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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


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I took off my clothes and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower . After the very refreshing shower, I grabbed one of my favorite washed jeans and an off- shoulder striped top. I had the whole nerdy look going on. I decided to change my wardrobe a lil bit to at least look good for Asher. I know, it's mushy right? I picked up my phone from the side table.
I switched on my phone and went straight to Facebook. After fooling around for some minutes, I went to heat up the lasagna and just then, I heard my phone beep. I checked it and saw a text from an unknown number.
***Text message ****
Unknown: Hey baby doll
A. B:heya there, who's this?
Unknown:its Asher
OMG!!!! Asher Gray is texting me!!
"Wait, how did he get my number?" I asked myself but quickly saved his number.
A. B: how the hell did you get my number?
Asher: ooh, feisty... I like it... Anyway, to answer ur question, I have my sources 
A. B: just tell me dude
Asher: Fine.... I hacked into the school records.
A. B: Are you crazy?
Asher: well.....
A. B:isn't that wrong?
Asher: Tbh... It is but ion care...
A. B: u are a crazy person Asher Gray
Asher: and you love me
A. B: dream on boy... Dream on.
Asher: my dreams are of you... Aniway, I just wanted to... Ya kno.. Apologize
A. B: 4 wat
Asher: I didn't tell you goodbye when skool closed, i had to take care of something
A. B: no biggie
Asher: see you tomorrow baby doll
A. B: don't call me baby doll
Asher: but u like it don't you?
A. B: u cray cray.. See you.
I felt giddy after my conversation with Asher and I happily ate my lasagna while staring off into space and as a result, I spilled some of it onto my top.
"Dang it"I said while cleaning my shirt with some napkins.
*****Two weeks later****
Asher and I have been spending a lot of time together and I feel my crush growing into something more, I don't know about him but I feel some chemistry between us. The bell for first period rang and I felt happy because i shared first period with Asher and Sofia. I quickly hurried to first period, history but my happiness reduced a little because that class is so boring. I reach the class just before the late bell rang and enter into class.
I looked around for Sofia's red hair but don't spot her. It's as if she's gone AWOL but I spotted Asher's brown hair and walked towards him and took a seat beside him.
"Hey" I greeted him with a smile.
"Baby doll, how've you been?"
"Been good" and before I could put in another word, Mr. Gelding... I know, its a weird name.. comes in and I couldn't concentrate on what he's saying because all my attention was on Asher.
"Miss Bishop, will you please stop ogling Mister Gray and focus on the lesson?" I felt heat rise up to my cheeks and silently thanked God that am dark-skinned. I was so embarrassed as everyone turned to look at me and a few of them started snickering but I caught Precious and Favor burning holes into my back of my head with their glares.
"Sorry Mr Gelding" I said quietly.
"It's okay miss Bishop but make sure you focus on the lesson" he said then turned back to the board and starts to write a very boring and long note on the board.
"Psst, baby doll" I heard Asher whisper to me.
"Yeah?" I saw him looking at me apologetically.
"Sorry about the embarrassment"I ducked my head down and brought it back up to look at him.
"Don't worry about that, I face embarrassment most of the time" I mumbled
" I have to, no one embarrasses my baby doll except me" he said with a smirk.
"Yeah, yeah, those are getting old already, anyway, you and me, Saturday evening, be ready" he said
"And I should listen to you? "
"Well you obviously have no choice, if you refuse, I'll just carry you or kidnap you, it's really easy"
"That's not really the best way to ask a girl out dude". 
"Well, its my way and my way is always the best" he said cockily
"Well, since you asked so nicely, I said with sarcasm, I'll go out with you"
Just then the bell rung and I pack my things and looked down at my empty notes and realize I didn't copy anything during class. I'll just borrow his notes.
"Hey, I couldn't get any notes so gimme yours"
"You know, it's good to ask nicely" I just gave him a bored look.
"Please oh please, will you borrow me your notes" I deadpanned
"Well, that's not how I envisioned pleading in my head but since you asked ever so nicely, here you go" he said and gave his notes to me.
"Have you seen Sofia at all today"I asked.
"Nope, I was just about to ask you since she's always around you 24/7.
"Haha, very funny, maybe she decided to skip after all it's-"
"Boring history" Sofia finished for me with her usual smile.
"There you are, I was wondering of you'd gone AWOL"
"Nah, but I couldn't take that guy's class today, didn't feel like sleeping" she said with a shrug. I had a feeling she was lying but I decided to say nothing about it.
"Hey guys, sorry to interrupt but I gotta go, take care especially you baby doll"he said before walking away with a smile.
"Hmmm.... You guys look extra lovey dovey today, what's the big idea?"Sofia asked.
"I'll tell you later but we have maths class now"I said quickly.
"Kk, let's go"

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                              NEXT CHAPTER

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