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Friday, 24 August 2018


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"Good morning students." Our class teacher, Mr Kelvin greeted us as he stood in front of us. "You're all welcome to school. As you all know, teaching begins fully today, so let us all cooperate and I promise you, there'd be no curse for alarm." He concluded.
Mr Kelvin was our class teacher and we were in science department. Though, he taught maths and not all subject. We had different teachers for different subjects.
"Lest I forget, trust you guys are aware of the boy who got a scholarship to our school. Well, he's already in the school with the principal and guess what, he is going to be in this class." Mr Kelvin sounded and looked happy.
"What scholarship?" I murmured to myself.
Ola turned to look at me. He definitely heard me. "You didn't hear? I bet it's because you were not around last week. Well, there was this exam that they wrote concerning a scholarship to our school and I heard he was the only one out of one thousand peeps that got a scholarship. Heard he got ninety two out of hundred." Ola informed.
"Bet he's that good." I said dryly.
"Sure." He gasped dramatically, "Since he is gonna be in our class, that means, you have a competition." He wiggled his eyebrows.
I scoffed, "That's interesting. At least, I have a competition now." I rolled my eyes. Not to brag, I was one of the most outstanding students in the whole school.
"What's the meaning of that? So you mean, none of us in this class were your competition?"
"It's not like that." I feigned a smile.
"Waheva!" Ola brushed an imaginary hair off his face and looked forward. He was sitting in front of me.
Let's briefly discuss Ola.
Ola was my second closest friend in school and he was the only guy I mingled with. Reason because, he was different. Ask me how. He was an effeminate guy. I presume he was gay. In fact, everyone thought he was gay but no one had ever asked if he was, including me.
"Class, here's our new student!" Mr Kelvin's voice resonated in the class which quieted everyone.
We all stared at the new boy that was standing in front of us with Mr Kelvin. Trust me, he was handsome but I wasn't tripping.
† † † †
Samson's POV
"Son, I'm so happy for you." Mum smiled at me as she sat on the edge of the bed.
We lived in a 'face me I face you' apartment. We only had one bedroom, where mum, my sister and I slept with a small living room. Trust me, life here wasn't fun, even in the slightest way.
I turned to look at mum, as I stood in front of the big mirror in our room while adjusting my tie, and smiled at her. "Thanks mum. I promise I'd do everything to make you proud." I smiled genuinely at her.
"That's my boy." I ran to hug her as she uttered those words.
"You guys are having your moments without me to complete it? That's so unfair." We both turned to look at my elder sister, Sarah, who stood in the doorway.
I chuckled. "Come over here big head." I gestured for her to join us.
She walked towards us and slapped my head. "Never call your big sis a big head." As soon as she said that, she joined in the hugging.
We stayed in the position for what seemed like forever, before mum decided to break the hug. "Too much hugging!"
"Oh sorry mum." I chuckled. "It's when this big headed girl joined in."

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                              NEXT CHAPTER

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