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Saturday, 25 August 2018


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"Finally" I heaved a sigh of relief as the bell went off. I packed my binder into my bag and headed to the door away from torturous geometry class. Thank the stars it was the last class of the day. I reached my locker,punched in my combo and threw my stuff into it and took the important notes and assignments. I looked around for Sofia's bright red hair and spotted her talking to a group of snooty cheerleaders.
“Does she want to try out for the team already?” I thought to myself as I walked towards her.
“—okay guys, I'll see you tomorrow  bye" I managed to catch the last bit of the conversation.
"Trying to get in the cheerleaders' good books right" I said smiling at her.
"You know it girl, gotta keep those girls close, they have good connections around here and i love benefitting" she said, flipping her hair.
"I know my hair isn't as long as yours but you don't have to keep showing off" I whined. Her red hair was reaching her butt already and my full,curly brown hair is just reaching the small of my back.
"Now where's the fun in that,huh?" She said with a nonchalant look on her face.
"You're so infuriating, you know that right?"
"That's why i remain the love of your life. "
"Don't kid yourself Li,I said using my shortened version of her surname that only I get to call her. Let's just go" I started pulling her hand until i remember that I hadn't seen Asher since our last class together.
I started looking around for him but didn't spot him. I didn't realize that I had  let go of Sofia's hand already until I heard her voice again.
"Looking for someone, hmm" she asked with a knowing look on her face.
"Yeah, have you seen him" I asked hopefully
"You mean,have I seen him at all today?"
"Yeah!!! Have you?" I asked with more hope shining in my brown eyes.
"Nah, am just messing with ya, I don't even know who you're talking about"
I felt my face drop and I felt like slapping Sofia.
"Ha, ha,very funny" I said sarcasm oozing out of my voice.
"Don't gimme that look, who you even looking for?"
Ugh, she can be so clueless sometimes.
"Who else?, Asher of course. "
"Ohhh, nope, haven't seen him since lunch hour. "
I felt disappointment course through me at her words.
"Andy, don't worry, let's just go, he probably already left but you'll still see him tomorrow, its not like he's going to be wiped out of existence tomorrow" she said stroking my arm.
"Fine,let's go. "
We both walked towards my 2016 Lincoln Navigator since Sofia's mom refuses to get her another car after crashing the last one. She said and I quote "She isn't responsible enough to own another car" I remember Sofia throwing a fit for over a week but later stopped when she realized her mom wasn't going to change her judgment.
So i'm stuck with being her personal driver since she won't man up or woman up? whatever, and take the bus so I am stuck with her screeching in the name of singing. Its not that she can't sing, oh no,no,she has a wonderful voice that would make Ariana Grande, Rihanna and every artist jealous of her but she does this just to torment me. I have a wonderful best friend, I know that.
"Will you please tone it down a notch or am throwing you out of this car right now" I said threateningly when her screeching got on my nerves.
"Alright, sheesh, don't get your panties in a twist" she muttered and stuck her tongue out at me childishly.
Yes people, this is Sofia Liao, my best friend but also a big baby, i have come to love her like this and she's also the only friend i have managed to make so we are stuck with each other. She can be fun, annoying and gets on my nerves most of the time, but she's the best friend any girl would wish for.
I dropped her off at her house and she gave me a big,sloppy wet kiss on my cheek.
"Eww, what is wrong with you. "
"That's payback for telling me to shut up. "
"You are the very definition of crazy"
"But you love me!!" She said and bounded up the porch to her house as I drove up and did my best to wipe off the saliva that was on my cheek. I arrived home and packed my cherished car in the garage and went into the house. I figured out my parents weren't as home as usual since their cars weren't in the garage. I know they love us and I love them too but they just spend too much time away from us.
"April should be home by now" I thought to myself glancing at my watch.
As soon as I opened the door, i was greeted with the sight of my sister in all her sports bra and short shorts glory. I guess she just hit the gym since her body was still glistening with sweat. She is the only one in my family who bothers to use the home gym and Sofia of course when she visits. Those two are health freaks.
She never fails to show that her breasts are bigger than mine even though she's just 13,well almost 14 but still the same thing.
"Hey, baby sis" i chirp happily
" Well someone's all prepped up and happy today "came her cool response.
"Really, how could you tell?" I asked
"Well, there's this glow on your face that wasn't there this morning so start talking young Missy" she said cooly.
"I will tell you once you give your big sister a hug" i said grinning at her and spreading my arms out.
"You're stupid, i wonder why we still keep you around" she said , a small smile tugging at her lips
"Because you love me?"
"That's not the exact reason that  i'm looking for but let's just go with that for now" she steps forwards and gives me one of her famous bear hugs and I ruffled her hair after.
"Girl, I told you to stop doing that, she whined patting her long auburn hair which is sadly longer than mine, down. I can't still believe  she has no pimples on her face unlike me.
"Sorry, its a habit that I just can't get rid of " I said grinning at her knowing it would just infuriate her the more. I love it because she looks like an "Ifrit" when she's angry.
I think I should just better say something nice to calm her down because she looks like she's about to blow a gasket. The various things i get myself into........

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                             NEXT CHAPTER

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