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Saturday, 8 September 2018


"So would you like to talk here or in my office?" She asks me switching into therapist mode. I always wondered how she did that. One minute she's nice and warm and all smiles and the next she's serious and alert and professional. She is really good at her job.
"So where should we start. Ummmm... When did you start having these dreams again?" She asks me at the same time opening her jotter in front of her to start taking notes.
"It started about two weeks ago, I can't be really specific about the day but I know its been two weeks. It wasn't so bad at first which is why I didn't call. I thought it was because I stopped taking my anxiety pills so I didn't bother not until this Monday. I pause drawing a quick breath before I continue.
".... Not until this Monday. It was worse I saw him and his friends. He was so close but far away at the same time. I was in so much pain I called out to him but he didn't help me. He told me he couldn't help me. They tried touching me again then I woke up sweating" I conclude shuddering at having to relieve my nightmares. Mrs Connor is silent when I finish then she speaks up.
"And since Monday they've been getting worse and a different scenario you said on the phone when you called right?" She asks me.
"Right. Apart from yesterday. I slept through the night yesterday. There were no nightmares, no bad dreams." I tell her.
She doesn't say anything but is jotting furiously in her book before she finally speaks up.
"Ok. So I can't really tell you if its going to get better or get worse because you had one week of good and one week of bad and its been only two weeks since you relapsed. Okay?" She asks me.
"Okay" I reply her totally understanding what she told me. It wouldn't be so easy to say this is what is going to happen because I had a weak of mild nightmares and another week of horrible nightmares. She then spoke again interrupting my train of thoughts.
"But I'd like to prescribe another anxiety pill for you. A mild one because I can't really tell what's wrong." She tells me standing up from where she is sitting probably to go get the drug. She leaves the living room and returns a couple of minutes later holding two drugs.
"Okay so this is the anxiety pill" she shows me one of the small drug bottles" its side effects are dry mouth so you have to drink a lot of water and also you may gain a little weight. There are other side effects but they might not affect you because you've used the pills before and a stronger one at that and you have to take one a day whatever time you choose to take them. Then these..." she says showing me the second bottle "... Are sleeping pills. They're not bad just to help you relax before bed. You may wake up sweating a lot just know its normal and its also to be taken once a day preferably at bed time." She concludes handing me the two pills.
"Thanks I'll take them. Any other thing I should know?" I ask her.
"Yes one more thing keep me posted. If anything comes up, bad dreams, sleeping issues, strange body feelings, worse nightmares don't hesitate to call me" she tells me with a small smile. We discuss for the next half hour with me asking her the questions I wrote down before coming and her giving me intelligent and reasonable answers. She is just God sent and I would always be grateful for the time she set aside to help me but another part of me constantly reminds me it's her job to listen and help me.
"Yes Mrs Connor thank you for your time" I tell her drinking the last of my coffee and we both stand up.
"No problem dear." She tells me walking me to the door. We say our goodbyes and I make my way to my car. The sun had gone down by now and I got in and started my journey back to my apartment. Along the way I feel hungry and stop at a drive-in burger shop filling myself with fries and burger before hitting the road again. I get to my apartment at past 7 in the evening and take a shower.
Half an hour later with nothing to do and nowhere to go I decide to watch a movie or a show or whatever is on TV; I am that bored. I make myself some popcorn and grab the remotes and a blanket and make myself comfortable on the couch in front of the TV. I flip channels till I see a comedy show on TV and decide to watch it. Few minutes into the show my phone starts ringing.
"Hello.. Lisa speaking" I say to the person on the other end wondering who is calling at this hour. I never really bother myself with checking caller id. I expect people to introduce themselves when calling at least I do with other people.
"Lisa! It's me Sandra" she squeals that I had to move the phone away from my ear a little. This girl has still not changed.
"Hey Sandy how have you been? Its been what five years?" I asks her smiling.
"I've been good and its been two months Silly" she replies me. I smile at this. After I moved to a new state we lost touch but I met her four years later at a restaurant and we hit it off becoming closer than ever. I could say she is my best friend but who am I kidding she's my only friend. You can only choose a best friend when you have so many friends and you feel that one is special and way too important compared to the rest.
"So where have you been? Did you just wake up one day and decide you didn't want to be friends anymore with the socially awkward Lisa?" I tease her playfully but apparently she takes it serious considering her reply.
"No! How would you say something like that. That's not nice of you." She replies. I could detect a hint of shock and anger in her voice.
"Calm down Sandra. I was just kidding. So where did you run off to this time?" I ask her.
"I was gonna tell you. I traveled to Paris for fashion week. I must say the clothes were to die for they were so gorgeous but the prices... Oh my God! You have to like whisper to say them. You can't say it out loud and guess who I saw. Cara delavigne was there Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters blah blah blah..." She kept on saying but I get lost along the way I couldn't keep up with her fashion stories. Fashion just isn't my thing.
"Hey Lisa are you there?" She asks me a while later when she noticed I wasn't replying her.
"Yes, I'm still here but I can't keep up with your stories. They are so draining, sorry".
" no problem, I just needed to get them out of me so what about you? How has life been treating you?" She asks me.
"Work is still stressful as always but I still love my job" I tell her.
"I wouldn't want to be you right now being a nurse sucks."
"No it doesn't. And I wouldn't even want you to be me." I reply her laughing. We talk for hours catching up on parts of our lives we missed over the months and other random topics.
"Talking to you is all nice and good but I really need to get my beauty sleep." Sandra tells me yawning.
"Goodnight Sandy. I'm also tired. Talking to you drains the life out of me." I tell her also yawning.
"Is that so? Goodnight then." Sandra replies ending the call but I am already half asleep by then.

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