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Wednesday, 22 August 2018



Anita's POV
"Thank you." I said to the driver as I stepped down from our range rover jeep packed in front of the school. Whilst, Tracy just rolled her eyes and stormed into the school.
I sighed as I adjusted my school skirt and dusted out an imaginary dirt's from my unifor
It was Monday and it was the second week of resumption. Although, I didn't attend school throughout last week. I just resumed today and I was looking sparkling clean.
I carried my bag properly and marched into the school.
"Hey Anita." Susan my closest friend walked to me and hugged me. I don't do 'best friends'. In fact, I don't cherish friendships at all. Weird right? But don't get me wrong, I have friends or should I say, acquaintances.
"Hey Susan. How are you doing?" I smiled sincerely at her. Susan was the only closest friend I had.
She narrowed her eyes playfully. "Of course I'm doing well. What about you?" She nudged my shoulder lightly.
"Very well thank you." I gave her a cordial smile.
"What's with the formality? Well, school last week fact, boredom is real!"
I laughed at the way she said it. "But I didn't ask how school went last week, so why are you telling me?"
"Waheva." She rolled her eyes. "So where's your sister?" Did I mention she talked a lot? Well, yes she does.
"I bet she should be in class."
"I can't wait for how this ss2 is gonna be like." She squealed. "I hope it's gonna be better than ss1."
"I hope." I said dryly.
I know you guys are calling me boring or too serious. But, I don't have time for stuffs like that. I only focus on my books and serious conversations, not girly talks.
I entered our new class, ss2 alpha, and it was very beautiful, more conducive than ss1 class and definitely more spacious. I bet each classes had an upgrade.
"Come sit here close to me." She pointed at a desk close to her at the front row. For the fact that she said 'close to me' and not 'with me', that meant we were not allowed to sit in pairs. Besides, the chairs were only meant for a single being. Yeah, our school was that classy.
I squinted at where she pointed and looked at her. "No. You for one know that I don't do front rows." I really wanted to sit with her, but I couldn't. Even though it were my husband or child sitting in the front row and asked me to come sit with them, I wouldn't. That's just me.
"I rather sit at the back." I pointed at an empty desk at the fourth row. She looked sad but immediately brushed it off.
"Okay." She smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes.
It didn't take more than ten minutes when the bell rang for assembly. Wondering how I knew, well, I checked my time on my wrist watch every passing minutes. I kept to time a lot. Sui generis, that's the word and not fremd.
We all marched to the assembly hall, chit-chatting with our friends.
It was a long and interesting assembly we had. Long because we just fully resumed and almost all the teachers wanted to air their voices, that's if you can air a voice. Whilst interesting, because all what they said were tangible and profound. We don't get to hear that everyday.


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