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Monday, 27 August 2018


Melody's POV
I was confused with what Jessica said. Why was she invited to Betty's party? I rushed to class luckily I was early before the Teacher.
I saw Jessica and I sat beside her. "So what about the party you were talking about?" I say "Yeah... Betty just came up to me and gave me an invitation card to her birthday party, were you invited?" She asked with a grin. "Nope... She doesn't even like me".
"Ouch... Sorry about that" That was painful how could she say sorry like that to me? I asked my self these questions in my mind.
It was lunch time...i was really excited about it because my mom packed my favourite ***spring rolls and chicken sandwich*** I walked past some tables with all the noises and chewing of foods until I saw betty on the cool kids table. she stared at me with her evil witchy hazel eyes... I just looked away.
I saw Jessica sitting on a table very close to them so I went to sit there " hey Jessica" I say as I bring my lunch bag out of my school bag. "oh hi Melody wat brings you here?" She asks as she kept on avoiding my gaze "What do u mean? I school here" I say "I mean what are u doing on this table the cool kids are literally next to us." "What does that mean??? Do you think I'm not cool enough for you?" I asked angrily.
"I can't take this any more I'm going to sit with betty, when you're done blabbing about being cool come to me".
Jessica stood up from the table and went to meet betty... Did she just say I was blabbing about being cool?!? What is wrong with Jessica?
***Hey guys hope you loved this chapter***


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