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Monday, 3 September 2018


The morning was chilly.
It was a new day but there was no sunshine as the snow fell, making everything seem so cold. Even the sheets I slept in was no warm enough for me.
The sound of running water in the shower and Luke's favourite perf woke me up as my eyes moved to the clock on the wall. 7:18am.
It was not only a chilly morning, it was quite an early one too. I wouldn't blame myself for waking early, I couldn't sleep even as though I felt stressed.
My whole body especially my legs ached like I had been on a marathon. Pain. Luke's Cologne was all I could sense around me apart from the unending ticking of the clock and the sensitivity of my naked body under the sheets.
I laid in the bed, without no emotion. Just staring deep at the ceiling fan as it moved in it's rotary motion. I couldn't feel a thing at the moment. I felt rather numb. Dead.
Why I felt this way? I couldn't tell if it was because I knew not where my brothers and Anne were or if it was the fact that I had to sleep with Luke to feel at ease in case I have to loose myself to death trying to save the lives of those I loved.
The devil knows I want all this shit to end. I can't continue to live like this. I can't have a life that is filled with fright and nothing but a bother.
As the case may be now, if I have to give myself to whoever is doing this to me so all the shit could end, I would do it oh so gladly.
Immediately I heard the shower door swing open, I swiftly turned to my other side to prevent any suspicion of my current mood.
"Wake up, sleepy head" Luke mocked, throwing his damp towel at me.
If only this man knew how I felt right now, he wouldn't play this kinda game with me so early.
"abrielle" answer.
He went on to sing my name as he got dressed. I couldn't bear to stand his frequent off-keys so I turned to face him, dead panned.
"What's wrong? You okay?" He asked after studying me.
If there was one thing I was unable to fake in my life, it's a face that reads 'I'm okay' when I'm not.
"Yeah...just not a morning person you know?" I excused.
"You sure?" He inquired further, sitting by my side with a hand placed on mine and the other caressing my pale cheeks.
Luke was such a smart guy that knew when things were up and not well. I don't know how I was able to lie to him for straight three days without been caught. Or maybe, he had been so busy.. He didn't think I'd lie to him for any reason whatsoever.
"I'm sure. You need to head out. You'll be late, time runs like hell" I smiled warmly pulling him close for a hug.
"I'll be back early to check on you. Call me if you need a slightest thing, you know I'll be here" he took my hands in his as he planted short warm kisses on them before leaving.
After soaking in the hot bath tub for hours thinking of the possible ways I could find my brothers, I decided to get off.
I walked past a mirror and almost got frightened at my own reflection. I could no longer recognize the person that stood before me.
My hair looked like it was lacked conditioner and it's splits were weak as hell. My skin suddenly grew pale and my eyes, rather sad than bright as usual.

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