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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


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Quote: To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering, one must not love but then one suffers from not loving. Therefore, to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. To be happy is to love, to be happy then is to suffer, but suffering makes one unhappy, therefore to be unhappy one must love  or love to suffer or suffer from too much happiness.... Adapted from The pleasure master by Nina Bangs.
Previously on Painful Addiction
"Open your eyes, you're gonna love this"
"Come on, don't be scared"
We finally came to a clearing....
"Sweet baby Jesus"
In front of me was the most beautiful sight. No, beautiful can't even begin to describe what I saw.
There was a beautiful waterfall that looked like falling crystals entering into a brilliant pool of water that made it look like liquid stars, beautiful birds flying above and on the land, there was a picnic mat with picnic baskets containing varieties of food... my favorite food.. And rose petals in the shape of a heart scattered around the mat. I stood trans fixed gazing at the amazing scenery so I didn't notice Asher sneak up on me to whisper in my ear.
"Surprise"he said lowly. No guy had ever done something so amazing for me. I finally regained my ability to speak after being awed.
"Wow.. Asher... It's just so... Wow... I don't know the right words to use to describe this. How did you even find this place?"
"It's my favorite place. Am really hoping that it could be our favorite place"he replied. I've  never had a favorite place so damn, am taking this one.
"It's become my favorite place too"I murmured but he caught it.
"Am glad, now our picnic awaits us".
******After eating*****
"Sweet heavens, that was so goood"I said as I moaned in satisfaction. From the food, not whatever you all might be thinking. "How did you even know the kind of food I like?"
"I have my ways"he said with smoulder that made my breath get caught in my throat but then I cleared my throat.
I deadpanned"Sofia told you right?"
"Fine, she did. You can't let a guy have his moment can you?"
"Nooope"I said popping the 'p' and he shook his head and smiled. God, he should never wipe off that smile again."So, let's play a game"
"What game?"
"You ask me a question then I answer then I ask you a question and you answer. "
" a nutshell, you want us to have a... conversation?"he said with an amused glint in his eyes.
"Umm... Yeah.. That's.. What I meant"I mentally face palmed at my stupidity. Sue me for not going on a date before.
"Why don't you start by telling me something about yourself that I don't know ?" He asked
Well that's not hard to answer, but with the way he's looking at me as if he wants to ravish me makes it a little bit harder for me to answer. "Okay Andrea, just use your vocal cords to form words and then sentences and you can go on from there"I thought to myself.
"Well,I guess through your "research"you would have found out my birthplace and all... Uhm.. Let's see.. I love k-pop, movies with action, adventure, comedy and a Lil bit of romance thrown in here and there, favorite color is green, I love music, I am NOT good at sports at all and I love food, dislike being without food,my hobbies include shopping for food and just seeing food" Okay maybe I should have left that part about food out.
Asher looked at me, blinked and then started laughing.
"Holy fuck, your hobbies and likes and dislikes are all about food"he said between laughs.
"What? I"m being honest, I love food"
"Well that's something we have in common, I also love food. I spend most holidays trying out different cuisines"
"Me too, one time, I traveled to Africa particularly Nigeria with my parents when they practically forced me and damn, their jollof rice was simply.... Exquisite. I thanked my parents for forcing me to go after having it. "
"Maybe one day, we could go eat this jollof rice. Oh yeah, have you watched Jumanji?"
"I just saw it, it had all my favorite things all in one"and just like that the conversation continued with neither of us running out of things to discuss about. For the first time, I felt really free with a guy. I felt like I could talk to him all day without getting tired.
"Baby doll"he called after we just finished the last piece of cake.
"There's just one strawberry left"
"Yeah I see that... and I call dibs on it"
"Come on, you ate almost all the strawberries at least let me have this" he whined with an adorable pout.
"Fine, we'll settle this with a game of rock, paper, scissors, okay?"
"That's better"
"Okay then, rock, paper—"I didn't wait to finish as I grabbed the berry and plopped it into my mouth and chewed it slowly emphasizing each slow movement of my mouth.
"Girl, you play dirty"
"You weren't fast enough dude"I said smirking.
"We'll see who's fast enough"he said with a devilish smile on his face that reminded me of the time a tiger once smiled at me at the zoo. I know I wasn't seeing things, it actually it wanted to eat me and enjoy every minute of it. And that's the way Asher is smiling at me. Uh oh...
He removed his jacket and lunged at me. I shrieked and started running around with him close behind pursuing me and am sure he was enjoying this as he wasn't even breaking a sweat while I was beginning to pant in exhaustion. The sneaky son of a bachelor.
He finally caught up to me and said "baby doll, I hate to say this but you have the physical fitness of a really enormous panda"
"Hey, I am very fit thank you very much, you're more faster and more fitter than me by the way. "I said frowning but deep down, I knew I should really work on my fitness.
"And it looks like you can't run anymore"he whispered, his hot breath fanning across my face. I smirked and pushed him backwards.
"Can't i?" I asked but before I could take three strides, he grabbed me and threw me in the lake. I came up for air with anger in my eyes but the idiot.. the really handsome idiot just stood there laughing his ass off.
"Oh.... You can laugh right? You are so gonna pay for this Asher, you just messed with the wrong panda"I threatened.

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