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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


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Previously:"Oh, you just messed with the wrong panda".
"I'm so scared, what're you gonna do huh? Asher said with a mocking smile.
"Oh, moi? Nothing, nothing"I said slowly and with a triumphant smirk, I pushed his legs out from under him and with all my might, I dunked him in the water. Yes, he was that heavy.
He came up looking like a soaked rat. A very handsome soaked rat. His face was flushed and he looked shocked.
"How the hell do you have that much power in such a tiny body?"he asked with disbelief.
"Taekwando is a very wonderful sport" I said simply.
"Ooh, baby doll knows how to handle herself" he said as he waded towards me and grabbed me by the waist and leaned in slowly. I leaned in too thinking that I was finally gonna get my first kiss and to top it off, with the hottest guy I'd ever met.
Suddenly, I felt a splash of water on my face and heard him guffawing as he continued splashing him.
"Oh, Asher,".
I hit the water to create a large splash that soaked him again and from there, a huge water fight started which I'm very happy to announce that I won.
We finally came out of the lake soaking wet and I knew Sofia was going to kill me for allowing my make up to wash off but who cares? I've always been natural. Now,the only problem I had now was trying not to gawk at Asher as he was pulling off his shirt to let it dry.
My mouth went dry and I didn't realize that I had begun to openly stare at him with my jaw unhinged until I heard him chuckle.
"Like what you see?"he asked with a smirk.
"Yes, yes, yes, I do... A lot... Could you flex those muscles a bit?" That's exactly what I would have answered assuming common sense hadn't returned to me.
"Uhm.. Yeah... I guess" was my final reply as I managed to tear my gaze away from his fine, fine body. Seriously, how can one person look that good?
"Wear this, you're shivering badly"he said as he tossed a shirt at me from the bag on the picnic mat.
I hadn't even realized that I was shivering until he threw the shirt at me. This is the main reason I don't like getting wet, I get cold easily.
I was still standing there when he sighed and came over.
"Do you want me to strip you?"
"No! Of course not!" Came my immediate response as he burst into laughter.
"I'm just kidding baby doll, geez.Well if you don't want to accept my services then go and change fast. You've got goosebumps all over your arms" When I didn't move, he sighed again and turned his back.
"I promise, I won't peek"
"You better not" I replied as I started pulling off my wet romper while looking back to be sure he wasn't peeking and he wasn't. I smiled happily but then I looked at my slightly lumpy stomach and sighed. "Which hot blooded male wouldn't want to take at least a little peek at a girl? Obviously Asher. Do I look that bad?" I thought to myself.
The thought left me immediately I pulled the shirt over my head. It smelled like citrus, fresh rain and just.. Asher. Warmth quickly engulfed me as I continued inhaling his scent. The shirt stopped a little above my knees so it was pretty decent.
"Can I turn around now?"
"Sure, I'm through"I replied
"Wow, it looks better on you than it ever did on me" he said while raking his eyes over my body.
"Don't flatter me, I look like an amoeba in this"
"No, seriously, it fits you "
"Well... Thanks"I said with a smile.
We spent most of the time talking as we waited for our clothes to dry. When they finally did, he wore his shirt again and I wore my romper. I handed him back his shirt but he refused and asked me to keep it. Of course I didn't argue, I wanted to take it anyways. New sleep wear gained.
"Lemme pack these up and we can be on our way" he finished packing and we started walking to the motorcycle. As we walked, his arm draped around my shoulders and I leaned into him enjoying the warmth emanating from his body.
We finally got to my house and he helped me get off the motorcycle.
"I had a great time Asher"
"Me too baby doll, hope you'd be ready for a second date"
"Second date?" I repeated. "Omg!!! Score one for Andrea!!!"
"Yeah, be ready. Text you later" he said as he kissed me on the forehead, hopped onto his bike and sped off into the night.
The perfect end to a perfect date.
With a smile on my face, I walked up the porch, got my keys out since I didn't wanna wake anyone but I was wrong because immediately I stepped in, the lights turned on and my mom, Sofia and April were all lined up with eager and kinda creepy smiles on their faces and I think I almost jumped a foot in the freaking air.

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                              NEXT CHAPTER

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