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Thursday, 30 August 2018


"Okay, wait, wait, tell me what you just said is a lie." Rachel finally spoke after a minute of stunned silence.
"Seriously. I..." I trailed off as I started crying again. "I failed Rachel, I failed!" I stood up immediately and ran upstairs, crying profusely.
I opened the door to my room and slammed it really hard after I had got inside. I didn't bother pulling off my clothes or anything. I just tossed my school bag at a corner. I threw myself on my small bed which was orange and blue, blandly looking at the ceiling. Tears continued to trickle down my eyes.
I didn't bother to lock the door because I didn't want Rachel knocking on it and I would then be forced to stand up and open it. We both slept in the same room but different beds.
I kept on staring at the ceiling until my eyes became heavy and then I drifted to my slumber land.
* * * *
"Wake up." Someone tapped me. The voice sounded like a female's voice. It almost sounded like she was whispering.
"Wake up!" The person tapped me even harder, disturbing me from my beauty sleep. I grumbled, rolling on my bed. I felt so lazy to stand up.
"Come and eat." Now that was Rachel's voice.
I suddenly stood up, feeling fully awake. "Is mom and dad back already?" I asked, yawning at the same time.
"Come on, close this smelling mouth of yours joor! See how she's even yawning. You for even swallow me join. Well, it is only mummy that's around. Dad hasn't returned from work yet."
"Rachel! Mummy is calling you!" Richard, my younger brother, barged in our room. "You'll not put your ear down." He said before leaving the room.
"Okay. You'd better change your clothes now. Since, you're still wearing your uniform." Rachel said before leaving the room too.
Oh God! What do I tell mum now if she asked.
Should I lie? No, she would probably get to find
out later. Oh God!
My heart started pounding in my chest. I knew mum wasn't gonna be happy at all if I told her I repeated a class.
"Argh! Whatever happens, let it happen. I just have to tell her whether I liked it or not." I thought to myself.
I quickly took off my uniform and went to the bathroom. I had my bath and changed to my night wears.
I left the room, shutting the door silently, so no one would hear it. I went downstairs and found only Richard in the living room watching TV.
Let's talk about Richard who was my thirteen year old brother. He was very boisterous and stubborn. He was also talkative, never did he keep his mouth shut. Whenever he heard any confidential conversation my sister and I had, he would always threaten to tell our parents until we gave him what he wanted Sometimes, even after we had given him what he wanted, he would still go to tell them anytime we annoyed him. But despite all his downsides, he was very adorable and lively. He was the best brother I could ask for, even though I would never admit it to him.
"Where's Rachel and mum?" I asked but he was so engrossed in the cartoon he was watching that he didn't spare me a glance. "Where's Rachel and mum?!" I raised my voice to octave this time around.
He jolted from where he was sitting. He probably didn't hear me the first time.
"Why are you shouting? Do you wanna block my ear?" He asked robbing his ear with his index finger. "What did you say sef ?"

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