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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


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After maths class was fortunately lunch break and Sofia didn't waste any time in dragging me out of the class to the lunch hall.
"Stop! Stop dragging me, I can walk myself you know?"I said in exasperation.
"Yeah, I know u can walk, that's my point exactly.... I know you're  gonna try and run to escape giving me every little detail but no missy, you are gonna tell me every single teeny tiny detail"she said, her eyes blazing with curiosity and one other thing I couldn't place.
"Fine, fine, I won't run okay? Now stop dragging me, I'm tired"
"Lazy ass"
"Shut up"
We got to the lunch area and Sofia ever so gently placed me on a chair, Note the sarcasm... and went to order us lunch.
"Here's a burger. Eat it"she commanded
"But I don't want a burger"I said with a whiny voice.
"You.will. eat.the. burger.without. any. complaints!! "She barked
"Yes, ma'am"I said, hurriedly eating my  burger.
She soon finished her salad, I swear that's the only thing she loves eating for lunch, and started staring at me expectantly.
"What? "
"Start talking"
"But I'm not done with my-"
"I said, start talking"
I took my sweet time to wipe my mouth and my hands all in a bid to annoy her which was definitely working.
"Okay, fine, Asher asked me out"
"Asher? Asher Gray? Hottest guy in school asked you out?
"I just said so, keep up Liao"
"Woah, this seems too fast, you guys barely know each other"
"Uhh, I think that's the main purpose of a date. To get to know the other party more, like duh"I deadpanned
"Whatever, when's the date? "
"This Saturday"
"Well..... We have to go shopping, take care of that wild nest you call your hair -
"Hey,my hair is fine the way it is "
"-do your makeup, she continued without mind to a word I said... We have so much to do"she finally finished off with the back of her hand on her forehead as if she were in distress. I laughed hard and long at her antics.
"Girl, you crazy but gee, he asked me out! Me! Andrea! He asked me out!! Do u know what this means?! In those slutty girls faces!!
"Yeah!! Fuck them bitches! "
I heard footsteps behind me and turned around to see two blood sucking leeches glaring at me viciously.
"What do you girls want"I asked with a frown on my face.
"Well, well, I see Miss goody two shoes is trying her luck on Asher" Precious said, sneering maliciously at me.
"Oh please, you don't stand a chance with Asher, Precious has always been the girl in his life. You can never be what Asher needs, you flat chested bitch" Favor said with a glower
"Hey, hey, nobody, and I mean nobody has the right to call Andrea flat chested except me! Do you understand?! Now take your attitude and get the fuck outta here" Sofia said with fury blazing in her eyes.
"Hmmph" they both huffed and puffed and walked away. I thought a caught a hint of fear in their eyes.
"Thanks Li, but I think I can take care of myself "
"I know that, but nobody and I mean it, nobody messes with my bestie and goes scot-free"
"Awww, you the best friend any girl could ask for"
"I know right" she said with a grin on her face.
Just then, the bell signalling the end of lunch break rung and everyone started throwing out their trash and rushing to their various classes.
"C'mon, you have next period with Asher right?let's go so you can do what you do best.
"Charm him with my amazing personality?"
"No, blush furiously like a bride on her wedding night whenever he's talking to you"
I gasped dramatically
"I so do not do that"I said with a pout.
"Yeah, you do, now up, up.. Leggo"
******After school*******
I finished putting all my books in my locker and grabbed my assignment folder and walked towards Sofia's locker only to see her chatting animatedly with Asher.
"Hey guys, what's up?
They immediately stopped talking at my arrival which I thought was weird but I just brushed it off.
"Nothing, really, we were just talking"
"What about? "
"You know that new movie we watched last week? Sharknado 5?" I nodded my head. " Yeah, turns out its Asher's favorite out of all the sharknado series and I was just telling him how it was your favorite too"
"Yeah I really love it "Asher said with a smile but his smile seemed kind of nervous as if he were hiding something.
I still felt that wasn't what they were talking about but I decided to let it go.
"Andrea, are you busy this evening?" Asher asked
"Nope, I finished all assignments earlier"
"Like the nerd that she is"I heard Sofia mutter under her breath with a cheeky smile on her face and I shot her a glare.
"Cool, so how about we go to the movies, you know, just to hang out before I mesmerize you with our awesome first date?"
"Sure, that sounds great but I came with my car, I gotta drive it back home "
"Sofia can drive it home for you and also drop your stuff off there "
Sofia was almost jumping with joy and opened her mouth to talk but I cut her off before she could say anything.
"Absolutely not, Sofia is not driving my baby. "
"Please Andy, please, I promise, I'll drive carefully, I won't run the red light, pretty please, I'll make sure the cops see no reason to ask for my license"she begged and started giving me the puppy dog eyes which she knows am a goner for.
"Oh, no, not the puppy dog eyes. Fine, you can drive it, here are the keys, I just pray I won't regret this"
"Awesome, I promise you won't " And she snatched the keys and my bag and ran out happily.
"So, I guess that's settled already" Asher said.
"Yeah, let's go" I said and we both walked towards his black Camaro and he opened the door for me and after seeing that I was settled in, turned round and entered the car.Not long after, we arrived at the movies and I forgot to ask him what movie we were watching but he answered my unasked question.
"We're watching...... Wait for it.... " he said dramatically. "The Mummy!!! "

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                              NEXT CHAPTER

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