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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


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I was just wearing my sneakers in my room when I heard the doorbell ring.
"Get the door April!!!"I yelled
"Okay, you don't have to shout, geez" I heard the front door open and muffled voices and then someone racing up the stairs and my door was thrown open.... rudely.
"Don't you know how to knock?"I asked in exasperation.
"I do, but then, I decided not to"April replied cockily and I shook my head at her.
"Well, well, you got yourself a tall tall drink of handsome sis, he's drop dead gorgeous, you sure you can't lend him to me to take for middle school homecoming?
"In your dreams girl, he's mine. "
"Ah!!! She's already laying claim, nice one"
"Yeah yeah, get outta here."
She stuck out her tongue at me and sashayed towards the door.
"Close the door behind -"I didn't get to finish before she ran out leaving my door ajar. I pinched the bridge of my nose in annoyance. "Why did God have to punish me with this kind of sister"I thought as I raised my eyes heavenward. Just then, I realized that I was probably keeping Asher waiting so I rushed to the mirror, checked my appearance and puffed up my hair a bit and ran out the door and down the stairs to the living room.
On getting there, I met Asher, my parents and April laughing together. "Okay, what the heck?"
"My God, Andrea, you didn't tell us how much fun your date is, I haven't laughed this hard in weeks"my mom said with bursts of laughter.
"Yay, am happy you're having fun"I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm.
"Well, we don't want to keep you any longer, go Asher but bring her back by curfew"my dad said.
"Yes sir, I'll make sure she has the time of her life" Asher replied.
My parents left the parlor and went upstairs to sleep.... Again. When they aren't working, what they love the most is sleep. Well, like parents like children. We all love sleep.
When I was sure they left and not peeking from the hallway, I finally had a good look at Asher and damn, he looked mouth watering. He was wearing a black v-neck T-shirt which showed his toned toned chest, ripped black jeans, a gray leather jacket and black boots. His hair was a tousled mess on his head. Oh God, my heart... Stop beating so fast. "Why is he looking at me like that, oh please stop staring at me with that look before my heart turns to mush".
He whistled lowly "damn baby doll, you look absolutely breathtaking" his eyes raked all over my body and I felt my knees go weak but I composed myself.
"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself"
"Ah, baby doll, I always look good"he said cockily. "Now let's go, our date awaits"
As soon as we got to the front porch, I saw a black, frightening deathtrap which I believe people call a motorcycle.
"That's what we're going in?"I asked with fear.
"Yep yep, its my baby, a BMW R1100RS"he said proudly. It's cool and all but it still looks frightening.
"I know what it is, a sports cruiser but it's still scary"
"Come on, don't be scared, I promise it'll be fun riding on it, just hold on to me, when I turn to the left, you do the same, when I turn to the right, you do so too and you won't fall off.... Hopefully"he said with a smirk and I swatted his arm. "If I die, i'm taking you along, now let's go"he chuckled and handed me a helmet and lifted me up and onto the motorcycle and he got on.
"Wait, aren't you gonna wear a helmet?"
"You're the one who's riding for the first time, your safety is more important. "
"Don't blame me if you fall off and die and possibly kill me too if the bike loses control, I wanna live till graduation dude. "
He held his hands to his chest"Ouch girl, I really do appreciate your utmost faith in me. It warms my heart "he said sarcastically
I wrapped my arms around him"drive dude and don't kill us"
"Hold on tight and I promise not to kill you.... yet"he said and zoomed out to the street. I held on tightly with my face pressed against his back and my eyes closed shut.
"Baby doll, open your eyes, you gonna love this!" He said over the roar of the motorbike. I tentatively opened one eye after the other and looked around but didn't dare remove my arms from his body... Ehh. His body is really hard but comfortable though. We were moving so fast and the wind was blowing at my hair and I really hoped it wasn't messing it up. Slowly but surely, I began to enjoy the ride.
"You're right, this is awesome!! "I shouted at the top of my voice.
"Glad you're finally enjoying the ride!!"he shouted back.
*****30 minutes later*****
I realized that we were way out of town and in the countryside surrounded by trees, bushes and more trees.
"Uhh, Asher?!"
"Yeah?! "
"Where the heck are we?"
"You'll see!"
He slowed down and stopped by the side of the road and killed the engine.
"Now we walk"he said after we had gotten off.
"Am beginning to hate this date already"I muttered but he caught it.
"Don't be lazy baby doll and have some faith in me geez"
After minutes of walking, we finally came to a clearing and I looked around to see the most amazing sight.
"Sweet baby Jesus"I said in awe.

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                              NEXT CHAPTER

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