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Wednesday, 26 September 2018


As I walked into my class,it was empty,i calmly walked to my seat,remorsefully,i brought out a novel to read to calm myself down,i just stared at it,then
"Hey phoebe"I knew it was Zayn
"I don't need your apology Zayn"I said not looking at me,as I heard the foot steps,i perceived the scent,it was Jax
"It's Jax"he said as he sat at the seat front of me and faced me,i quickly wiped away my tears
"Well,you were cool and your mouth was hot,but after then,you got so emotional"he said in a judgemental manner,i didnt look at him
"What are you talking about"I asked
"Well I saw everything that happened,starting.."I cut in
"Dont bring it up"I said frowning
"Hey sweetie,you really don't need to be mad at your bestie"he said
"He's mad at me too"I said
"Yeah...but still"he said
"You dont know Zayn"I told him
"Phoebe,the fact you don't like the girls doesn't mean Zayn shouldn't too,of course you both are besties,as a girl,youd love him to do whatever you do,like whatever you like,hate whatever you hate,but it's not possible"he smiled advising
"What you hate might be what you like,then vice versa,doesnt mean you guys aint besties anymore,i heard you guys Convo,you really could have let him end his sentence before you took conclusion"he added
"Zayn does that Everytime,it hurts"I said
"I and Lucy are siblings,i like you doesn't mean she should,she hates you,doesnt mean I should,see,we different"he said smiling
"Now whose fault"I said about crying
"I wouldn't put the fault on any one but i guess you felt really bad when he yelled?"he asked,i nodded yes as I cried
"Aww baby,sorry"he said as he placed his hands on my cheeks and wiped away my tears gently,his hands were so warm and tender,he caressed my face just the way I love it,i smiled as he removed his hands
"But seriously,your sister is too big to be stupid"I told him not minding if they were related
"I know Lucy is rude,arrogant,proud and she's lacks manners,that one reason I don't hang around with her at school"he smiled,it was funny,i laughed
"Maybe you could change her"I smiled
"I wish"he smiled
"Phoebe"he called on me as I returned the novel bag
"Yes"I replied
"You're pretty,you really are,like extremely"he said
"I love your exaggeration"I told him
"No am not,like seriously you are,youre small,pretty,cute so perfect"he commented
"Thanks Jax"I smiled taking it like it was serious,it wasnt serious,have heard it from so.many guys,i stood up,he did the same
"You have another class?"he asked
"Nah,am done for today,you?"I asked
"It remains F/M class left"he said
"Oh,F/M,the guys and Zayn offer that course"I said smiling
"Nah"I nodded 'no'after when he asked if I offer it
"So you'd just be alone in class or you'd go home"he asked
"Nah,i'll follow you,since Zayn is there too"I said
"Oh okay"he said and then we start to walk together to class
"So why don't you offer F/M"he asked as we walked along
"I don't like calculations,besides I offer maths,i don't need F/M,F/M is just extra knowledge of math,but it's simple you know"I told him smiling
"Tats nice,your hatred for calculations isn't 100%"he said
"Yeah"I answered,then we walked in,zayn was on stage,he was explaining,i think,the lecturer was also in class
"Hello class"I greeted standing at the front door as Jax walked to his seat,i gained their attention"
"Phoebe Erlone you're not an F/M student"Mr Samuel said
"Well yeah,i just wanna be here for the first time to see how it looks like"I said smiling
"You're welcome"he said as I found myself a seat,sitting beside no one,i was just alone,i liked it that way
"As I was saying,when equation of a straight line,when y is the subject of the equation,the coefficient of X gives the gradient"Zayn explained,i paid close attention,i needed to ask question,i waited a bit
"Do you guys understand"he asked
"Hmm Zayn,can I ask a question?"I asked raising up my right hand
"Well I guess you guys understand,so let's continue"he said not looking at me,did he just snub me?
"Zayn?"I called to him silently in a supriseing tone,putting my hands down
"You don't belong to this class,therefor your flimsy question aren't needed"Emma said mockingly
"Hmm"I hummed embarrassingly,i quietly placed my head on the desk
"Hey,wake up"I heard a voice whispered to my ear,it was familiar,i gently raised my head up,it as Jax
"Wow"he exclaimed smiling
"I slept for so long huh?"I asked as I stood up and looked around,the guys and Zayn were not around,they might have gone to the betting center to book for Friday
"Hmm"I said not smiling,as I was about to leave
"Hey"he held my hand and walked to where I was
"Zayn snubbing you in front of the class doesn't make u sense huh?"he said as he left my hand,looking almost down at me,cause he was tall
"It was embarrassing"I said looking up at him
"You should know Zayn would apologize,hes has emotional as you are too,he knows what he did was wrong,trust him"he smiled
"So would you please smile for me?"he pleaded as I noticed his dimple showing,i smiled as well
"I love your dimples"I smiled as we walked along out of the class.
