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Wednesday, 22 August 2018



"Good morning class." Our vice principal, Mrs Ngozi greeted us. We were all making a noise before she came in. Her presence quieted us down.
"Good morning ma." We all stood up to greet her.
"Sit down, so, I hope you all know the reason why I'm here?" She said with her squeaky voice and her Igbo accent.
We all exchanged confused looks, not having an idea of what she was talking about.
"You all don't know?" She asked again, but this time, her voice was deeper.
We did the same thing again, but this time murmuring and asking each other if we knew what she was talking about.
"Keep quiet!! You all are not serious. So you mean you all don't know what I'm talking about? How many of you were at the assembly today?" She asked, her voice raised a bit that I had wondered why she was all grumpy today.
"OMG! I sense trouble here." I thought to myself.
We all raised our hands up immediately so as not to provoke her further.
"Hmm..." She said with a smirk plastered on her small lips. Why was she smirking?
" Oh my God, what's she up to now?" I asked myself, like I could even give myself an answer. Her eyes roamed the class as though she was searching for something or someone.
"Where's your class captain?" She asked.
We all looked at our naughty class captain. He might be very naughty but he was very neat and brilliant too. I admired his intelligence. Even though I was an average student, I never envied those brilliant ones in the class, in fact, I tried to associate with them.
"Where's he or she!" She bawled.
I froze from where I was sitting. I didn't like our vice principal getting angry. Not only her, all of our teachers. They were very intimidating and had every apt to lash any student at that moment.
"Stand up nah." David said to the class captain from behind me, with his very deep and loud voice. David was like the most intelligent person in the class, in fact, in the whole school. Teachers loved him, even those that didn't know him adored him too because he was very charismatic and intelligent. He was also very handsome, a lot of girls drooled over him but not me though, I didn't see him as my type.
"Here I am ma." Our class captain said, with a tottering voice. I could imagine what he was going through at the moment. I wanted to fan him because he was sweating profusely. His uniform was drenched.
"So you heard me talking and you didn't answer me right?" Our VP said, shooting the captain a glare.
"" He stuttered.
"Shut up!" She cut him off. "Now go and call Mr. Hassan for me, tell him that I said he should come here now. In fact, he should follow you and he should also bring the list of names that attended assembly this morning!" Emphasis was laid on the last word.
He scurried out of the class like a rabbit. Our class captain name was Kelechi. He was very neat and brilliant, but his intelligence wasn't compared to David's. He was also a very naughty and funny boy. In class, he was a cut -up.
I was trembling on my seat. I could actually say now that I was sweating just like Kelechi was before he left the class.
"Hope my name was on that list sha." seriously
was I just telling myself that? After knowing quite
well that I was early in school today and I even
met assembly, I still asked myself that.


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