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Sunday, 9 September 2018


The knock at the door sent chills to my spine as I got lost in my reflection.
"Come in" I responded.
" okay?" Quinn asked as she walked into the room.
She didn't look like she had a great night at all.
"I don't know...I feel selfish.. I.." I stuttered.
"It's okay.. It'll be. But why the fuck would you feel selfish? Not like it's your fault" She demanded to know.
"I was feeling totally drained last night and Luke...well, he noticed and couldn't stop asking me I...I don't know but I just nee...."
The sound of my phone ringing, cut me off in seconds before I could complete my story.
"50 thousand dollars" the male caller responded.
"What?..wait. Who is this?" I panicked, putting the phone on a loud speaker for Quinn to hear too.
"If you ever want to see your friend and little ones again. You gotta get the sum of 50 thousand dollars in 24 hours. Or"
"We kill them" he finished off.
"'s no need to do that" I blurted as my heart seemed to have skipped a beat.
"50 thousand dollars right? I'll get it even before a day. Just don't hurt them, please." Quinn and I pleaded, having to complete each other's statement.
He dropped the call even before we could finish talking. I honestly don't know what kinda person does that. Oh wait... A kidnapper. A beast! A heartless being!
"Where the fuck are we gonna get that kinda money?" Quinn's brows furrowed as she fought the reality that is, we were both broke girls living under our boyfriends.
"Why don't I just die and all this ends? Why?!" I couldn't hold back my tears anymore this time.
"No! This is all my fault. If I had just listened to Luke, if I had probably stayed back with my parents, if only I didn't have to do things my way. George would still be here, Alberto too. I can't even call momma without feeling guilty. What if they die? I would never forgive myself, Quinn. I won't" I bursted into a flood of tears that were hiding in my heart since last night.
Indeed, this little fairy tale was falling apart and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
Quinn was out of words to say.
So she joined me as we both cried in each other's arms.
No one to hear us.
No one to help us.
Not a single soul would understand, if we talked to them.
No one.
"Can't we just tell Luke? I never know how helpful he might be.."
", Quinn. Hell no" I cut her off as I made us a quick breakfast.
"He's your boyfriend. He cares so much for and about you. You know he can do anything, once it comes to you." She explained.
I let out a faint sigh, dropping the plate of diced onion I had been chopping "I know.. But, I'm scared he won't take this lightly. Girl, I lied. I snuck up when I was told to stay in. I just have to handle this myself so it all ends. I'm tired, Quinn"
After minutes of watching me prepare the omelette, she looked at me like I had a bug stuck on my forehead that I was unaware of.
"What?" I slurred

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