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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


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*****Saturday ****
I woke up from sleep by 10 am from the beeping of the alarm clock. I groaned and turned over and hit the snooze button but it still kept beeping. 
"Ugh, shut up, shut up" I said sleepily as I continuously punched the snooze button. When it finally decided to shut up, I snuggled further into the sheets to continue my beautiful sleep but then my stupid phone decided to ring. I picked it to switch it off. Nothing comes between my sleep and I.
I checked and saw that it was a text and guess who sent it? Asher freaking Gray!!! On second thought, nothing comes between my sleep and I except Asher. 
A: wakey, wakey sleepy head 
Me:leave me aloneeee
A:well, someone's feisty this morning. 
Me:What do you want this early morning... Its barely dawn
A:look outside baby doll. Its 10am
Me: Whatever, you should be glad am even replying you. I love my sleep 
A:I realize that now. Anyway, am picking you up at 5. Dress up for me
Me: yeah yeah, you'll be wowed 
A: that's what am hoping for baby doll. Go back to sleep
Me: yeah, see you later. 
I dropped my phone on my nightstand with a goofy smile and went back to sleep. What? Sleep is important. 
****one hour later*****
I finally woke up feeling more refreshed and ready to face my dreadful morning. God, I hate mornings.  I headed to the toilet to do my business, brush my teeth and went to the adjoining bathroom to have a long, relaxing bath. 
After my refreshing bath, I put on some shorts and a top and headed downstairs to find my mom, dad and sister already eating at the breakfast table. 
"Sweetie, you're up. Is anything wrong? I hope you know that its a Saturday. I expected to find you sleeping "my dad said and everybody laughed. 
"Haha, very funny guys, good morning to you too" I said rolling my eyes and sat down to eat. 
"Hope you slept well? "My mom asked
"Yeah, I did"
"Hey, you guys didn't ask how I slept. I could have had a nightmare and you guys wouldn't know" April said with a frown
"Because you didn't have a nightmare"I retorted and stuck out my tongue at her. She rolled her eyes at me and gave me one of her famous death glares. I chuckled and continued eating. 
"Mom, dad, later today, am going on a date"
"For the first time in her life"my sister murmured under her breath but I heard her and threw a piece of bacon at her face. She threw one back at me but I dodged and made to throw another until my mom hit the table. 
"No food fights at the table, now Andy, who's the boy you're going out with? "
"A boy in school, his name is Asher Gray"
"You mean Asher Gray? Son of Franklin Gray? The oil magnate? "My dad asked curiously 
"Uhm I guess"I replied. Hmm, Asher didn't tell me his father was the popular oil magnate. 
"That's great, have fun sweetie" my mom said
"But not too much fun"my dad added. 
"Daaaaddd" I whined and he just chuckled. 
"No funny business, I'll be watching"my sister said pointing her index and middle finger at her eyes then at me. 
"Yes ma'am and thanks mom and dad"
"Sure thing sweetie"
****4 hours later****
I arrived at Sofia's house for my hair and makeup while praying silently that she doesn't destroy my face. I opened the door without knocking cause we've been friends for so long and her house is like mine. 
"Honey, am home!!! " I shouted jokingly. 
"Andy!!" Sofia rushed over to hug me. I hugged her back and then I heard footsteps behind me and I turned around to see her mom. 
"Andrea, how nice to see you again" Veronica(Mrs. Liao) said as she stepped forward to hug me. 
"Its nice to see you again Veronica" I replied smiling. 
"I'll leave you two alone, have fun on your date Andrea"
"Bye mom" Sofia said and she dragged me to her room."Okay, the crazy lady's gone, time for your hair and makeup" she said with an excited glint in her eyes. 
***One hour later***
Sofia made my curly hair even bigger by adding extensions and also tightened my curls with a super thin curling iron to make my hair even bouncier. 
She applied foundation which was thankfully not brighter than my future, filled my brows, concealed my spots, contoured my cheeks, added a little blush, applied a light blue eye-shadow and darkened the top, winged my eyes with dark eyeliner and applied mascara to my lashes and red lipstick. 
For someone who hadn't touched makeup in her life, I definitely looked beautiful if I do say so myself. 
"Wow, I look so different, like a movie star"I said in awe turning my face in different angles to examine the makeup. 
"I know, i'm amazing, you don't have to compliment me or wait, you can compliment me now "
"You are an amazing makeup artist"I said dryly and she slapped my arm. "Ouch, fine,it's really beautiful sofy, thanks a bunch, I'll tell you all about the date when I get back"
"Oh you better, now hurry, go home and get dressed, and wait for your prince charming to come and sweep you away"she laughed. 

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                              NEXT CHAPTER

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