s going  on around me I can’t because live has thrown me a curve ball that I  unfortunately don’t know how to play against so I have to live with. Sometimes I wish I could be bullied or pranked or teased or asked out on a date or even being invited to a sleepover in my opinion  it shows that people care enough to notice you silly much right, so it’s done and said my life is such a meaningless existence. You might ask but what about your parents, you see the thing is my mom died of grief when I was ten, sorry fourteen she couldn’t live with all the things going on then and my dad he took that as a cue to focus more on his work rather than on his children so we never get to see him at all in fact the last time I saw him was through Skype two years ago now I only ever get to speak to him through his secretary Cass who I now see as a mum figure or like my personal diary and psychologist as she likes to call it (though I won’t be needing her now that I have you) I wonder how someone as jovial and perky as she is works with that sour face I call my dad. Now speaking of children did I mention that I have a twin brother probably not any who (drum roll please) introducing Andrea Scinan Makyle Ross (Scinan means shimmer in old English yeah my mum was weird that way since I couldn’t openly bear shimmer she was so eager to pass it on to him and to be honest I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him as I used to poor, unlucky guy not that he’s ever told anyone that name I wouldn’t either but mine sound’s and means something better and cool)he is star quarterback of the football team and captain of both the basket-ball and foot-ball team, he has a killer smile, dirty blonde hair and looks that could kill I’m better looking than him though and it’s not just cause I’m a girl, ( let’s get this straight this isn’t me checking him out I mean that would be just weird , I am only listing his so called attributes which girls eagerly tend to spill in the bathroom, apparently my brother is an heady kisser and an animal in bed which is just gross) he throws awesome parties where there is enough booze for the whole town, people party till day breaks especially if it’s a weekend and he can keep the music as loud as he wants because of dads connections with the police not that I’ve ever attended even though it’s thrown in our house (I meant villa)and the fact that the house is sound proofed not all the rooms though, but they all seem to forget the fact that he is the ultimate player and man whore I practically had to move away from the room beside his because of the noise’s that always disturbed my Edward Cullen filled sleep and last year it was rumored that he had slept with almost all the girls in our year except me (eww and people don’t know me) and Lyla surprisingly seeing as she is the head cheerleader but she really isn’t sultry like most and that would be just to cliché but my point is this guy eats sex for breakfast every day so do you see the resemblance ,people don’t know we are related I mean how would they know when I’m like a ghost while he is like a social animal and partly because he had made it clear that we were not to be seen together in public so much for twin bond, it didn’t always used to be like this but let me just say stuff happened and well we became apart. well it’s my last year in high school and I do not plan on leaving without making my mark so yeah I’ve made a bucket list of Twenty-five things I plan to do before graduating and on top of it is being noticed so um let’s get this party started. I think ok that came out cheesy geez Kayla stop being silly for once.                                                                                                                                                       
Ok this is weird and all I mean I don’t even know how to keep a journal (thanks diary of a wimpy kid I also refuse to call this a diary) apparently this is family tradition every male member of the Till family has to go through when they are eighteen but since my dad forgot last year I have to do it now come to think of it I remember laughing at SJ and calling him girly when he did this but to be fair he is gay but now seeing EJ and DJ laughing at me isn’t the least bit funny karma really is a  bitch. But seriously what was dad thinking isn’t this for girls with relationship problems. I just researched on net and obviously I started wrong I am supposed to introduce myself(by any chance is dad trying to make me be a shrink to myself ,nah the old guy couldn’t be that crazy could he? Ugh this is driving me crazy).So I’m starting again hi the names Bond, James Bond okay just kidding my name’s Cameron Jason Till, second son of a French based multi Billionaire or the crazy lunatic as I prefer to call him at his back of course. Obviously I’m the cool one in my family, we are just a bunch of guys and my mum I have two brothers  and a sister introducing SJ - Sean Jason my overachieving twenty five year old senior brother, good boy of the family, child prodigy and CEO of the biggest computer factory and my personal ATM machine for a genius he is pretty dumb with passwords but did I mention he is gay not that I hate gay’s but I can’t help but wonder if it’s my changing in front of him(giving the opportunity to see my awesome body) that turned him gay because for all I knew he was totally straight last year and even if he wasn’t he should have told me I mean we used to be really close so obviously we are not close anymore except his credit card is involved and then DJ- Daley Jason his real name is actually Bentley named after my dad’s first car he doesn’t go by it because  he hates the name plus it makes his initials sound odd I mean BJ seriously it gives people the wrong idea, anyway he is my partner in crime the guy you can count on to have your back when you are in trouble except if he is in trouble too(which is pretty much all the time) then you are on your own, the other half of me who also contributed to the rapid growth of gray hairs on dad’s hair ,he is the sixteen year teenage heart rob and terror my parents created, and quite possibly regret they did seeing as the cops, principal and a lot of girls dads have my dad’s number on speed dial, but then he is a musician which contributes to a lot of his madness he is pretty good(not that I’ll ever tell him) and the girls seem to like him so all he does is to take advantage of that and believe me really it’s a bad decision extremely stupid and probably