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Sunday, 26 August 2018


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Did i just fail? No, it couldn't be possible. Maybe
she called the wrong name. Why was my name the
last name she called? Christ, what do i do now?
Hearing my name as part of the repeating students made me so devastated. I felt like the world should just come to an abrupt end. I couldn't just believe that i repeated. It was so surreal to me.
Throughout my days in Benson college, there was never a time that I had to repeat a class, i always passed with good grades. In fact, i could remember telling myself that I was never going to repeat a class in the school but this news i had heard took that record completely. It made me feel like a failure, like I had lost everything.
"Those of you standing, come with me. I have something to tell you." Mrs. Ngozi's voice brought me back to reality. Then it dawned on me that i was still in school and that i just failed.
Myself and the other repeating students followed the VP out. I didn't mind the other students who were looking at us. I just walked pretending to be unbothered about the situation.
When we and the VP gathered at a spot in the school compound, she cleared her throat before speaking.
"So you are the repeating students right?" She asked, gesturing with her hands. Obviously. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms around my chest.
"Yes ma." Some students chorused.
Why do all these fools always have to answer to
everything? Don't they know they all just failed.
Well, I guess some of them are happy because they
would have to leave the school and continue with
their rugged lives.
"Very well then, you all would have to..." She continued talking, while I was just paying attention to the present ss2 students that were looking at us from their class windows, probably wondering why we were gathered outside.
"Now go to the class, get your bags and go to ss2. We would come later to arrange you guys." That
was definitely not going to happen. I wasn't going
to repeat. Never!
Angrily, I walked back to the class with the other repeating students.
"What happened? What did she say?" Blessing asked not even letting me get into the class first.
Before I proceed, let me shed some light on my school.
Benson college was a very big and spacious school. It had a wide field at the centre of the four buildings facing other, allowing all the students to know whatever was happening in the school field.

PREVIOUS CHAPTER                                                                                              NEXT CHAPTER

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