"That what makes me cute"he said I looked at him and smiled
"Why didn't you go with them"I asked as we walked on the corridor
"I don't bet"he said
"On football?,it's fun"I told him
"I know,am not just interested"he told me
"Are you that innocent?"I asked as I laughed and stopped,his appearance looked so innocent,maybe not
"Am trying to be,am not the Jax I used to be"I said
"Why?"I asked
"I was a bad guy,i do smoke,drink,clubbing,played girls,really didn't have regards for girls"I stopped walking,he did the same
"Woah,seriously,you really have change from your bad Jax"I said astonishingly
"Thought you wouldnt believe,i was gonna show you a prove"he said looking at me
"What"I asked,he then started to unbutton his shirt,as soon as I noticed that
"No no,dont worry,i don't need proof again"I said laughing,i didn't want to see his bare body
"Jax no"I said as I laughed,he already had pulled his shirt over,from his body,i laughed as I moved closer to him and buried my head on his chest together with my hands as I extremely laughed
"See"he laughed too,his body was completely covered with ratio,would barely see a part with tatoo,starting from his neck,hands down to his waist
"Jax,you really didn't have to do this"I said the middle of my laugh,still in my position with him
"Sexy,huh?"he smirked as I pulled away from him
"Think so"I smiled
"I love the way you've changed,i can see the real Jax and the good side of you"I added as he wore back his shirt
"I do have bad side"he said as we continued to walk outside
"Thought you changed"I said
"Babe"I looked at him when he called me that,babe?
"Everybody do have good and bad sides babe"he smiled,babe?,again?,I just looked at him while he talked and smiled
"Mmh,yeah right"I said as we reached outside
"Phoebe can I drive you home?"he asked
"Nah, nevermind,thanks,someone is coming"I said
"Oh"he said feeling embarrassed
"Um sorry"I apologised
"No problem,is it Zayn?"he asked
"No someone else"I answered
"Oh,someone else,someone else"he said repeatatively
"Jax"I called to his attention
"Yes"he answered
"Any problem?"I had to ask
"Not at all,yeah"he answered,then I noticed Kay's car from afar coming towards us,i stood up,he did he same too
"He's here already?"he asked
"Yep"I answered,as Kay packed his car,few distance from us,as he got down from the car,he was speaking with someone on phone as he walked towards us
"Is he your boyfriend?"Jax asked,i laughed
"No,thats my senior brother"I stopped laughing
"Oh okay"he said in a relieving manner,kat was finally here
"Hey catch"I said as I tossed my bag to him,he catched it
"Thanks for coming late"I told him,he smiled
"Sorry"he apologized
"Anyways,kay meet my friend,Jax,jax my brother,senior brother,Kay"I introduced
"You're sure you're just my sis friend"Kay said smiling as they shoked hands together,i laughed
"Don't be silly Kay"I said
"Nice meeting you Kay"Jax said smiling
"Same"he said
"Phebs,meet me in the car when you two are done"he said and left
"So Jax,think I'd be leaving you now,thanks for the company tho"I appreciated
"You're welcome babe"he smiled,wouldnt he quit calling me babe?
"Um can I get your number?"he requested
"Sure,not from me tho,you can get it from the guys,they will give ya"I told him
"Thanks babe"he smiled
"Yeah,bye"I smiled
"Bye"he waved to me as I walked to Kay's car,i received a message from Zayn as I comfortably in the car
*Am sure you must have woke up*
*Am sorry about what happened in class*
*Please reply*
*Am really sorry,i was just still mad with the say you talked*i refuse to reply back,then he called
"Phoebe am sorry,am not gonna blame anyone now,am sorry"he apologized
"Have heard"I said drably
"Phoebe"he called
"Apology accepted Zayn,am not upset anymore"I was sincere
"Okay thanks,kay has come to pick you up?"he asked
"Yeah"I said
"Oh okay,zayn loves his bestie"he said,i smiled
"Phoebe loves her bestie"I said smiling
"Bye"he said
"Bye"I said and hang up
"You guys had a misunderstanding?"Kay asked
"Yeah,weve settled now"I answered as he drove faster.
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