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Saturday, 29 September 2018


~Nathan at the top
"No this can't be happening. You can't be here, you can't be here. I'm dreaming." I kept on saying repeatedly to myself. Ashley just stared at me with a confused expression on her little face.
How is he here? I'm still in my bedroom. I'm sleeping. This is just a bad dream a nightmare that I'd wake up from.
I rose my hand to pinch my face but it just confirmed it wasn't a dream. He is truly here in front of me and he is Ashley's father.
I thought of how my day was going well till this happened.
I woke up happy this morning from having no bad dreams or nightmare to find a box of chocolate beside me with a red bow on it. Is it Valentine's day today? I thought to myself. It definitely wasn't. Even if it was I had no boyfriend who could give me a box of chocolates.
Then I got up and went into the bathroom to shower and get ready for work.
I left my room for the kitchen with the box of chocolates that was on my bed to grab my car keys and head out.
"Good morning." Sandra shouted as I entered the kitchen. I jumped startled. I totally forgot she was still here.
"So you're still here. I thought you left yesterday."
"I can't just leave after a fight. What do you take me for
A coward?" She said feigning a hurt expression.
"Anyway that's not the point. I'm sorry. It was totally wrong of me to cook without your permission and I promise never to pull a stunt like that again. I was just having one of my crazy episodes." She apologized looking down at the floor.
"Apology accepted. So you're responsible for the box of chocolates on my bed?"
"Yes I am and also for these." She said moving to the side so I could see the breakfast set on the table.
"Awww... That's so sweet when did you get to do all this? I mean it past six in the morning." I gushed at her feeling my heart melt. She sure knew how to plan the best apology. You couldn't stay angry at her for too long.
"It wasn't a big deal really. I woke up at 4 to do all this. I may not know how to cook but I know how to do petty things like make toast and coffee and fry sausages and make omelette. It took me quite some time but I got it done." She told me sitting me down at the table and gesturing for me to start eating.
I ate quickly considering I had to leave for work or I'll be late. I was so touched that a smile made its way permanently onto my face. I couldn't remember the last time someone did something this nice for me. Only Sandra did these things for me and I was totally thankful for her in my life.
"Thanks for breakfast Sandra. I couldn't be more grateful." I told her hugging her.
"It was nothing. Stop it you'll make me blush."
I laughed at this. "I hate to cut our moment short but I really have to leave now. See you when I get back. Love you." I told her grabbing my keys and making my way towards the front door.
"Bye... Love you too." She called out as I left the house.
I got to the hospital exactly on time for my briefing with Nancy and I met her in the nurses room grabbing her things while I was dropping my things. We both left together for the conference room.
"So all the kids we were assigned to checked out last night from the general ward but you'll be helping the nurses in the nursery. About five babies were brought in last night during my shift. And Dr Alex said you should meet up with Dr Gina from gynaecology at 11 today. Ashley's dad will be coming in today but you know that already but she can't leave just yet...." She said.

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