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Wednesday, 22 August 2018


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As I walked down the hallway, flouncing by as usual heading to my 3rd period class with a load of books clutched in my hands as the straight-A bookworm that i was, i bumped into a very hard wall-like chest and all my precious books fell down from my hands. Frustrated, I muttered a lot of profanities to myself as I  bent down to pick the books and then i heard the most amazing voice ever.
"Are you okay?" I heard a concerned voice say to me. I looked up and saw the cutest guy ever looking at me with worry in his beautiful brown eyes with flecks of gold in them . He had the most beautiful eyes that I couldn't help but get lost in them. I later realized that he had asked me a question and I quickly snapped out of my haze.
"Uhh,yeah,yeah,am fine" I muttered as he bent down to help me pick up my books and when we were through, he asked me if he could walk me to my class. I nodded because I was way too deep in my head and why wouldn't I be? He was just too handsome and dreamy.
"Is this your class?" He asked when we got to the door of the classroom and I nodded in affirmative.
"Cool,I'm also in this class."  I looked up at him with shock and happiness combined. I couldn't believe it, this hottie was in my damn class. A big smile spread across my face as I did a happy dance in my head.
"Awesome". I said happily then bit my lip when i felt weird but it didn't matter 'cause he just chuckled. It was the best sound ever.
" Oh dear, he has the most amazing laugh" i thought to myself.
"Well,let's go in then." He said and held the door open for me.
"Well,well, what a gentleman." I teased and he chuckled.
"Yay,you made him laugh" my subconscious cheered.
"Shut up!" I shushed her . He walked in after me and I took a seat closest to the window because I loved looking outside and receiving fresh air as it blows and he took a seat right behind me. The class was hella noisy cause the teacher was late as usual. He tapped me on my shoulder and I turned to look at him and that was when I finally took his appearance in.
He had tousled brown hair, the brownest, almost golden eyes and really pink  lips. He was wearing black denim jeans, a plain black shirt,black leather jacket and black boots. He had the whole bad boy look on him,I didn't think I had seen him before because I never really noticed anyone in school except Sofia and the teachers and maybe my partners for any group assignment.
"Uhm, pardon me, I didn't catch your name" he said.
"That's because I didn't tell you." I replied and he smirked.
"Yeah,you didn't. I'm Asher and you are...?" He trailed off.
"Andrea" i said
"That's a pretty name" he said and I smiled
"Thanks, i know right? it's  an awesome name,so is yours" I said showing off my pearly whites. I suddenly remembered that i had heard the name Asher before from one of Sofia's numerous babbles about the bad boys in the school that I never listened to.
"Hey,do you have a phone cause I would really like to—" he was cut off when the teacher came in.
"Ugh, really great timing Mr.Gilbert, did you have to come in right now? Who knows if he wanted my number? Oh why did you have to come in now?" I really hoped he would just get on with the lesson and that time would just fly cause I really wanted to talk to  Asher more. I knew it's kinda creepy but I couldn't help myself, I already took a liking to him the moment he spoke to me. It  was unfortunately history class which was bound to be boring so I just took a few notes and zoned out praying that the bell would ring soon.
"Yippee!!!!!" I shouted happily as soon as Mr Gilbert left the class. I turned around to notice that  Asher was fast asleep.
"Awwn, he looks so peaceful" I cooed to myself but noticed that he had a little frown on his face but it didn't make him look any  less peaceful. Just then, I realized that i was beginning to grow a crush on this guy that I just met.
The bell signalling lunch hour rung and it snapped me out of my thoughts and it also managed to wake Asher up and when he caught me staring and flashed me a grin.
"Hey you, boring class huh?" He asked me while grinning still.
"Yeah, definitely, it was torture" I replied with a grin of my own.
"Wanna join me for lunch?" He asked me hopefully.
"Nah,i'm sorry but I have to pass,i'm sitting with my best friend".
"Okay, no problem then,see you after lunch". He said to me as he packed up his things , flashed me a smile and walked away. I was staring and smiling stupidly like an idiot until I snapped out of it by my best friend, Sofia screeching in my ears.

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                           NEXT CHAPTER

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