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Monday, 10 September 2018


Ashley's cute self
"Mom for the hundredth time I'm not going on that date and that's final." I say to her rolling my eyes. Thank God I'm in my car currently on my way to work, that way she can't see the eye roll I just did.
My mom is literally going to be the death of me.
Ever since I graduated from high school she's been setting up blind dates for me from an online dating site. First she opened the account without my consent. As if that wasn't enough she tricked me into going on some of the dates.
She always used the excuse that she's sick and the client she's meant to meet would be at the venue of their meeting waiting for her. I usually felt bad so I would offer to go and apologize on her behalf and when I got there I'd see the guy she's been forcing me to go out with.
I'd get mad and yell at her but she'd end up doing it again so after going a few times I told her I wasn't helping anymore. If she was sick and couldn't keep up with her appointments she should be able to pick up the phone and call her 'clients' to tell them she couldn't make it.
"Even though I can't see you, I know you rolled your eyes at me." My mom replies me. How the hell did she know that? I'm cursing again. Sometimes I hate the connection we have.
"Me? Roll my eyes? No I didn't. You can't even see me." I lie hoping she would let it go.
"Anyway that's not the point. The point is you need to get out more often. I want you to get out more often. You're not getting younger. You can't keep living your life like this. I'm only doing this because I love you and I want what's best for my baby girl." My mom tells me getting all emotional.
"Ok mom. Thank you and I love you too but if I ever decide to go on a date I'd love it to be of my own choosing not me going out with some random guy from a dating website. What if he's a kidnapper or a rapist or even a serial killer." Oh God! I'm doing it again. Too many crime movies that it's beginning to affect my thinking.
"Okay honey I agree with you. I'll close down the account only if you promise to go out on a date and soon. And you must tell me all about it. Promise?" My mom asks me.
"Promise." I reply sighing deeply.
"Okay mom. I'll talk to you later. Just got to work."
"Okay. Love you and be safe." She replies and sends me kisses through the phone.
"Love you too." I say to her before ending the call and getting out of my car.
I make my way towards the entrance and from the entrance towards the elevator.
I meet Nancy at the door of the conference room and we both go in together and immediately start the briefing session.
A lot has happened in a month you could say that. Ashley is healing quite nicely and if it there is anything higher than 'very close' then we were that thing. I spend a lot of time with her. She is an extraordinary kid. I am always carefree around her. She makes me laugh a lot and it made my enthusiasm for my work grow. Daisy checked out few weeks back and will be coming in next week to get her cast removed. There is a new kid who was severely beaten by his father while trying to prevent him from hitting his mother. I felt so bad knowing there were animals out there who raised their hands to their wives and children. Only God knows how long the poor boy had to endure those beatings and how long he had to watch his mother get pounded by his father. He is just eleven to have to experience all those things. That vile man deserved to be locked up forever in a far away prison.
"Oh and also a doctor from therapy will be coming over to check Daniel. Dr Alex said he needs therapy but he has to be in the children's section so the therapist will be coming over to see him today. Just make sure to assist with whatever he needs. That should be all." Nancy concludes sliding the children's folders over the table with Daniel's on top.

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