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Wednesday, 22 August 2018


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  "Hey!!! Earth to Andrea!!" Sofia screeched in my ear and I quickly snapped out if my thoughts.
"Come on, you promised me a taco today!!!" She whined.
"Okay, fine am coming, just give me a sec" I said as I was packing my things and together, we walked towards the taco stand in the cafeteria. Sofia bought her taco which I paid for "curse my code of ethics" and also bought for myself. We settled at the lunch table and then my gaze fell on something heartbreaking and this time Sofia's god awful chattering could not bring me out of this.
"No.. This cannot be happening, I thought he had something for me,I thought he liked me" i muttered to myself.
"Andy, did you hear one thing I just said? Andrea!!" I finally heard Sofia yelling and snapping her fingers in my face. I shook my head and turned to face her with a huge fake smile on my face.
"Yes, Sofia, what can I do for you today?" I said sweetly
"Andy, just tell me what's wrong with you, you've been acting weird and I know you are weird naturally but your behavior is just.... Weird" she finished. I sighed and decided to tell her everything.
"Okay,just look over there" i pointed to the table where Asher is sitting.
"Ooh, he is sh-moking hot" she gushed and I just rolled my eyes at her.
"I know, but that's not the main issue,look at those blood sucking leeches sitting with him.
" Ohhh, Precious and Favor,looks like they've found a new prey to feast on"she said
"I know right, I really like him though, I know its just been a few hours since I met him but I feel a deep connection between us but I think its just me that's feeling it" I said sadly.
"Hol' up,hol' up, say what?!!! Sofia shouted." You like him? Like you like,like,like him?" I nod in the affirmative while she just opens and closes her mouth repeatedly like a fish.
"Uhhh, no offense bae but I don't think he will ever like someone like you" I turned to her wide eyed and a little hurt by her words.
"Ouch, that hurt" I said placing my hand over my chest.
"No,no ,I didn't mean it that way but take a good look at him and at those bitches, those are the kind of girls guys like Asher are into not sweet,naive,innocent and no offense, flat chested girls like you" I felt my ego deflate a whole lot by her words but I knew they were true.
"You just have to point out that am flat chested right" I said groaning a little and looking down at my barely there chest.
"Yep!" She said happily with s smug smile on her face.
"You are such a— " I didn't finish my sentence because I looked up and saw Asher smiling down at me.
"You do realize the bell has rang right?" He asked
"Uhh, yeah, I knew that" I said and turned to see Sofia winking at me and pointing to my chest. I frown at her and turn back to face Asher.
"What class are you having now?" I asked
"English with...." He trailed off looking for his schedule in his bag.
"Miss Corbin" I told him before he could bring out his schedule.
"Yeah, always forgetting her name, Are you having English too?"
"No, am having Geography" I felt kinda bad because I really wanted to spend time with him despite what Sofia said.
"Oh, well that's unfortunate but wait a sec, let's compare our schedules and see if we have more classes together" I fetched mine from my bag and handed it to him as we checked it.
"Awesome, we have 5 classes together out of twelve"
"Well, I'll see you later" he flashed me a smoke and walked away and I was left staring at his retreating figure before finally turning around and heading to my class and wondering what the future holds for both of us.

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                             NEXT CHAPTER

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