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Monday, 3 September 2018


Phoebe's Erlone POV
*15 years later*
"Phoebe!would you be fast!"I heard Kay's voice as I packed my hair getting ready to go to school
"Be right downstairs now!"I replied,applying a little Make up on,then after I rushed downstairs
"Who are you trying to impress?"he asked smiling as I joined them for breakfast
"No-one"I smiled as I ate
"Aww,mum,dad,you both look cute together"I commented,they blushed,well thank goodness they haven't fought today,as for now
"If only they wouldn't argue today again"Kay said and I quickly notched him and hissed smiling
"No,they wouldn't"I said smiling,as soon as we were done eating,i hoped in Kay's car and he drove me to school
"Hope you've taken your pills"he asked as he drove
"Yeah I did and I also took some along with me to school"I said not giving any smile
"What's wrong?"he asked
"Must I take pills,whenever am going to school?, going out,even sometimes at home"i asked
"Yes of course Phoebe,well at school,its prevent you from attacks and it's better,i wouldn't like it when the whole school knows my lil sis is an asthma patient,enough of what use to happen to you in high school"he wore on a frown look,i also didn't like it,whenever I had attacks,friends would think I was being possessed or something,i felt inferior,but since when I entered college,i started using a prescribed pills from the doctor,which could prevent me from having attacks when am meant to
"I know you're restricted from things you love to do"he said
"Yes of course,its hurts me,i don't get to watch bounce back,when everybody is,am always with Zayn and that's because I plead to him not to go too"I frowned,bounce back is a wrestling show,its always fun,according to what I heard,people say girls are involved too
"Does he know"he asked
"No"I said
"Do u want him to?"he asked,i nodded no,zayn was my close friend,but still didn't want him to know
"Does he likes you?"he asked
"No"I answered
"Do u like him?"he asked
"No!Kay your questions are getting too much"I snapped
"Just wanted to confirm"he smirked,i Shaked my head
"Oh,i took the inhaler too"I said
"You really didn't have to,someone might see it in your bag"he said
"Nah,they wouldn't"I assured him
"Okay,be conscious of your environment"he warned
"Yes thanks"I told him
"You're done with the project?"he asked
"Yes,i had sleepless night,am sure I'd sleep today in the lecture room"I said,he laughed
We finally got to school,i got down and as I walked some steps forward
"Phoebe!"it was Kay's voice,i turned to see him running towards me
"Did I forget anything?"I asked
"No,you forgot to adjust your hair"he said as he adjusted my hair,i smiled
"Now u look,even more pretty"he told me smiling
"Thanks,jade's really trying"I said
"Uh,yeah,thats what she loves me for"he said smiling
"Um,am late already bye"I said getting eager to go to class
"Bye"he said as I walked faster to class,as I entered the class,i met no lecturer in class then
"Bo!"zayn scared me and carried me up on his shoulders I was scared,i laughed
"Zayn!"I screamed laughing
"Put me down"I laughed as he did so
"Kay really did adjust your hair very well,you look pretty"he commented smiling
"How'd you knw?"I asked as we walked to our seats,we sat beside each other
"I saw u guys from the main hall"he said as we had our seat
"Don't mind Kay"I said as I brought out my books
"He wants all guys to be after you"I laughed immediately he said that
"You can say that again"I said still laughing
"You might want to stop laughing Phoebe,your voice is loud,everyone is reading"he warned then I stopped
"You've done your project?"he asked
"Yea,dont be surprise if I doze during PS class"Political Science.
"I knw right,you spent the night doing it"he said,i nodded yes
"Oh,well I would be in the library during PS class,am helping Mr Samuel out"he said
"Hm,that man is too lazy,you could have told him,you were busy,it will be boring for me now"I groaned annoyingly
"Samuel,tony and Emmanuel are available,since u don't hang out with the girls,the guys are there"he told me
"Those goats are not around yet,and Emmanuel took my textbook without my permission,he is done for"I said,he smiled
"I have no idea why they aren't around yet"he said as the PS lecturer walked in
"Hello students"he greeted
"Bye sweetheart"he said then pecked me on my forehead and stood up
"You're wicked zayn"I frowned
"I know I am"he said as he walked out of the class,i hissed,he had not even started to teach when I started to doze.
I felt an unfamiliar hand on my shoulder,i thought it could be zayn,the sleep was still in my eyes,i refuse to wake up
"Hey wake up,stop dozing pretty,i'd leave you and you'd fall down"another unfamiliar voice,i quickly opened my eyes all for me to see a tall guy whose long hair seems curly down to his chin,he looks so much like Harry styles,with his small pink lips giving him a cute smile making me see his dimples,he was wearing on a shirt attached with hood with a ripped black jean,his hands were still on me,immediately I perceived his perfume,i widened my eyes,the perfume was too strong,of course I had taken the pills but his perfume was making me choke,i wasn't comfortable,still looking at me with my widen eyes,i located my hand to my bag
"What's wrong"he asked,i didn't answer,i was looking for my well -designed bape mask,i found it,i quickly wore it on,its looked good on me,i stood up fast,carried my bag
"Hey hey wait"I walked out as he called on me,i pretended not to hear,i walked straight to the loo
"Wow,does that guy wants to kill me?"I said after when I had removed the bape mask off my face,i wore it back,as I walked out of the loo,incase if I collide with him again.i went to the cafeteria meeting the guys,on our regular table
"Hey!"I said as I dumped my bag on the table
"Why are you wearing on mask again"Tony asked as he ate
"Nothing"I said as I removed the mask
"Aww,pretty you"Samuel commented
"Thanks"I said smiling as I sat beside Zayn
"Zayn,am hungry"I said as I took his food and started to eat
"Always eating my food and the guys own too"he complained smiling,then I remembered I was also Gona eat the guys food too,by the time I would look down to their food,they already had hidden the food
"Come on guys"I said smiling,they were not gonna let me eat their food
"We are not letting go today,nah and never"Samuel said smiling,as he solopamed his food
"Okay fine no problem,no food,no cheats from Kay anymore"I smiled,they all looked at me in an indescribable manner,i knew they love me collecting bet password from Kay,so they'll win the football bet,now I wonder how they will win without cheats because they are so poor in the game
"What!,that's too much"Tony complained
"If the food wouldn't go,the password would go"I told them as I stylishly ate zayn's food
" We give up"Emmanuel said as they dropped their food one by one
"Good kids,muaah,i love you guys"I ate as I praised them,as I was looking down at my food rushing it,then.
"Guys,did u see any a girl with a mask on?"I recognized that voice.
The story just began guys...

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