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Tuesday, 4 September 2018


"Good morning to you too nurse... And you aren't at fault here. I also wasn't looking" he replies me smiling which made him look less intimidating.
He paused when he said nurse which I took as him trying to get my name.
"Forgive my manners I'm nurse Lisa from paediatrics and good morning" I say feeling a little embarrassed from not greeting. I sure was trained better than that by my mommy.
"I'm doctor Andre from the therapy section and it was nice meeting you nurse Lisa even though the mode of our meeting wasn't all that pleasant" he started "thank God we both had coffee free hands we wouldn't want to start our day by having that hot liquid spilled on us, would we? I have to head back now; doctors appointment" he concluded with a smile.
"No we wouldn't want hot coffee spilled on us so early and sorry once again for bumping into you" I replied with a small smile of my own.
"See you around nurse Lisa" he said walking away.
I didn't reply. I didn't know what to say to that. Knowing people from the therapy section was the last thing I needed right now because one look at you and they would be able to tell you've gone through a whole ocean of bad and I didn't want anyone knowing about my issues especially doctors or nurses at this hospital. They would pity me and that's the last thing I wanted. I didn't want pity I just wanted to move on with my life.
I check my watch and groan. My little trip to the café has been ruined so no sweet coffee for me today. I spent the whole of my free 30 minutes talking to Dr Andre. Even from our brief encounter I could point out he liked to talk. It is not surprising since being a therapist smooth talking had to be as natural as a second skin.
I make an about turn and start moving back to the hospital's main entrance. When I get to my floor I make my way to the conference room. Nancy isn't there yet so I just take a seat and wait for her.
Five minutes later she walks in looking like she fell off the bed while rolling. Her hair is messy from running her hands through it countless times and she had puffy eyes with dark circles under them.
"Bad night huh?" I ask her feeling sorry for her. Night shift has its own difficulties and its not always guaranteed that you'd sleep when you get home in the morning.
"You could say that again. Let's get this over with, shall we? My legs can't wait to get out of here" she replies me sighing deeply.
I let out a small laugh nodding for her to continue with the briefing. She took me through. I had a couple of new rounds since Paige checked out already and the twins had been checked out of the nursery by their parents. I was also assigned to Ashley as her personal nurse.
Ashley and I had grown a bit closer this week. She is a really good kid. She had loosened up a little and started saying things to me. She talks about herself, her daddy and her nanny. She said those were the only people she cared about and now that I am here she had to add me to the list. I laughed remembering this.
"Lisa, did you get all what I said?" I hear Nancy ask me bringing me back from my thoughts.
"Yes, I got everything. Thank you... See you Monday".
"Yeah bye see you on Monday and try getting a little more sleep" she says with a small smile. I wonder how she knew I wasn't sleeping. Were my eye bags that obvious? I thought I covered them up with make up.
We both leave the conference room heading for different directions. She's heading towards elevator I am heading towards the wards. I check in on Daisy and she is doing good. She had gained a little weight in one week which is good. Her leg is improving. Just two more weeks and she could be discharged to come back after one month to remove the cast.
My other rounds were in the general children's ward. I have about five kids that I monitor there which makes it easier for me. I don't have to move from room to room. They are all in one big room compared to Ashley and Daisy who are in private wards and I could administer drugs to them at once.
I have a meeting with one of the doctors in my section and by the time we were done it was lunch break. I make my way to the lunchroom to get a little food in my empty stomach. I don't want to have to battle with ulcer. I have more important things to battle with.
I got there and a server fills my tray with different delicious looking food and I move to the sitting area. I look round for a seat and I notice Jess sitting alone at a table and decide to join her.
"Hey Jess, Is this seat taken?" I ask her and she looks up from her food and gestures with her hand for me to sit down with a wide smile on her face. It looked weird because her mouth is full with food.
"Hi Lisa" she says after swallowing the food in her mouth. And then I dig into my food. Our canteen serves the best food and in no time I am full.
I check my watch for the time and I still have forty minutes before work resumes. I use it to relax and talk to Jessica. We talked about random things like work and celebrity gossip or rather she talked about celebrity gossip because I didn't keep up with entertainment news. Soon after lunch break was over.
I make my way to the office for nurses where we keep the folder's of children we were assigned to and grabbed Ashley's folder and move to her room.
I knock gently and entered. Ashley is currently in a sitting position but she is still lying half way with a colourful book with different pictures in it positioned on her lap. She looks up and smiles when she sees me and I smile back at her.
"Lee! You're here. I've been so bored and my nanny left to get me food and I was wondering when you were going to come see me and I've been waiting all day for you" she says in her cute angelic voice a small pout forming on her tiny lips. I laugh at her little display.
"Sorry angel but you know Lee has to take care of other kids too" I tell her which she understood. I check her and note the results into her folder. And then she took her medication.
She then started talking to me. She told me how she couldn't wait to start elementary school. How she misses her daddy and mommy. Her friends from home. How she wants to get married.
Yes! She talked about marriage and I was quite shocked because even I at the age of 25 hadn't even thought about settling down. And here Ashley is at four talking about getting married. I didn't interrupt her thoughts I just smile at her which made her go on.
She told me a lot of other things and we played a few games before she finally slept. I tuck her in and she snuggles unconsciously into the blanket I used in covering her. I leave her room noting the time is past eight. I didn't even know I spent that long with her. My shift ended over an hour ago. I go to return Ashley's folder in the nurses office and make my way towards my locker to grab my bag and coat and leave the hospital.
I need to sleep. I am so tired and exhausted I just hope I don't have them tonight I really need tonight's sleep. Tomorrow is another long day for me.
'Another long day indeed' I think to myself as I drive out of the hospital's parking lot.

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