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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


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Author's note: mature content here, please skip if you'd like or think its too matured. Don't say I didn't warn you. Xx my lovelies.
I walked into school really late to meet up with Precious, although we stopped dating over a year ago but she's still a great fuck and I really enjoy getting off with her.  I don't fuck around with many girls because am naturally a one-woman guy even if we're aren't dating. Okay, okay, you got me, that's not the real reason, I just don't want a disease. Most of these girls in school are walking STDs and I love being clean.
"Hey, baby"I heard Precious purr in my ear, I think she meant it to be seductive but it just came off wrong, but unfortunately I have to deal with it cox I don't like sleeping around.
"I told you not to call me that presh"I said with a roll of my eyes.
"Am sorry bab—i mean Asher"she hurriedly corrected herself, man its good to have power over girls.  I don't like dating that's why I called it off with her after 2 years, I don't like being tied down and tbh,  she got too clingy with me but like I said before, she's a good fuck and really good at giving head.
"Let's just go to the closet upstairs, its bigger than the one here" I whispered in her ear and carried her on my shoulder while spanking those round butts a little. When we got there, I quickly pushed her in and locked the door and got right to business.
I removed her crop top and began to fondle those big perky boobs of hers that I happen to love so much all the while kissing her passionately and feeding off the moans I got in return from her.
"Wait a minute Asher, I wanna please you first" she said and got down on her knees in front of me, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my fly and got my bulging hard cock out of my briefs. I groaned in pleasure as she put it in her mouth and began to blow me. If there's one thing she's good at doing then its this. She took all of me expertly in her warm mouth and began to deep throat. The pleasure I felt was so intense and I could feel the pressure getting higher and higher.
"C'mon baby, cum for me"she said while blowing me harder. I groaned a little more and released my hot cum all in her mouth and also on her breasts.
"Make sure you swallow every last drop presh" I ordered and she obeyed instantly. I was still hard even after that hot release.  I still wanted more so I lifted her skirt which I made her wear every day just to make things easier, pushed her thong aside and felt her wet cunt with my fingers.
"Who are you wet for presh?" I asked giving her a spank on her butt.
"You and only you Asher!! "She screamed while moaning from my fingers rubbing her clit. I propped her higher on the wall, put her long legs on my shoulder, bent down and began sucking her cunt also using my fingers to fuck her and enjoying the way I felt her writhe in pleasure. I chuckled a little and began pumping and sucking faster and faster until she came and I made sure to drink In all her juices but still saved some in my mouth for later purposes.  I released her legs and captured her mouth in a fiery kiss and released some of her cum in her mouth for her to taste.
"Fuck me now Asher, don't tease me anymore, I want you inside of me right now!! "
"With pleasure" I said cockily and carried her up, put legs on my shoulders and inserted my still hard and swollen cock into her slick, wet pussy and began thrusting in and out very fast and rough and also spanking her butt in the process till it was raw and red.
"Do you like that bitch? Do you like you like the feel of my cock ramming into your pussy? Do you?" I said with a groan.
"Yes!! Yes!!! Fuck me harder, faster Asher am gonna come really soon"
I rammed into her one, two, three times and then we came simultaneously. I released her legs and put my briefs and jeans back on properly.
"Come on, get dressed now"
"But, Asher —
"I said, get dressed" I said and walked out of the closet and headed to the boys' locker room to take a shower before everyone starts coming. By the time I was through, I heard the bell for third period  ring and I rushed out of the locker room so I wouldn't be late for class as I have already missed two classes but luckily I had someone mark my name for attendance in homeroom so I shouldn't be in too much trouble believe it or not, am actually a brilliant student hey, not all bad boys are dumb.
I collided into somebody and I was about to yell at the person before I realized it was my best bud Archer, I know, our names sound alike, main reason why our mothers made us play together and we've been best friends since.
"Hey, where to in such a rush?"
"Man, I have no time to explain, I gotta go before the late bell rings, I can't be late for yet another class"
"Well, okay, hope you enjoyed your time with Precious "he hollered and ran off in the opposite direction.
"Man, am going to kill that guy one day"I  thought with a smile on my face and when I turned around, I collided with another person. What's it with me and colliding with people? Did I offend some gods or something? I opened my mouth to lash out for the second time today but the words died on my tongue when I saw the person I collided with. She had this mild kind of beauty that wasn't really noticeable unless you looked closely.
Her eyes were a deep brown color with gold specks in them that held plenty of emotions in them. Her hair was not all that long but very very curly and pretty but the one surprising thing was that she was a black. I mean, I don't have anything against blacks, I mean some of my friends are black but I have never tasted a black pussy before and why am I thinking this now? Get your head out of the gutter Asher!
I heard her mutter profanities to herself and I chucked within me, so the girl curses too. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts.
"Are you okay?"I asked her while bending to pick up her books that fell as a result of our collision.
"Uhm, yeah, yeah, am fine"she muttered and I had to strain to hear her. Does she always talk like this? Well, am about to find out.
"May I walk you to your class? Its the least I can do"I asked and she nodded. It looked like she was lost in a haze. Well, I can't blame her, it happens to every girl who I come in contact with.
"Is this your class?" I asked and she nodded again. Man, does this girl talk at all?
"Cool, am also having this class "I saw her eyes light up with shock and happiness. Man, I get this kind of reaction from most girls almost every time.
"Awesome" Thank the gods, she finally said something without muttering. I laughed out of the relief that she wasn't speech impaired.
"Well, let's go in"I said while opening the door.
"What a gentleman" she teased and I chuckled. It's like she's got her groove back on. Oh, Asher Desmond Gray, you really do know how to get with ladies.
The class was really noisy and she took a seat beside the window, I have a feeling she likes looking outside.
I tapped her on her shoulder and I felt her jolt a little.
"Uhm, forgive my manners, i'm Asher and you are—" I waited for her to fill in. Hey, I can be a gentleman when I want to.
"Andrea" she said. Andrea, Andrea, where the fuck have I heard that name before? It might have been one of my friend's numerous talks about girls.
"Andrea, that's a really pretty name "I complimented. Truly, it was a beautiful name.
"Thank you "she said with a mind blowing smile showing off her pearly white teeth.
"Hey, do you have a phone because I will really like to—"I was cut off by the teacher. Ugh, perfect timing, he just had to interrupt and ruin my game.
I waited for the bell to go off. I need to talk to Andrea, she really interests me. I fell asleep waiting for the bell and the teacher's boring voice fading to the back of my head.
I was jolted awake by the bell and I turned around and flashed her a grin.
"Hey you, Boring class huh?"
"Yeah it was torture "
"Wanna join me for lunch? "
"Nah am sorry but I have to pass, am sitting with my best friend"
I felt disappointed but I brushed it off.
"Okay, no problem then, see you after lunch" I said and flashed her a bright smile.

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                              NEXT CHAPTER

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