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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


~Sandra's picture
I wake up dragging the duvet trying to block out the sun entering my eyes when I feel a presence beside me on my bed. I quickly sit up wanting to scream but the terrible headache I feeling stops me from doing that the sleep immediately leaving my eyes before I decide to check who is on my bed.
I look beside me only to find Sandra fast asleep and I groaned. The events of yesterday night coming back to me little by little.
"Sandra get the fuck out of my bed." I shout at her still angry for what she did the previous night.
She called me on Friday saying she wanted to see me and asked if she could come over and spend some time with me. I agreed because I missed her and really wanted to see her. She came to the hospital and when my shift ended she followed me home.
We stayed at home on Friday watching Netflix and eating popcorn. It was fun and relaxing.
* flashback*
"Lisa come on. You can't live a boring life all the time. Just this one time I promise. Come with me please I can't go alone." She told me on Saturday over breakfast and I raised an eyebrow at her questioning her statement.
"Okay fine I can go alone but I don't want to. You're my best friend just come with me this one time please?" She begged me giving me a cute childish look. I just couldn't say no to her after that.
"Okay fine but just this one time." I told her. She squealed jumping on me and planting wet kisses all over my face. I pushed her off me and she landed on the floor.
"What was that for?" She frowned rubbing her arm that looked red from hitting the floor.
"For being so disgusting." I told her walking away in the direction of my room.
"You're so not nice." I heard her say from the living room and l laughed.
And that is how I found myself at the lounge. A popular club where people went to get wasted. I was angry with Sandra because she told me we were going to a low key club not the lounge but I let it go.
As if that wasn't enough she got me hopelessly drunk and left me in the hands of a total stranger who was gentleman enough to not take advantage of me.
Instead he helped me find Sandra who we found in the ladies room pinned to the wall by a huge tattooed bouncer. I was so disgusted at the scene that I puked on the floor. Thank God we were in the toilet. I roughly helped her get dressed and dragged her out of the toilet and we left the club.
The kind gentleman called an uber to take us home and even went as far as paying him a large amount of money enough for the driver to take us wherever we wanted for a week just to take us home safely.
I thought men like that had gone into extinction. Apparently not.
If not for him we would currently be waking up in a gutter with people gathered around us watching and someone from the crowd recognizing me as a nurse. It would totally destroy my reputation.
*flashback ends*
"Why are you yelling so early in the morning?" Sandra asked me rolling on the bed to probably get into a more comfortable sleeping position which irked me further. I pushed her off my bed and she landed on the floor.
If my shouting didn't wake her up that definitely did the trick.
"Do you derive some sort of satisfaction or joy from pushing me and making me fall?" She asked me frowning. I felt my wall come down a little but I couldn't let it. I have to be angry at her she caused this.

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