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Wednesday, 22 August 2018



Anita Philip was a feminist!
Everyone thought she was fremd or a lesbian, because she was always shunning guys down and mingling only with girls. But no one knew the reason(s) why. Yeah, she was sui generis but not weird. And experience made her that way.
Her parents were extremely rich, that by the snap of her fingers, servant would run to meet her demands. But despite that, she was so modest. However, the servants didn't use that against her.
Anita had an elder sister, named Tracy, who was in the same class as Anita's due to her obstinate and nonchalant behaviour towards school.
Tracy Philip was an exact opposite of Anita. She was bitchy, rude and not close to modest. She however, despised Anita. Probably because Anita was more beautiful than her and guys came running after Anita than they did with her. Or because Anita was rooted in her education but she wasn't, which made their parents preferred Anita to her.
But Anita never saw that as a reason to also dislike her sister for not liking her. Rather, she loved her more than anything.
Samson Uche was a very determined boy, who at any cost would make his parents proud.
His parents were extremely poor, that sometimes they go out to beg for food. His father died when he was five years old. So now, he was left with his mother and elder sister, named Sarah.
His mother had to double her struggling just to make ends meet, with the help of Sarah.
Samson on the other hand, focused on only his education and fortunately, it gained him a scholarship to one of the most expensive schools– Palmville college. He then meets with Anita, who was his competition in class. Yeah, they were in the same class.
At first he admired her for her beauty and smartness, but later, it grew to a BIG crush.
Now the question is:
Would she fall for him?
Warning: This book may come across as cliché, but it just MIGHT not be.

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