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Saturday, 25 August 2018


This is a Novel by Jasmine Haastrup

Copyright © 2018 by Jasmine Haastrup
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed, without the prior
written permission of me.

Stars glittering in the night and mild wind blowing in the dark, sat five high school best friends who were enjoying the quiet bliss of the night air.
A smile lit across Patricia's face "I can't believe it's the last day of school"
Adesua's eyes twinkled as she gave a sinister smile "Forget that one, when we enter uni, we go show them"
Everyone gave soft chuckles; and Shade's expression  quickly saddened "I'm gonna miss you guys"
Grace shrugged "It's not like we're dying, we'll find a way to keep in touch"
Shade didn't sound convinced "and if that doesn't happen?"
Grace pursed her lips "Don't be so negative, Shade. We've been friends for over five years. We WILL keep in touch"
Adesua nodded "abi o. Why won't we keep in touch. When phone dey"
Patricia rolled her eyes "You know what she means, we'll never be as close as we are now"
Adesua's words were laced with sarcasm "sorry ma, oh"
Ifunaya pushed her hair back "oh come on, guys. Let's not argue. I know we're all upset but this is really the last day; whether we like to admit it or not. So let's enjoy every moment of this night because our parents will be picking us from the boarding house tomorrow. We'll be facing the real world soon and we might never have this chance again"
Everyone kept quiet instantly. Ifunaya had such effect on people. Everyone listens to whatever she says. She always radiated respect around her. That was what made her so special.
Adesua's lips curled in amusement "Remember when we all wanted to sneak out of class to see the new cute senior who just resumed to school and Mrs. Lamina caught us. Goody-too-shoes Patricia confessed instantly. Even started confessing her past sins too"
Patricia's eyes twinkled as her smile broadened "You sure love antagonizing me.You ran away the second the teacher saw us"
Grace agreed "Classic Adesua. Running away from problems"
Adesua grinned" Can you blame me? You that just sat on the floor saying nothing nko. You just kept quiet and made the floor your comfort zone whilst everything was happening"
Shade joined in the laughter "hers is still better than what I did. I immediately broke into tears"
Laughter bubbled in Ifunaya's throat "I just started stammering. Mrs. Lamina was so confused by our reactions that she let us go"
Adesua said "I cannot blame her. I swear, I was confused just as well"
Grace nodded "I bet this story will still be hilarious in many years to come"
Patricia's amused look turned into a sly smile "By that time, I will be rich and famous. You trust me now"
Adesua rolled her eyes "oh girl, calm down"
Patricia scowled at her.
Grace chuckled "you guys are crazy. My number one goal is to be a doctor. I just pray I get into Uniben"
Ifunaya grinned "you will enter. No be you. Efiko, number one"
All the girls giggled, but Grace sobered up quickly "I know we'll all succeed. I can feel it"
Shade nodded "me too. Lets just promise to keep in contact as often as we can. Promise?"
All girls replied simultaneously "Promise", then looked at each other and giggled.
Surely there was hope for them in the future.
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Nigerian slangs used in the chapter and their meaning
Forget that one, when we enter uni, we go show them -:   forget about that, when we enter university, we will show them/let them see
Abi o, why wont we keep in touch, when phone dey    -: So true, why wont we keep in touch when we have phones
No be you. Efiko number one - Isn't you? Number one genius/smart ass

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