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Thursday, 30 August 2018


Samson's POV
"She's actually very pretty." I said to Sarah who was just grinning from ear to ear as I told her about the girl in my class– Anita.
Anita and I didn't get to talk later, though we were in the same class. When I said to speak with her after closing, she just told me she couldn't talk to me at the moment, after which, she stormed out of my midst. I felt bad actually. It felt as though she didn't feel the need to talk to someone like me, probably because I'm not of her standard– just saying.
"Hm...Samson's in love." Sarah continued to tease as I told her about Anita.
I laughed. "Don't be ridiculous. How would I fall in love with a girl I just met. Besides, I wouldn't stand a chance. She's rich, I'm poor, she's pretty, I'm ugly, she has everything, I have nothing, well asides from you guys. She's–"
"Stop it Samson. So what if she has the whole world to herself huh? She might have everything she needs, but I'm sure you are way smarter than she is. And never tell yourself that you're ugly, because you're the most handsome guy I've ever met on earth." Sarah said with a lot of emotions.
I scoffed. "You're just saying that because I'm your brother."
"I might be saying it because you're my brother, but I actually mean every word." She stated seriously. "You know what? Let me go to the market to get some food stuffs for dinner before mum gets back home and start yelling at me that I haven't cooked." She chuckled and left.
I sighed and looked around the tiny living room. "Why do we have the poor and the rich? Why can't we all just be the same?" I thought aloud.
I brought out my books from my bag and started revising all that we did today. Yeah, life was that boring for me. I had no phone, no TV to wile away time, 'cause mum sold it one time when there was nothing to eat in the house and we couldn't go out to buy anything on credit because we already owed them a lot.
I wouldn't say I didn't have friends. In fact, I had a lot of 'em but I'm not just the playful type especially when we are not on holidays. I found it a taboo to play while school's still on.
I hadn't finished revising my books when I heard a knock on the door. Who could that be?
"Who's there?" I waited for a response but there was none. I dropped the book I was holding beside me and stood up to get the door. I opened the door and saw a smiling looking Zainab.
Zainab was my friend. I really didn't like her much because she was a pester, but what could I do? Whereas, Zainab didn't see me as just a mere friend, she saw me as more than a friend. She had a crush on me and wanted me to date her badly. But I couldn't. I mean, I liked her as a friend and not a girlfriend.
"Good afternoon Samson." She waved at me, with a smile plastered on her face. Zainab was also one very pretty girl.
I opened the door widely and paved way for her to come in. I left the door ajar, so no would think we were doing something in here. For crying out loud, we were all alone and anything could happen.
She sat down on the sofa close to where I was sitting before she knocked. "Are you the only one around?" She asked.
"Of course I am or do you see any other person with me?" I rolled my eyes as I walked to where my books were. "Besides, I was studying before you knocked. So what brings you here?" I sat down.
"Aw, I'm so sorry. I didn't know that you were studying." She said with her babyish voice, which made me rolled my eyes. I hated when she used that voice with me. It was disgusting! "Well I was bored at home, so I decided to come see you."

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