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Tuesday, 28 August 2018


I kept mute and nodded my head. Everyone was looking at the repeating students with pity in their eyes.
"What happened?" Blessing asked again, looking so worried.
"She said we should..." I trailed off. I didn't even know when I started crying. Immediately, she pulled me in a warm embrace.
"That w..we..." I still kept on crying profusely. "Shou..should..pac"
"It's okay." She hugged me even tighter, patting my back and placed my head on her shoulder. "Come." She said in her most loving and caring voice.
After she sat me down, I placed my head on the table and started crying not minding if anyone was watching.
"It's okay, stop crying. I would cry too if you don't stop." Blessing consoled me.
"Ruby." A male voice called me, placing his hands on my shoulder.
I opened my eyes, but my head was still placed on the table. I cleaned the tears from my cheek immediately but the tears kept on streaming down uncontrollably. As much as I tried, I couldn't stop crying.
"Ruby, look up." I recognized that voice. It was Kelechi's.
"Yes?" I looked up to meet his face.
"Stop crying. Not like it's the end of the world."
Only if this guy understood what I was feeling,
what i was going through, I guess then he
wouldn't be spilling this trash from his mouth.
"He is right. It's not the end of the world. Just try to accept what destiny has for you." Blessing added.
"What are you guys saying!" I finally spoke up in a fit of rage. "Imagine yourselves in my shoe, like you won't do what I am doing or even worse.
Abeg , don't stop me from crying. It's best I let it all out."
"Now what.."
"Shut up!" I cut blessing off, raising my voice a bit. "Just..please, shut up." I lowered my tone.
All of a sudden, she became quiet, likewise Kelechi. It was then I realised that I was over reacting. Moreover, it was not their fault that I failed, so why was I raising my voice at them. I shouldn't be taking my anger out on them.
I placed my head back on the table. I wanted my own solitude.
"Good day class." Our maths teacher's voice resonated in the class.
The class was a bit rowdy before he came in. Some people were also crying like I was while some were jubilating because of they were promoted, normal. I just wished I was in that position.
Everyone rushed to their seats. Not like he was strict or wicked, as a matter of fact, he was the most loved teacher in the school but whenever the class was rowdy, he could be fierce.
I raised my head up cleaning the water that kept gushing down my beautiful face. I felt a throbbing headache as I raised my head.
"Where are the repeaters?" Mr. Ezekiel asked with his American accent. I so loved his accent. "I know you all thought that I was here to teach. Well, I'm not here to teach you guys, I'm just here to give a piece of advice to those repeating students. So where are they?"
They all stood up, except for me. I couldn't possibly stand up. It would be so embarrassing to me. Some hesitated to though, but I didn't even make any attempt to.
"Yeah, I know it's gonna be very difficult to take in...." Blah blah blah.
I rolled my eyes like I wasn't interested. Don't get me wrong, i always loved listening to him but for now, I wasn't just in the right state to listen to any advice. I was sad.
* * * *
"You are back?" My elder sister, Rachel asked as i just walked pass her. "Wasn't i talking to a being just now or wait, wait, have you suddenly turned to a ghost over night?" She gesticulated in a very girly manner.
"Rachel oh, school today was bad." I plopped on the chair close to her. We were in the living room and she was watching a Nickelodeon program on TV before I walked in.
"What happened?"
"Mum and dad are not around?" I asked, totally ignoring her question.
"No, oya tell me." Her interest seemed to be piqued by what I had said.
Rachel and I were really close. She was a year older than me. She just finished secondary school this year but didn't seat for jamb exam, due to the fact that she wasn't prepared for it. So she had to stay at home for the whole year pending when the next jamb registration would start. She was very playful and fun to be with too. I never failed to tell her any thing that happened in my life. She was that one person I could confide in.
"Well..." I said, drawing the word.
"Talk nah ! Stop keeping me in suspense!" She bawled impatiently.
"Okay..." I exhaled. "I failed my exams."
* * * *
Wow!! This was one heck of a chapter. It wasn't
easy writing this down. This chapter almost made
me cry though. It made me remember my worse
and most embarrassing moment. 


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