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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


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"The mummy? "I asked slowly.  I think I've watched the trailer before but I never really had the chance to watch it. It looked pretty interesting.
"Yeah, it's a really awesome movie starring one of my favorite actors, Tom Cruise"he replied with a slight smile on his face.
"Well,  if you say it's awesome then it has to be, let's go in"
We both walked into the movie theater after Asher paid for our tickets and bought popcorn and  we settled into our seats as the lights dimmed signalling the start of the movie.
The movie was very interesting and I mentally added it to my list of favorite movies. It was a bit scary but anytime I jumped from fear, I felt Asher's warm hands wrap around me cocooning me in his arms.  I felt better when his arms were around me and I snuggled closer to him as far as the seats would allow. I turned and gave him a grateful smile and he gave me a small smile in return. We stayed like that for the rest of the movie just enjoying each other's warm embrace and occasionally eating popcorn.
The movie ended a while later and we left the theater and Asher dragged me to the arcade section.
"Come on, let's play and see if you can beat my superior high score, I've played this game a lot so let's see if you can defeat the master" he said proudly with a smug smile on his face. Oh, Asher, Asher, I would love to wipe that smug smile off your face. I guess he doesn't know that I might look boring as fuck but i'm a die hard gamer at heart.
"Sure, but i'm really not sure if I can defeat the almighty Asher but if I win, you are buying me ice cream and if I lose, I buy you whatever you want, deal? " I said pretentiously. Oh Asher, you are so going down.
"Deal! " Asher said with confidence.
I settled the attendant and sat down and started the racing arcade. After a while, I beat Asher's high score and still kept going on and on and on until I laid my own high score of 2 million. I turned around with a big grin on my face and met Asher looking at the screen with his jaw almost on the floor and a shocked look in his eyes.
"Too easy"I said grinning from ear to ear.
"What—how did you— that's not— "Asher mumbled incoherently.
"What is it my dear, cat got your tongue?"I asked smugly."Dude, am a gaming champion"I said while laughing.
"It's just beginners luck, no one has ever beaten me" he said with an adorable pout on his face.
"The losing chicken always makes the most ruckus, now I believe you owe me some ice cream"
"Whatever, but its not over, your luck will run out one day"
"Oh, honey, that day will never come"I said. Man it was fun seeing Asher sulk because he lost the deal. I have never had this much fun with a boy or any boy for that matter.  I felt happier somehow, am always very shy around boys but I feel like my inner goddess is taking over.
"Yeah, yeah, let's get that ice cream or whatever "
"Yay!!! Ice cream!! "I screamed happily and started running to the parking lot and I heard Asher chuckling behind me.
Asher drove into one of my favorite ice cream parlors, Danny's. I haven't had ice cream in a while so I was practically bouncing in my seat. When he parked, I got out of the car without waiting for him to open the door for me but then I felt his hand clutch my hand.
"Why'd you come out without waiting for me to open the door for you? " he asked with a slight frown on his face.
"Its not a big deal, I couldn't stay in my seat, I really want ice cream, can we go in" I said hurriedly, trying to run inside.  I'm behaving like a little kid right now, I know.
"From now on, I'll be the one to open your door, understand? "
"Yes, sir"I said with a salute and he chuckled lowly and pulled me inside.
"Andy, its been a while since you've been here" Danny, the owner of the shop said as he greeted me and Asher.
"I've just been busy"
"Too busy for ice cream? That's a first"he said as he gasped dramatically and I chuckled at his playfulness.
"This is Asher by the way" I introduced
"Is he your boyfriend, Andy? "
"Danny!!! Of course not"I said with embarrassment.
"Its nice to meet you "Asher said
"You too, now what can I getcha? "
"I'll like a chocolate and cotton candy ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, peanuts and choco chips"I said sliding into a stool.
"I'll have a vanilla ice cream with choco chips too"Asher said while sliding into the stool next to mine.
"I'll be right back with your order" Danny said as he walked off.
"So, how long have you been coming here?" Asher asked
"Since I started middle school, I even work here during the summer, I get free ice cream, that's the main reason I work here"
Asher laughed lowly "you better cut down on the ice cream, you seem a little chubby"
Oh, he did not just go there. Time to bring my drama skills to life.
"Did... You.. J-just c-call me f-fat? "I asked with fake tears brimming in my eyes.
"What? no! It was just a joke, oh please don't cry"Asher pleaded looking really uncomfortable and looking from left to right around the shop. Ah, boys always fall into my trap. Hehehe.
I started crying louder and people around the shop started giving Asher nasty looks.
"No, I didn't do anything"he said frantically at the other customers as they kept on casting him dirty looks.
"Andrea, Andrea, shit, Andrea.... Please, stop "he said folding his hands together and I decided to put him out of his misery.
I carefully wiped away the tears and then grinned widely at him. "Next time, don't call a girl fat no matter what" I said and started laughing at the priceless look on his face just as Danny came back and placed our orders on the table.
"Come on, eat up, don't be such a big baby, stop sulking, it doesn't suit you"I said jokingly.
"You're mean " he whined and dug into his ice cream. Hold up there, did Asher Gray just whine? I stared up at him incredulously and shook my head.
"You're a man child"I said
"Whatever, eat your ice cream, am not paying for it just for you to waste it" he said with that adorable pout still on his lips. I smiled and continued eating my ice cream and moaning in pleasure at the sensations the ice cream left in my mouth.
"What's making you moan in pleasure as if you're creaming your panties, my good looks or my good looks" he said with a smirk
"You're crazy, I liked you better when you were sulking "I replied and continued eating. After we were done,  he paid for the ice cream and we left. He later dropped me off at home, gave me a peck on the cheek and drove off.

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                              NEXT CHAPTER

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