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Saturday, 25 August 2018


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At 13,April already has a bust which I have caught many guys staring at a lot, auburn hair that reaches her waist(sadly longer than mine) and flawless dark skin unlike mine.
"Sorry for ruffling your hair... Not sorry"
She simply scowled at me and raised her eyebrow as if asking me to tell her what I want to say from the beginning.
"I can't believe that this is your final year in middle school. I'm so proud of you and can't wait to show you around Excel"she rolled her eyes at me before dropping her pen which I didn't notice she was holding.
"Look, Andy, I already told you countless times that I ain't coming to Excel, am going to Brentwood"I sighed in frustration.
"Whatever you say"she looked at me weirdly and I suddenly felt conscious.
"Is there something on my face"I asked
"No,but I know that is not what you wanted to tell me and you usually argue with me and start preaching each time I mention that am ditching Excel for Brentwood so what gives? Is there something you aren't telling me young Missy "she looked at me sternly
"Come on, am all AGOG, just tell Me already, I know there's something"she said with excitement.
I sighed knowing that I couldn't keep this from her at all no matter how much I would love to. Don't get me wrong, I love my sister and tell her almost everything but I can't predict her reaction. She might be happy or start lecturing me which is weird because am the one that's supposed to be lecturing her as her big sister.
"Imetacuteboytoday, I said hurriedly, there I told you "
She just blinked at me with confusion In her eyes.
"Come again?" I sighed and said it really slowly as if I were talking to a four year old.
"I... Met.. A... Cute... Boy... Today "
"OMG, spill, spill "she said clapping her hands happily.
"Okay, well, his name is Asher, he's 16 and really cute as I said before, I never really knew he existed before"
"How will you ever know when all you did was bury your nose in your books throughout freshman year till a little before junior year until I persuaded you to have some fun and start noticing your school. You never really paid attention to anyone else in that school apart from teachers and Sofia. Who knows if you had seen him before but your mind didn't register his presence but go on please" she said with a roll of her eyes.
"I guess you're right, anyway, he is tall, I think around 6'0 with beautiful brown eyes, tanned skin, chestnut brown hair and well built " I didn't realize I was day dreaming again until I heard April awwww loudly which was weird cause she never does that
"Awww, he sounds really cute but you know most cute guys with an almost perfect appearance always have something to hide, are you sure you aren't crushing on him already? " she asked slyly.
I rolled my eyes at her, she can be annoying most times but today she's just plain annoying.
"A crush? No.... I mean yes... Well, no... It's complicated..... Okay fine, yes!! I have a gigantic crush on him but it seems to soon to start developing feelings when we just met"
"It ain't weird and it's definitely not to soon. I call that attraction at first sight but anyway I have to go to Lola's to study and there's some left over pizza and lasagna in the fridge. Oh and mom and dad traveled together for a business trip so you have the whole house to yourself from now till I come back. Have fun!!!" She said and grabbed her jacket and bag and ran out of the house.
"Looks like it's just me now " I muttered to myself and padded up the stairs to my room to run a bath and change my clothes and do my homework and maybe watch a movie after i'm done.

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                              NEXT CHAPTER


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