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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


Brrring!! Brrrinnggg!!
"Shut uuupp" I groaned and hit the snooze button on my alarm and settled back to my wonderful sleep.
One hour later...
Brrriinnnggg!! Brrrriiiinnnggg!!!
"What now?!!" I shouted at my alarm clock but the stupid thing continued ringing my ears off. "Fine, fine, I'm getting up" I yawned sleepily and made to turn it off when I caught sight of the time.
"School starts in..." I tried focusing on the time but it was still blurry due to my sleep filled eyes so I rubbed my eyes and looked at it again and all signs of sleep vanished immediately. "An hour ago!!!!" I exclaimed and jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and  took the fastest shower ever that it just had to be written in the Guinness book of records. I finished dressing up in five minutes and ran out of my room, went downstairs and grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl and ran out.
"That April, didn't even try to wake me up. I'm so late, so so late"
I had already reached the next block when I realized that I forgot my school bag, my phone and  my car keys and it also skipped my mind to wear shoes so I had been running barefoot for the past eight minutes. I cursed at my misfortune and ran back to my house.
I got to school just as the bell rung for the start of second period.
"Geez Bishop, you look like a hobo vomited all over you"Precious said  and her pack of leeches laughed loudly and at that moment, I wished that a serial killer would appear and kill them all slowly and painfully using a chainsaw.
I walked away while praying fervently that my wish would be granted and then,  I felt someone grab my arm.
"Andy, where have you been?!! And why do you look like a hobo vomited all over you?" Sofia asked.
"That's the exact same thing that Precious said"
"Yeesh, now let me guess, you turned off your alarm and went back to sleep didn't you?"
"Yeah... But it wasn't my fault, I just wanted to finish—"
"Your beautiful dream where you and Asher were living happily ever after with three kids and a hamster right?"
"Wow, that was so accurate, how did you know?"
"I'm your best friend, you idiot, now let's get to art class, remember you're drawing for me"
"Alright everyone, take your seats. Miss Bishop, why do you look like a hobo vomited all over you?" The art teacher, Mr Bromonero asked and every single person even my so called best friend, burst into laughter at my expense and I sank further into my chair. This is the price I pay for waking up late.
As everyone was still laughing, the door opened and Asher strode in casually as if he wasn't late for class at all and immediately the laughter ceased.
"Mr Gray, why are you just walking into the class?
"Uhm, because I can't just fly into the class?" He replied and everyone started laughing again and I just had to join in. It was really hilarious seeing Mr Bromonero's face turn as red as a tomato and it was quite comforting that I was no longer the center of attention.
"Whatever, just take your seat" a fuming Mr Bromonero said. "Now all of you, cease this infernal laughter immediately!!" And just like that, the whole class fell silent.
"Good, now today we are going to be doing something different from just drawing and sculpting.
"Finally" Sofia murmured
"I am going to put you all in pairs and you are going to work on making an original painting. The painting has to represent something of value and importance between you and your partner. You are not allowed to copy from any artist but you are allowed to make research on the methods you need to use and also gain inspiration from other works of art. You and your partner will get supplies and start practicing during double periods and you shall make your research or I can decide to give you ideas on how to start and make it presentable during the single periods. This project is 70% of your grade so I expect you all to focus, concentrate and do your best.
"Gah!!! Andrea, I really hope that I'm paired with either you or Josh" Sofia exclaimed while holding my hands tightly.
"Yeah, I hope I'm paired with Asher, I heard someone say that he's a good painter but if I'm not, I hope i'm paired with you so at least we can make fun out of this"
"My thoughts exactly"
"Now everyone, before I forget, during your presentation, you are going to talk about how you made the painting, what inspired you and how it is of importance to you and your partner. Any questions before I start listing the pairs?"
"How much time do we have for the project?" Legend, one of Asher's friends asked.
"You have a month to work on this painting and the three best paintings will be exhibited at the art festival"
"Can it be in any form we like? Like in 2-d or 3-d?" I asked
"Yes, it can but it's better to choose the one you know you're really good at. Any more questions? Okay,  in the absence if no further questions let's get on to the pairs.  Legend Parker,you're paired with Precious Hart; Sofia Liao, you're with Josh Andrews; Amy Martins, you're with Dustin Pedro; Favour Isaac, you're with Asher Gray—"
"WHAT?!" I exclaimed in my head but when I saw everyone staring at me, I realized that I said it out loud and I quickly covered my mouth.
"Is there a problem, Miss Bishop?
"No sir"
"Then, I would appreciate it if you cease interrupting"
"Yes sir" I replied sheepishly.
"Now where were we? Ah, as I was saying, Favour Isaac, you're with Asher Gray; Alyssa Gaines, you're with Marissa Sloane; Erin Cannes, you're with Ernie Cooper and lastly Andrea Bishop, you're with Balfore Bradford.
You all can join your partners and discuss how you're going to undertake your projects".
"Yeesh, Andy, i'm so sorry you're paired with Balfore"
I turned to the back and saw Balfore grinning at me and it was like all the warts on his face increased. I shuddered inwardly and turned back to Sofia.
"I'm sorry for myself too. Why do I have such bad luck? You're lucky though, you got paired up with Josh"
"Yes, I'm so happy!!! He's so handsome and at least he has artistic bones in his body unlike Balfore"
"Ugh, don't remind me. I'm going to try to appeal to Mr Bromonero's sense of generosity and see if he'll change my partner to Asher. I can't believe he got paired with Favour"
"Yeah, Good luck with trying to appeal to his bitter old heart"
"Very funny, now here goes nothing" I said and braced up to face the dragon.

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