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Sunday, 26 August 2018


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She glared at me and that only made me laugh.
"Dear, you have to go now or you'd be late." Mum suggested.
"Yeah right." I brought out my new black shoe that mum bought recently for me, from it's hidden place and wore it, before carrying my bag pack.
"Hey small boy." Sarah called as I strolled to the front door. "You won't bid us bye? Oh, because now, you're going a private school and you're now looking neat that's why right?"
"Don't mind him." Mum added.
I smiled warmly at both of them and I swear, I could feel my eyes welled up in tears. "It's not like that." I managed to say.
"Whatever." Sarah said.
"Come and take this little change so you can have something to eat in the afternoon." Mum took out some money from her wrapper that was tied around her waist.
"It's no problem mum. I'd manage." I said seriously.
"Hm...he is forming big boy now." Sarah teased.
I laughed. "No. Well, bye. I don't wanna be late." I bade them 'bye' and walked out.
"Don't allow all those brats to disturb you in school!" Sarah hollered.
I burst out laughing. "I wouldn't even let them come close to me." I smirked before stopping a tricycle and hopped into it.
Finally, I got to the massive school. It was breathtaking. The school was painted sky blue and touches of dark blue.
I'd always dreamt of being in this school and now, it was a reality without me even paying a kobo. If anyone had told me I was going to attend this school, I would laugh till I couldn't laugh no more.
I walked into the big golden gate and greeted the security men, not man, men.
As I stepped in, what my eyes beheld was nothing compared to breathtaking, it was breathtakingly gorgeous. There was a fountain in the middle of the school, flowers everywhere, a basketball court at a corner of the school, a football field and a playground. Expensive cars were packed at a corner. The school was beyond my imagination.
I walked into the school and the noises of happy students resonated in my ears. The interior was massive and also very beautiful.
I went to the receptionist table and asked for the principal's office. She made a call before ushering me to his or her office.
I didn't completely enter inside before I felt cold air hit me, which made me shiver. His office was very frosty, had a nice smell, was very large and was very beautiful.
I spotted a lot of golden metals, trophies and awards won by the school.
He ushered for me to sit and I did.
After a while of talking, he told me where my class was and I walked out in searched of it. I spotted it and instantly, I panicked in nervousness.
I'd never been to such place, so it was normal for me to feel this way.
I looked in before I finally decided to stroll in.
"Class, here's our new student!" The man in which I suppose was going to be my class teacher hollered, making all their heads snap at me.
Phew! This is going to be one long journey.
* * * * *

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                              NEXT CHAPTER

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