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Friday, 7 September 2018


"Guys,did you see any girl with a mask on?"I recognized that voice,immediately I perceived that strong smell,it was that guy,it was that guy,it was the same guy who I met in class,his smell was choking,i raised my head up to look at him,he was looking at me as well,our eyes met,i quickly covered my nose with my left hand,then took the mask with my other hand and covered my nose,it was covering my mouth too,but I could still talk
"You?"he looked at me suprisely but not upset
"Bye guys"I said as I quickly carried my bag and walked as fast as I could
"Hey hey hey wait"he was walking after me,i didn't know where I was heading to,he Should just stop following me,as I walked fast,i quickly took a pill to ease myself,incase if he finally catch up with me,so I wouldn't choke up with his smell,of course he did,he got up with me,i was stock,i didn't know where to go to.
"At last,hey you"he said a bit panting,i just looked at him,i couldn't say anything,i was afraid of removing the mask,i was afraid I was gonna choke,dont the guys complain at all?
"Have we met before?,I mean have I done anything wrong to you before?,why are you running away from me?,do I have odours or something?,huh?,why did you cover up your nose,when you saw me?"he was just throwing up questions at me that I couldn't answer at once,if I told him his perfume was strong,am just meeting him for the first time,he'd feel bad about it and his IQ might tell him am an asthma patient,no,i wouldn't do that,i decided to remove the mask,holding my breathe,then finally I.released my breath,thank goodness,the pill I took again had subprised me a little,i couldn't longer perceive it very well like I did before
"So?,which question are you answering first?"he asked looking at me,i nodded 'no'
"Hey,are you dumb or deaf?"he asked a bit frowning
"Hey!,am not dumb or deaf!"I snapped,he was relieved a bit
"So what was that all about?,it's not like I have odours,do I?"he asked
"No you don't"I answered,was he a new student?or what
"So,why are you running away from me"he asked
"Nothing"I answered drably
"The mask thing?"he asked
"Nothing"I answered
"Sure?"he asked
"I already told you,nothing"I almost yelled
"Okay then,well,you didn't thank me"he said smiling,i noticed his dimple again
"For what"I asked
"I caught you up,you were about falling down,when dozing"he said embarrassingly as be rubbed the back of his head with his hand smiling,he was cute
"Thank you"I said and was about to leave
,"Hey wait"he stopped me,i turned to him
"What again?"I asked
"Your name?, please?"he requested,do I seek difficult to approach?,why did he add please,was he already afraid of me because of the way I replied back to his question?,am a nice person
"Phoebe,phoebe Erlone"I smiled to impress him
"Oh nice name,am Jax,Jax Bowen,nice to meet you"he said smiling as he dropped his hand,i nodded,then took my leave back to the cafeteria
"Is he a new student?"I asked as I sat down in my previous seat
"No,he was transferred from the school other branch,together with his sister"Zayn said
"Oh,so he was here before,thought he was a newbie"I said as I continued to eat
"Why are you avoiding him?,not like you've met him before"Samuel asked
"Am not avoiding him,its nothing,we friends now"I said drably still eating
"Oh,so,he caught up with you?"Tony asked,i nodded yes,then Kay's call came up
"Wassup Kay"I greeted as I stopped eating
"Wassup lil sis"he greeted
"Am cool"I replied smiling
"Am in Sheraton"he said,i jerked up from my seat
"What!the hell?, shopping?"I asked
"Yeah"he replied
"And you didn't come picking me up"I frowned a bit
"Am sorry,i didn't plan for it,jade called on me,pleading I should take her there,to buy things for her aunt,who just put to bed"he said
"Aww,thats great"I commented
"So what do you want me to buy for you"he asked
"Um,lets see,oh yeah,that mask,the one we saw the last time we went there"I said feeling excited
"The gold black one?"he asked
"Yeah,that one,and the shoe,the sliver one"I said smiling
"Phoebe you're ordering for too much"Emmanuel complained
"Shhhhh"I said quietly
"So,youre coming to pick me?"I asked
"Yeah sure,i wouldn't forget your chops"he said
"Aww,i love you,love you,love you"I said happily jumping,then,
"Who is the dolt loving"I heard this unfamiliar voice,it was a female voice,when I saw her,she was unfamiliar to me,but she was with the girls I familiarly know,i ignored
"Love you more lil sis"he said
"Yeah bye"I said smiling as he hung up
"Who was the retard talking to"I rhetorically asked as I had my seat
"Great,youre just the way they said you are"she said frowning
"Lucy,youre back with your beefing huh?, phoebe is cool,you don't need to beef her"Tony said
"Who owns the barking dog?"I asked eating
"She's Jax twin sister"Emmanuel answered
"Oh,i see,you didn't tell me,you guys rear dogs,am so disappointed"I smiled
"Phoebe,she was the one leading the group before she was transferred,mind the way you talk,shes the boss here"Emma said,all of them in the group hates me and I less care about it
"So? should heaven come down because she's the boss?,what's so special about it?"I frowned,i hate when someone behaves proud,their popular in school does not make them stupid
"Please you girls don't fight"Samuel warned
"Am not in for fight,tell this wasted sperm to stop picking on me as from now on,this is not their first time and would be their last time"I frowned
"I knew even without seeing you,i knew you aren't the person,i should hang out with"Lucy commented
"Good for you then,just stay on your lane"I said as I ate
"Phoebe it's enough,youre taking it too much"Zayn warned,i pretended not to hear
"Let's go girls"she ordered as they took their leave
"Phoebe it was too far"Zayn said
"That was what I expected from you anyway"I hissed upsetly as I took my bag and left
"Am not done talking Phoebe"he said as he walked after me
"There's nothing you have left to say,i already Know you'd support them"I said as I stopped walking and faced him
"Would you just let me end what I started saying before you conclude!"he yelled so high,he was upset
"That's what you always do,supporting them over me,their just your friends Zayn and am your BEST FRIEND!,those that not make a difference to you?, you're suppose to make me your priority not them,even before Lucy came,anytime we go into fights,youd judge me first,its not fair Zayn,its not seriously"I was already getting too emotional,my eyes were teary
"And your just mad at me,mad at me for nothing,your use to it already Zayn"I said calmly as tears flowed freely
"You know why am mad at you right now!,it's because you don't verify things before taking darn!, stupid!, irrelevant,useless!... CONCLUSION!"he yelled so loudly and walked out,i was scared with the way he raised his voice at me
"And am mad at you for not supporting me"I said so lowly,even an ant wouldn't hear me and then walked to class.
The story hasn't even reached the middle and conflict has began already😅😅😅😅,wow wow,my readers are seeing conflicts,millagold sees love😇😇😇😇😇
Don't forget I love reading comments☺☺☺

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