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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


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"So....spill!!!!" Sofia screamed, her flaming hair bouncing up and down as she kept on jumping on my bed with an excited smile on her face. April was also mirroring her reaction and I wondered when April became so interested in my life.
I managed to get away from mom after she and my two lovelies- note the sarcasm, bombarded me in the living room with creepy smiles but unfortunately I wasn't able to get away from Sofia and April as they immediately ran after me the moment I acted out my escape.
"Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, please... Help me" I thought in my mind as I mentally prepared myself for the impending questions.
"Can't I change first?" Sofia and April simultaneously shook their heads as a no while still having those creepy grins across their faces. "Seriously, how are they doing that?"
"Okay, okay, it was really romantic. We rode on his motorcycle to a secluded place in the woods and it was so breathtaking. The lake was beautiful and he set up a picnic too. Oh yeah, he threw me into the lake too and I was really annoyed but then he jumped in and started a water fight. Later, he gave me his extra shirt to wear since I was shivering badly then we talked and talked and then he brought me home. End of story. It was the best thing anyone has ever done for me"
"Hey, you're forgetting the time I got you a signed jersey from Cristiano Ronaldo. You said it was the best thing anyone had ever done for you. I see, it takes one hot guy for you to forget everything your bestie has done for you"Sofia said with an adorable pout on her face and I couldn't help myself, so I did the most sensible thing anyone would do in my situation... I burst out laughing.
"Hey, stop laughing at me"
"Okay, sorry let me rephrase it to please your royal highness, it was the best thing a boy has ever done for me. Happy now?" I said in exasperation.
"Well, you could at least add a little more feeling to-"
"Shut up Sofia" and instantly she locked her mouth with an imaginary padlock and threw the key away.
"Good" I was about to start changing when April's voice interrupted.
"Do you think he's gonna ask you out?
"I don't know really" I sighed. Will he? I'm not so sure. We've only hung out a few times and this was our first date and he's so so handsome and popular in school according to my deep research and I'm Curly haired, sassy, sarcastic Andrea with a twisted sense of humor. "I did get a second date though"
"Ahhh!!! That's great. You're moving forward in life Andy!!"Sofia gushed.
"All these perfect, drop dead gorgeous guys always have something to hide you know" April added.
"April, shut up, you just ruined the moment" Sofia said and whacked her on her head.
"Ow!!! What? I'm just saying, you can't trust guys like that"
"Oh yeah? And how would you know then? First hand experience baby sister?" I said sarcastically. "Just because you've read too many cliché novels and watched one too many romcoms doesn't mean my love life will end up one disastrous cliché novel, geez April"
"Whatever, I'm still happy for you though but if this blows up, I'll be there to say I told you so"she said pointedly.
"That won't happen baby girl" I said while ruffling her hair.
"Do that again and you'll die"
"Oooohhhh, better run Andy"Sofia said from behind.
As the girl that refuses to listen to warnings, I still ruffled her hair again and got whacked by a surprisingly hard pillow and an all out pillow fight broke out.
We were all on my bed laughing after our pillow fight which turned into a tickling war as Sofia and April became the tickling monsters and I, the helpless prey. Man, I love these girls so much. They infuriate me to the point where I wish I could throw them into a volcano filled with boiling lava but also make me so happy that I forget all my worries.
I stared at my ceiling which I painted what I imagined as heaven with a great big mansion, lots of angels, my depiction of God, Jesus and the holy spirit and all of the saints and of course, lots and lots of food. It took like three months to complete the painting but I was very proud of it. My walls were richly decorated with lots of childhood memories and paintings and my floor depicted a three dimensional section of the ocean floor. I let myself drown in my paintings as my thoughts went back to Asher and I wondered what he was doing by now.
After dropping Andrea off, I headed into my house and since most of the lights were off, Maria, my nanny and family housekeeper was asleep. I trudged up to my room and as I was about to lay down to relax a bit, my phone buzzed in my pocket.
Legend: Hey man, how's the bet going? Swept her off her feet yet?
Me: Chill bro, I'm winning this. One month and you'll be owing what you promised.
I dropped my phone on my nightstand and went to the bathroom for a quick shower.
"Andrea!!! April!! Let's watch a movie!!" Sofia shouted and I almost tripped in the shower.
"Geez, Li, I'm coming"
"Sofia!!! I'm trying to sleep, don't disturb me!!!"I heard April shout at Sofia.
After showering and changing and minutes of trying to wake April, we all settled to watch Jumanji for like the gazillionth time after which we watched shark week on netflix. It was totally funny how the sharks kept eating the guys' Willis and doodleberries' but never ate the girls' boobs.
Sofia fell asleep on my lap and April kept on sleeping on my chest so I managed to turn off the television and slowly drifted off to sleep.

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                              NEXT CHAPTER

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