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Monday, 27 August 2018


Chapter 1 - Patricia 

Twenty three years later
  Patricia Edun's laughter resounded through the room. She let her gaze wander around, letting her appreciate her efforts in this lavish party she hosted. Her gaze swept back to Amaka, an acquaintance of hers whom she was conversing with.

"Oh Pat, where's Declan? What's a party without a host; and only a hostess"

Patricia plastered a fake smile across her face "your concern is overwhelming, i must admit that. Declan is already on his way. He must be caught in traffic. Please, excuse me"

Amaka gave a polite nod and walked away to chat with other friends. Patricia huffed out air in frustration and pulled out her phone. She aggressively dialled Declan's number but he wasn't picking up as usual. Patricia was exhausted of his antics and couldn't put up with his charade anymore.

She felt someone tap her shoulders and she turned around instantly, lighting up a fake smile. That insincere smile she had put up for so many unhappy years "Chief Igwe. So glad you could make it"

Chief Igwe chuckled "How can I miss a charity event hosted by Declan Edun and his wife in their own fancy house. Missing an opportunity like this; especially from a celebrity, is impossible"

He paused, then said "Speaking of celebrity, where's Declan?"

Patricia's smile faltered for a second, but she quickly masked it with a chuckle "you know Declan. Never early but he always gives a grand entrance. Now if you'd excuse me, i'd like to make a call"

She walked away brusquely without waiting for Chief Igwe's reply. She hid in the kitchen and pulled out her phone, dialling Declan's number again.

A sigh of relief escaped her lips when he picked up his phone "hello, Trish"

Patricia gritted her teeth "Don't hello me there. I've been calling your phone all evening. Where are you? The charity event has started"

Declan's voice sounded unimpressed "It's today? Seriously Patricia, why didn't you tell me before"

"I told you yesterday and you promised to come. You know how important this charity event is to me. Everyone wants to see their number one actor"

Declan yawned "I'm sorry, baby but I'm so caught up with work. This new movie I'm producing is keeping me so busy. My hands are tied, you know that"

Patricia heard a giggle on the phone and she couldn't mistaken that voice "I take it that you're not alone. So you're with HER"

"You're way too paranoid for my liking. Kiss the kids goodnight for me. I might end up coming late tonight"

Then he hung up. Patricia blinked back tears as she put her phone back in her purse. Her maid walked into the kitchen with an anticipating look on her face.

"what is it, Uju?"

Uju was clutching onto a brown box "sorry to bother you, ma. I was looking for you. You have a package. It says it's from Miss Naya"

Patricia let out a slow smile, despite her sour mood. She instantly opened the box and saw it was a birthday invitation by Ifunaya, or as the rest of the world knew her; Naya.

Patricia smiled softly to herself. This was what she needed. A weekend trip away from her messy life. Something to keep her thoughts away from her failed marriage.

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