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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


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***Thursday(after hanging with Asher the previous day)
After the close of school, Sofia and I headed out to the mall, well...let me rephrase that, she practically dragged me to my car and wouldn't stop talking until we finally reached the mall. Damn, that girl can talk.
"Come on, let's go!!"Sofia squealed as she started tugging my arm and I let out a chuckle. She never passes up a chance to go shopping.
"Alright,geez"I said rolling my eyes."sometimes I even believed April was worse than you  but then you start talking again and I realize  that you will always always always be worse than April"I murmured under my breath.
"What was that"she asked stopping to face me.
"Oh,nothing at all"
We finally entered the mall and a male attendant came to help us. The moment he arrived, I felt Sofia lean back on me and started fanning herself.
She whistled lowly"damn, he's hot!!" I rolled my eyes again. Trust my bestie to fall in love in 3.5 seconds.
"Hi, my name's Alexandre but you may call me Alex, how may I help you today?" I looked at Sofia to answer since she always calls the shots when we're out shopping but my best friend was literally drooling. I shook my head and dug my nails into her back and she yelped softly and glared at me.
"Oh, right.. Uhm my name's Sofia and she's Andrea. She's going on a date and she's going casual so we need a beautiful outfit that will make him gawk at her" she said all the while smiling seductively and surprisingly he smiled back but not in the way an employee smiles to his customers.
"Sure, this way please" he said and started walking. Sofia made sure to pinch me hard as revenge. Yup, She'll never change.
When we got to a section of the mall, Alex and Sofia started throwing different outfits into my arms and then hauled me into the dressing room. After a long and annoying 2 hours of wearing and waiting for Sofia and Alex's stamp of approval and discarding when they both looked at each and shook their heads, I finally fell in love with one and so did they.
"Wow" Alex said
"Damn girl, you look divine "Sofia added.
"Thanks,and damn, I feel confident...  wait a minute, does this actually cost 500 dollars?!!" I shouted after looking at the price tag.
"Damn straight it is, take a look at it girl. It's worth it"Alex said and I looked helplessly at Sofia. She knew I didn't like spending that much money even though my parents are very rich.
"Look, Andy, that outfit is just beautiful and you look phenomenal in it, now stop being tight fisted and purchase it dammit"
"Well, it is a beautiful dress". I thought.
"Thank God you know, all the more reason you should get it" Alex said. I didn't realize I said it out loud but it was really beautiful though. It was blue with different shades which made it look beautiful. It was an off the shoulder romper with drawstrings and it made my waist look phenomenal. It wasn't too tight but just perfect.

"Okay, fine, I'll get it"I said, finally relenting.
"Great, now let's get you some ah-mahzing shoes". She said and dragged Alex and me towards the shoe section. Wow, she must really like this guy.
At first, I didn't really see anything I liked but then a pair of sneakers caught my eye. It was a pure black Adidas sneakers with gold bands at the buckles and white sides. 

I tried it on and it was a perfect fit.
We had spent approximately 3 hours shopping and we decided to get some food at the cafeteria.
"Hey, Alex, would you like to join us? It should be your lunch break by now" Sofia turned her attention away from me to Alex.
"Yeah, its my break. Let's go"He went ahead of us to the cafe.
"Yes, Sofia, i'm also coming too"I said dryly.
"Knock it off, he's hot"
"Yes, you've used every chance you had to whisper it in my ear" I said, my voice dripping with boredom.
"Oh please just because he isn't Asher doesn't make him less handsome"
"Oh yes, it actually does, he's perfect"I said with a dreamy look in my eyes.
"Yep, you have it and you have it bad, anyway, just hear his name.. Alexandre... Ohhh, and his eyes, they're the most beautiful shade of blue I have ever seen.. He's just so handsome"
"Yes, handsome"I replied with that same dreamy look in my eyes.
Sofia snapped her fingers in front of my face"uhm, Andrea, I have a feeling that we aren't talking about the same person"
I cleared my throat"oh yeah, sorry... Oh look, Alex is over there.. Looks like he already ordered drinks for us.. Isn't that sweet?" I said hurriedly and walked away but not without hearing Sofia's bursts of laughter behind me.
After eating, Sofia exchanged numbers with Alex and she was beaming with smiles as we walked towards my car. I really hope she takes this one seriously because she has a tendency of falling for every hot guy who walks by.
I dropped her off at her house and then drove to my place. I met my sister outside after parking in the garage. Seems like she came out when she heard me drive in.
"Hey, you went shopping"
"Yes, thank you captain obvious"
She rolled her eyes at me. Seems we both share that trait"Asher asked you out right?"
"Yeah, how did you know?"
"Sof told me"
Ahh, that girl and her big mouth, I wanted to tell her myself.
"I'll talk to you later, gotta hang these up"I said gesturing to the bags in my hands.
"Hey, hold on, mom and dad are back from their trip, they've been waiting for you. You came back pretty late, you guys sure spend a lot of time shopping... Anyway, they're out by the pool".
"Okay"I said and headed inside to drop off my bags in my room and headed out to greet my parents. After having a long chat with them having seeing them after so long, I went to the kitchen and grabbed a whole lot of food even though I just ate at the mall and went back to my room to eat and finally went for a shower.
I went downstairs for dinner later in the night, yes I know I eat a lot. I said goodnight to everyone and I went upstairs to have a good night's sleep having done my assignments in school. I couldn't wait for my date. I finally slept with a goofy smile on my face  just by thinking of him.

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