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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


★ ★ ★
Anita's POV
I watched as some girls stooped so low, squealing like a stuck pig at the 'handsome boy' standing before us.
I rolled my eyes and pouted my lips. I hated when girls acted like cheap slut. For crying out loud, why would you see a guy for the first time and start blushing or crushing. I found it...absurd.
I know you guys might be wondering what sort of psycho I was. But I was just me. Life made me this way and there was nothing I could do.
"So, get somewhere to sit." Mr Kelvin ushered him forward to look for a seat.
He scanned everywhere but looked disappointed when he couldn't find any seat.
"Looking for a seat? There's one." Mr Kelvin pointed towards a direction and we all traced where his fingers pointed. Lo and behold, it was an empty seat beside me.
I mentally facepalmed. Why didn't I just sit close
to Susan?
He walked to the seat, beside me, and sat down quietly. He smelled nice but I knew for sure it was a cheap perfume he had on. He looked at me and smiled slightly at me. Okay, I can't dispute the fact that he had a nice smile and he was more handsome as he was closer.
I feigned a smile before facing forward fully.
The bell rang for break and everyone hurriedly got up from their seats, without acknowledging the teacher that was before us. That was the way we were. Once it was break time, we gave no shit about the teacher who was before us, except it was our principal or someone very dignified, that was the only time we stayed glued to our seats.
I finished packing my books into my bag and immediately walked out with my friends- Susan and Ola.
"Hey!" I heard someone say behind us as we were walking. We all snapped our heads back and spotted the new guy jogging towards us.
"I–" He trailed off with a pant.
I folded my arms around my chest. "Have you been running after us? Well, sorry." I said sarcastically. Like I cared if he was running after us.
"Kinda. Damn! Una be flash? " He let out a breath.
I rolled my eyes. "If you don't mind, we wanna go grab lunch, wanna join?" Sarcasm laced.
"No thanks. I just want to talk to you." He pointed at me.
I cocked an eyebrow and Ola nudged me a little on the shoulder, whilst Susan was grinning from ear to ear. Could they stop with the act or my eyes would hurt a lot from its constant rolling.
"Talk to me?" I sounded a bit surprised.
"Yeah." He nodded, finally gaining his composure after all the panting.
I studied his appearance and I presumed he wasn't so rich. Although, his uniform was very neat (obviously because it's new), and he had a nice pair of black shoes with a white sparkling socks but still, I could tell he wasn't so rich.
Think whatever it is you wanna think, but I was not a snob. I loved to study people. I found pleasure in doing it and I bet some people out there loved it too.
"Er...sorry if I may come across as rude, but we," I gestured at Ola and Susan who was each standing in opposite directions, which meant I was at their middle. "Need to go eat."
"Okay. Later then." He nodded and smiled at the same time. He was really cute and he seemed cool to me. If life happened, I could be friends with him. Note, friends not boyfriend. "By the way, I'm Samson and you are?"
"Anita. Anita's the name." I smiled genuinely at him.
"Nice." He adjusted his bag pack properly at his back. "So we'll see later?"
"Sure." I kept on smiling.
Immediately he left, Ola started to squeal like a girl. "He is so hot. I'm literally crushing!"
"Don't be ridiculous." I slapped his hand a little. "You barely even know him, so why crushing? Come to think of it, why would you crush on a guy?" I paused to look at him with my eyebrows in furrow.
"Was just kidding. I just felt he was hot and all. He is actually crushable y'know?" I shook my head at his words. I didn't believe him though. I mean, why would a guy just blurt out that he was crushing on another guy. Was that even normal? But I shoved the idea of asking him if he was gay or at least, bisexual. He was definitely bi if not gay.
We kept on walking to the food court and I noticed Susan had been quiet ever since we left Samson's midst.
I nudged her a little. "What's the problem. You've been silent, why?"
"I don't like him." She bluntly said.
"Why?!" Ola was quick to asking, hence, beating me to it.
"Didn't you see how he disregarded our presence, like we were some sort of statue in front of him. He could at least asked of our names." She folded her arms around her chest.
"And didn't you hear that he needed to talk to Anita and not us? He definitely likes Anita." Ola defended. But why?
"Oh really?"
"Yes girl. Or are you jealous that he has his eyes on someone else and not you?!" Susan looked at him disgustingly at his stupid question.
"Are you–"
"Woah woah!" I cut Susan off. "You guys are practically disregarding me now. Ola, what's wrong with you?" I snapped my head at him. "And Susan, Samson probably didn't think of that." I turned to look at her.
"But at lea–"
"No buts!" I snapped. "Why are we even exhausting ourselves on this conversation? Let's just go grab something to eat before break period is over." I checked the time on my wristwatch. "See, we have just fifteen minutes left."
We kept on walking and as soon as we got to the food vendor, I bumped into someone and I heard the person cuss.
* * * *
Short chapter, I know. But I just needed to drop
something for you guys to read. I promise it'd be
long in the next chapter and the rest chapters to
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