why his career would soon be coming to an end and then EJ- Eloise Jason our ever not so adorable younger sister and more like a mistake if you ask me I mean seriously I’m like older than her with nine years, this chick is just eleven and yet boys are always hanging around her but she is too much of a tomboy to know that they want to be more than friends she isn’t as troublesome as Daley but she is always in trouble I am literally afraid to mess with her yesterday she got grounded for breaking someone’s finger again believe me you do not want to be put in the position where she has to do something bad to you but she can be really sweet some times and she has a big heart of gold which is why mum and dad had to open a dog shelter except they wanted to keep on finding new animals in the house but mostly she is much more sweet when she is asleep cause then it means I can stop being pranked by her and stop following her about like body guard no seriously who gives an eleven year old height and looks that could sizzle blood apparently my parents yet I’m the only one bothered about it then so you’ve meet my siblings then there is me I’ve introduced myself before anyway I’m the type of guy who can wear a sweat shirt and look sexy (I’m the handsome one and this isn’t me being cocky Daley is just cute, Eloise is adorable while Sean looks well gay) I was and still am(sometimes) the quiet ,snobbish, stiffed necked person turned care free by the efforts of friends and most likely the only sensible kid my parents have and quite possibly my mums favorite seeing as I’m in touch with my girly side unlike Eloise but it’s not in a gay way of course that is for Sean, seriously considering they have deal with a trouble maker, a tom boy  and a fag as kids my fun loving personality is a relief to them since I don’t ever let myself get caught when I do a little mischief, I don’t do sports at all it breaks my lazy quad but I gym of course these abs don’t make themselves, I can be so carefree sometimes which is probably why dad is trying to destroy my freedom I’m a better option considering SJ is gay and EJ and DJ are underage, but I just believe in taking life as I come’s I’m like those dauntless in that divergent movie yes the movie cause I don’t read books(yeah I wish)ok not really but at least I never let fear hold me back , oh man did I forget my mum thank God she isn’t going to get to read this now introducing Elaine Jason Till the goddess of perfection my ever elegant looking terror of a mother when you meet her for the first time your first impressions is “are you sure she isn’t the owner of the company” everyone is more afraid of her even my dad yeah my dad is actually the softie in our home not my mum though she keeps us all on our toes but she is still more fun than my dad I mean this elegant looking woman has a warriors tattoo on her back and God knows how many time she has picked the lock of my room with her hair pins sometimes I wonder if she was ever a gangster once but she never tells us that kind of stuff , to be fair I’m not complaining my family is far better than most rich families at least we get to see our mum and dad on a regular basis and they always make time for us which is supper annoying. Is it just me or does this sound more like a show and tell rather than a journal entry hmm …… deal with it. Now back to my angry rendition earlier I must have the worst dad on the planet, this guy who calls himself my dad told me today that I as cool, confident, awesome, irresistible , hot and amazing as I am to mention just one percent of my person would be getting married soon can you believe this guy I’m just eighteen for Christ’s sake I haven’t even been able to graduate high school yet I thought he was kidding but the Lune just handed me a ticket which I tore in front of him only for him to hand me another one with a warning that he had bought at least ten more, okay I know my dad is a crazy business man but seriously what of the girls dad didn’t he even think of his daughters feelings or didn’t my dad tell him I have a different girl over every day who are usually dumped through my bodyguard every morning honestly though they are just girls I meet in clubs so they don’t usually cling much which is ok for me except they figure out that I’m rich then it’s time to run like the cops are on your heels not that I’ve done that in years(chase girls) but I could, but I guess not because from what my dad said he hasn’t seen her for a long time but she is a straight A student (just great I’m tying my life to a nerd forever) has a clean record and is a heiress but how could he be so sure what if she is a psycho or some sort of serial killer or if she has some weird personality disorder. EJ has been laughing his ass off but I don’t think it’s the least bit funny I mean come on I even have to go and complete senior year over there which I didn’t think was possible but obviously her principal is very open to money so it wasn’t a problem, this just feels wrong you see the thing is I met one girl ok I didn’t really meet her I just saw her pass by on summer when I went on a vacation and had to stay in some sort of boarding house with some friends and some other kids but everyone thought I was seeing a ghost since there were only three girls that came with us and two from the other kids group of friends and there was no other person staying in the house but I am quite positive that she was real she was wearing a short summer sort of dress that hugged her curves she looked so beautiful and elegant like an angel I literally stayed glued to the spot as she walked into a room I couldn’t even get my body to cooperate and walk up to her and I’ve been put off by blondes ever since cause dating or sleeping with them felt like betrayal to someone that is either a figment of my imagination or a ghost and I haven’t stopped looking for her(and that’s not easy since I only caught a half glimpse of her face), I even went as far as checking the room I saw her enter but it was empty and I would have given up but then I saw her again in a boat in Venice on another holiday in a restaurant when DJ was on tour and she looked so real but then EJ and DJ told dad I was seeing ghosts again so dad took me to a shrink when I got back which was a waste of both the shrink’s time and dads money. Okay this was refreshing and all but I’ve got to get to a party so umm see you whenever I have time to write again.    

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