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Thursday, 20 September 2018


I pick them up and leave for the nurses office to take a look at them before my shift starts. I still have about five minutes till then.
I am currently headed towards the general ward to check on the kids I'm assigned to there. They are doing great. Two of them have their last medication today so they could be checked out by tomorrow while the other three still have a few more days. After checking them I move over to Ashley's room to check on her.
"Hey Ash." I tell her when on entering the room.
"Lee! You came early today. I wanted to see you. I have a lot to tell you. My dad called yesterday. He said he misses me and he couldn't wait to see me and he'll be back in less than two weeks and he'll bring me lots of gifts and I'll be able to go to the park again and I'll get to play with my dog again and I'll be able to start elementary school and...." She went on and on.
"Ashley slow down the nurse is not going away soon. You shouldn't talk too fast." Her nanny who sat quietly in the corner scolds her. I didn't even notice she's in the room.
"Morning ma'am. I didn't see you there. How are you?" I greet her smiling.
"I've been great thank you." She replies.
I then check Ashley and help her with her medications and talk to her for a few hours more before I stand to leave.
"Lee you're leaving already?" Ashley asks me in a sad voice.
"Yes I have to go. I have other rounds and I also have to get lunch but I promise to come see you before I leave. Is that okay?" I tell her feeling bad that I have to go.
"Okay." She replies me. The happiness back in her voice.
I smile at her, pick up her folder and leave the room for the nurses office to return Ashley's folder before heading for the lunch room.
I order what I want and sit to eat. In no time I'm full as usual. I sit there for the next twenty minutes trying to gather myself. I felt fatigued and I was always so thirsty that I had to carry a bottle of water everywhere I go. My therapist told me they were side effects of the drugs.
I stand up heading for my next round and grab Daniel's folder along the way. When I get to his room I knock lightly and let myself in. He doesn't look at me when I get close to his bed. He just stares at the wall in front of him.
"Hi Daniel I'm Lisa and I'm one of the nurses assigned to you. Are you okay with that? Can I check you?" I ask him.
He just nods his head in agreement not uttering a single word and I felt bad for him. His face is swollen and almost purple from the severe beating. He is so thin and pale and one of his eyes is shut temporarily from the swollen face. I felt all kinds of emotions run through me; anger, pity, disgust, pain amongst others. Anger shadowing the others. Anger towards the man who felt it was right to do this to a little boy.
I then proceed to check him and give him his medication. I had just finished and was gathering the things I brought with me when the door opens and two people step in; a familiar doctor and an unfamiliar nurse.
"Doctor Andre what are you doing here? Oh sorry you are the doctor from therapy section." I say feeling my face burn with a blush and feeling stupid for not figuring it out sooner and blurting out a stupid question.
"Nurse Lisa we meet again. And yes I'm here for Daniel. This is nurse Natalie my assistant." He replies introducing the unfamiliar nurse to me.
"Nice meeting you Natalie. I'm Lisa. So I'll leave you two to do your therapy thingy while I head to my other rounds." I say quickly gathering the remainder of my things and leaving the room not without seeing the amused smile on Dr Andre's face as he watched me leave.
God why did I have to look so stupid? I never say 'thingy' I don't even know what it meant. It just came out of my mouth.
I went for nurses meeting and did some other rounds. I was currently at the reception talking to Jessica since I didn't have any work to do and I had a few hours before my shift ended. We were currently talking about what was discussed at the nurses meeting when I heard a voice behind me that sounded familiar.
"Hi Nurse Lisa can I talk to you for a second?" I heard him say.
I turned around to see who wanted to talk only to see Dr Andre looking expectantly at me.
Jess cleared her throat muttering something about going to get a new records book from the stationary office and left leaving both of us at the reception.
"Sure. And can you please remove the nurse and call me Lisa or better still miss palmer? So what did you want to talk about?" I asked him facing him fully.
"Sorry. I think I'd stick with Lisa. So I wanted to ask if you'd like to get a cup of coffee with me sometime. I'd have asked sooner but I had tons of work and seeing you today made it easy to ask you." He said to me nervously waiting for an answer. I opened my mouth to reply but nothing came out. Then he continued.
"I mean, no pressure. We could get coffee at the hospital's café." he added.
But that wasn't the problem. I didn't want to be friends with a doctor from therapy. I didn't want to get coffee with a doctor from therapy.
Fate just had a really devious way of bringing unexpected people your way. And one of the unexpected people was standing in front of me waiting for me to give him an answer to an improvised date.
"I don't know what to say honestly. I'm always busy but I could spare my lunch break on one of these days." I told him regretting my answer as soon as I said it considering what he asked me next.
"So can I like get your card or your number?"
"M-my w-what?" I stuttered. I mean we had not even gone on this coffee date and he was already asking for my number.
"Relax its for a honest reason. I just asked for it so I'd be able to keep in touch with you to know when you're free to get coffee." He told me smiling.
"Oh okay. Your phone." I replied in a low voice embarrassed from reacting that way to a honest question. I collected his phone and put in my number then proceeded to save it as Lisa. He left after saying bye grinning at me.
"So what did he say?" I heard Jess ask me from behind the reception desk. I didn't even know when she came back.
"Nothing just asked if I wanted to get coffee with him." I told her wondering how she knew we talked that long. Wait! she didn't leave to get any record book. The snake.
"So that fiinnnee doctor asked you out on a date?" She asked me dragging out the word 'fine'.
"Seriously Jess you throw things way out of proportion. Its just coffee and besides it's at the hospital's cafe so don't go getting high hopes." I told her shaking my head.
"Whatever its still sounds like date to me." She replied me smiling like a clown. I just rolled my eyes and left her at the reception making my way to Ashley's room.
I promised her I was gonna check on her before I left and I couldn't break a promise to a little kid. She bounced on her bed when she saw me which made me laugh. We played a few games till it was time for my briefing with Nancy. I told her I had to go and the corners of her mouth turned downwards giving me a sad look. Then I told her she'd see me tomorrow and I'll bake her a cupcake and they turned upwards giving me the sweetest smile you can ever get from a kid.
I left the room heading for the conference room for briefing.
After briefing I went to the nurses office to grab my coat and bag and left the hospital building.

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