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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


African ladies are undoubtedly beautiful, as a man you can always find and pick your choice of taste because of how wonderfully the ladies are made,  marriage is legally made for a man and a woman,  in other words, even though these ladies are attractive,  you cannot marry more than one, though some religions in Africa,  like the Islam  religion in Nigeria somehow support the fact that a man can marry two wives, however a man that really wants peace would go for just one woman which is common in the world today. 

That is by the way,  the reason for this write up is to examine the attitude of some of the African ladies,  especially Nigerians towards the fact of getting good men for themselves, be it at dating or marriage level. As a lady,  you don't get much more older as a guy before being ripped for marriage, if you're lucky to have a fast education, by the time you clock 26, getting settled down is expected of you,  but you can't just get married to any guy,  because marriage is a life contract,  in other words, you have to train yourself as a lady,  in other to get a well responsible man to get you married. So many ladies at their tender and youthful age has gone astray due to civilization, they want to slay on social networks, they want to flex forgetting that time doesn't wait for anybody, during the time they should be serious on whatever they find themselves doing, during the time they should train themselves and their mind in order to earn a better future, they ignorantly procrastinate or follow the wrong step of peers. In this case, due to unseriousness,  they don't get to be approached by responsible guys rather to guys at their equal level of mentality that has no plan for their lives. 

Here are some attitude some ladies put up to attract the wrong guys


This is the first thing to predict first expression of any human,  it is always said that the way you're dressed you will be addressed, due to civilization many ladies dress anyhow publicly, i mean ladies that haven't gotten anywhere in life,  ladies that haven't acquired anything tangible,  ladies that are dreaming to be a wife anytime soon, most especially the undergraduates,  you dress half naked to campus, you dress anyhow in your hostel, even at home,  you're forming sexy girl, small girl with big God,  you're slaying, even if a lady is practically not into prostitution, her mode of dressing alone is no better of a full time prostitute, therefore you have a calibre of guys that approaches you,  because the first impression you put in people about you is that you're cheap,  you can't be invested in,  so cheap guys come in,  and all what they want is for sexual pleasure and then dump you and move on, they will just take you for play , fun and lustfulness, your sexy pictures showing and exposing some secretive part of your body, on social networks are having massive likes with massive complementing comments, some ladies even live fake lives on social networks, You think you have arrived,  they will rush you and approach you with sex,  even willing to pay because they know you won't be able to resist, which doesn't distinct you from a full time prostitute, they just want you for a short time fun because of the way you presented yourself to the world.


Yes!  This is also important,  you may dress well but your relationship with people is unheard of,  the way you behave in your environment is very bad, it could be rudeness, it could be laziness, dirtiness, immaturity, and so on,  if you realize people don't like you for a certain attitude, and you know it's indeed an error,  then you have to quit it, what kind of guy do you think you attract with bad attitude, here comes hooligans,  some ladies get beaten up severally because of their behavior towards people,  your attitude determines your altitude in life, people will look down on you, guys with a similar attitude will come,  telling you, you guys are compatible and what fruit can such combination bears,  if not sufferness and all kinds of errors.

You are not creative, you cannot cook,  you don't want to improve in what you do,  you cannot solve problems, you're just there, you don't care, you don't mind, you don't even want to change all these bad traits , you always want to be a liability on people,  you believe you're just a lady, a man has every responsibilities to take care of you

 If you continue putting up these kinds of attitude, just anyhow guys will just think because you're beautiful or because they just need a wife at home, or for the purpose of dating, they opt for you due to your low class, Education is not everything,  many people are not educated but they are doing well in life simply because of self training , when you don't train yourself, you're naive,  you're a novice, life itself is a lesson learn from it. 

Remember, as a lady,  there's no time for procrastination, don't postpone your self education, it's not for today, but for the future,  start building your future today, train yourself, in order to attract positive people and men to yourself. Don't also forget that any which way, you're going to get married,  so do things  acquire the best for yourself to save your marriage.

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