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Thursday, 27 September 2018


"Yes I do because you acted totally irresponsible last night and if not for that man who was kind enough to call us an uber then we'd probably be waking up in a gutter right now." I told her which made her expression more sad.
"I'm sorry." She said in a low voice. "I just wanted us to have fun. I didn't expect it to turn out bad." She concluded.
"Mine didn't turn out bad if you remove the terrible hangover I'm having right now but yours did. I found you naked and pinned to the wall by a huge tattooed dude. The sight made me puke. And I wondered if you were high on weed." I told her my face scrunched up in disgust at having to relive that unpleasant moment.
"No you did n... Oh my God" She trailed off going visibly pale seeing my serious and disgusted expression.
I laughed at her reaction getting up from the bed and heading for the bathroom to freshen up and take some pain killers.
I made the mistake of looking into the mirror that moment and screamed on the inside. I looked and smelled like shit.
I quickly but thoroughly brushed my teeth and stepped into the shower to wash away the dirt from my skin and stepped out when the water turned cold.
Sandra and I chose to stay at home and cook. I cooked while she kept me company. Saying she was a bad cook was an understatement. We ate and watched a few new releases and went to bed.
'Trrr trrr trrr' my alarm rang at 6am indicating it was time to get ready for work.
"Shut that cursed thing off Lee or I'll break it" Sandra told me in a sleepy but angry voice. I quickly turned it off not wanting my precious alarm clock to get destroyed and got out of bed.
I went to shower and put on my nurse outfit and flats. I packed my hair into the usual ponytail and grabbed my phone from the bedside table.
"Sandy I'm leaving see you when I get back." I told her heading for the door of my room.
"See you later. Bye" she replied me in a muffled voice.
I left the room heading for the door grabbing my coat and car keys along the way. I checked my wrist watch and noted the time 6:40 'I'm gonna be late' I thought to myself as I drove out of the parking lot of my apartment building.
I got to the hospital at five past seven because of the alternative route I had to go through considering the accident that occurred on the straight road to the hospital. Luck just wasn't on my side today.
I hastily made my way to my floor and immediately headed for the conference room not bothering to drop my bag and coat.
"Morning Nancy I'm so sorry I'm late. There was an accident so I had to go through an alternative route." I said to her hoping she wouldn't get pissed at me.
"Its fine. Can I begin briefing?"
"Yes go ahead." I told her wondering why she didn't complain. I mean I was 20 minutes late.
She then took me through briefing calmly. She made it quite short considering my shift had already started. I noticed she behaved oddly but in a good way.
"Nancy what's going on? Are you all right?" I asked her.
She looked at me as if she was contemplating whether or not to tell me before she finally spoke up.
"I'm pregnant Lisa." She told me the widest smile I had ever seen plastered across her face.
"Oh my God. That's good news. Congratulations. I'm so happy for you" I told her smiling. I am very happy for her. Her and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for years now and this is like a light at the end of a dark tunnel for them.
"Thanks Lisa." She told me. We talked for a few more minutes before we decided to part ways since we would still meet in the evening.
I made my way towards the nurses room to drop my bag and pick up the folders of the kids in my care and headed for the wards.
I was currently in Ashley's room and we were talking but she was doing most of the talking. Her nanny had left her in my care to go freshen up and get a change of clothes.
"Lee my dad is coming back tomorrow. I want you to meet him. I told him about you and he thinks you're Chinese because I call you Lee." She told me and I laughed at this. How would one think I'm Chinese?
"Ok. I'd like to meet him and tell him what a smart and cute daughter he has." I told her which made her giggle.
We played a few games and I read her a story from one of the books her nanny brought in for her and few minutes later she slept off. I tucked her in and quietly left the room.
As soon as I stepped out of the door my phone started ringing and I wondered who was calling me. I checked the caller id this time because I knew it definitely wasn't my parents or Sandra. They knew better than to call me at work.
"Hello Andre." I said into my phone. Ever since he asked to get coffee with me he has been calling me everyday to find out if I was available and one week is a pretty long time to turn down a coffee date.
"Hi Lisa. Are you free today? I'll probably keep calling till you say yes." He told me and I just wanted nothing more than to get this over with.
"Okay then. I guess I'm free now. Meet you in the hospital's lobby." I told him ending the call.
I made my way towards the elevator to get to the ground floor where I was supposed to meet Andre who was already there waiting for me.
How did he get here so fast? I guess one of us is enthusiastic enough about getting coffee for both of us.
"So what do you like to do apart from work?" Andre asked. We are currently at a table in the corner of the café drinking our coffee.
"I'm an introverted person. I don't really like to go out. So my fun time would be eating popcorn while watching TV."
He just stared at me amusement twinkling in his eyes.
"So you don't go out at all you just watch TV all through?" He asked still looking at me.
"I do go out but only if my friend forces me too. But I prefer to just sit at home and watch TV. Its relaxing." I said to him but what he said next shocked me right to my bones.
"Whew... And here I was thinking I'm the only one who did that. Its refreshing to meet someone who has the same hobby as you. Don't you think?" He said to me.
I couldn't say anything more than an hum. I mean the guy liked to talk I didn't expect him to be weird like me.
"I think we should head back to our jobs. Lunch break is over and I really don't want to get into trouble." I told him not intending to sound rude but I guess that was exactly how it sounded. He just nodded and stood up.
"It was nice hanging out with you Lisa." He told me and left. I felt bad but it wasn't my fault I was socially awkward... Was it?
The rest of my day went by in a blur and I couldn't wait to go home.
"Oh my God... Sandra what in heaven's name do you think you're doing?" I asked her on getting home. The whole kitchen was clouded with smoke. This girl is trying to burn down my house with the both of us in it.
"I'm cooking durr... I knew you were blind but I didn't know it was this bad" Does this chick have a death wish or something? In my house.
"Oh sorry I didn't know you were cooking all I can see is you trying to burn down my house." I yelled at her feeling frustrated. I was eager to come home and relax not to have to face one of Sandra's crazy episodes.
I left her in the kitchen to clean up the mess she created and went to my room. I'd rather sleep on an empty stomach than have to face her crazy self. This is why I never have friends.
Could this day get any worse?
Author's note;
So an alarm doesn't sound 'trrr' or whatever. I don't use one so I don't know what the sound is like.
Sorry if its weird. Thanks for reading!

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