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Wednesday, 12 September 2018


"Martin Moretti " she recalled.
"Who the fuck is that?" I asked perplexed.
" don't remember?"
"Oh hold on, it's not you. It was when I was with my ex bestie, Natalia" she explained.
"Still at the desert in your explanation here, though" I said.
"I know someone who can help us with the money. There's this guy who used to be heads over heels with me back at the college. Like he would literally do every and anything for me, but you know...I met Edwin and things changed. Though he said I could contact him anytime I change my mind" she shrugged smiling widely.
"I am so out of what to say right now, why didn't you think of this since?! Bitch call him now!!" I exclaimed passing her phone to her.
" Calm down. Just pray the line is still active or that's our hope going down the drain" she joked.
She quickly searched for his contact on her phone then dialed it, putting the phone on loud speaker.
*on phone*
"Hey...Martin, it's Quincy Adams. Remember me? We used to attend Howard's College together" she explained hoping that he wouldn't have forgotten her oh so soon.
" il mio amore.. How could I ever forget you? I've been earnestly waiting for your call" he said in an accent I recognized to be Italian.
" I called for something else Martin, I need your help" she stated firmly.
"Not for love, no? Mio caro I'm broken hearted ..for the second time" he said soundingounding rather hurt.
"I'm sorry.."
"You know what? Meet me at my house where we can talk things out. And I know what you may be thinking.. this weird guy from college who is so in love with me wants to meet me at his house after six years" he cut her off in a brittle manner.
"Is he tryna cry?" I mouthed to her causing her to let out a chuckle.
"No Martin and besides I got a friend I want you to meet. Just text me the address, we'll be there in a jiffy" she shrugged before they dropped the call.
"There's that. After breakfast we go" she sighed.
"Girl...we have to go now. You think I was preparing the meal for us? Honey, I lost my appetite since yesterday" I said dragging her off her chair as we drifted away from the kitchen.
As promised, Martin texted Quinn the address before we got in a cab.
The drive was a quick one as though Martin lived two miles away.
In not less than an hour, we arrived at a stop in front of a huge black gate beautifully decorated with gold anchors at the top.
We had to call Martin Moretti to inform him of our arrival. He had his men open up the gate for us and lead us to him.
I moseyed in awe as my eyes caught the beautiful cupid fountain that mounted in a garden close to his mansion.
His garden and flowers were neatly trimmed. The interlocked floor seemed spotless like no one ever drives in.
When we got into the house, I was just done. I had enough of the wonder.
It was impeccable.
I had no idea who this Martin Moretti was but I could tell he was epicurean.
Quinn showed no form of surprise whatsoever so I assumed this might not be the first time she's been here.
"Ahh..benvenuto signore" that familiar male voice interrupted my thoughts.
I turned to see a man not close to his 40s rather in his 30s or so, dressed in navy blue suit, his hair perfectly gelled and combed slightly to a side. He gently walked to where we stood, giving each of us a welcoming kiss on the cheek.
"I have missed you so much" he placed his palm on Quinn's as he offered us a seat.
"Likewise, Martin. But I'm here for something more serious" Quinn spoke firmly.
What's with her and the firmness? He's all tempting but hey... Loosen up a bit Patricia.
"Oh what may the matter be?" He furrowed his brows, sinking into his chair with arms folded.
"This is my best friend, Gabrielle Salvador. She's got a bit of a financial problem and we need lend us some money. We'd definitely repay you" she assured giving him that warm smile of hers.
"Please Sir..If I don't get that money today, I'm afraid something bad may happen" I begged.
He took a minute to study us before taking a drink from his champagne.
"Firstly, you can call me Martin. Sir..sounds a bit too formal you know?" He said in his Italian accent with a smile.
" much are we talking about here?"
Quinn and I stared at each other. Who knows if really he's going to give us such money? I mean, sure it's clear that he's bloody rich. Even his brown eyes say it but would he lend us the money?
"Uhm..Martin, it's 50 thousand dollars" I muttered then immediately drank of the champagne in my glass.
Even the sentence sounded so heavy in my mouth.
He laughed bending forward to stare intensively at us "what kind of trouble did you ladies get yourselves into?"
"Oh Martin...come on, it's just a financial problem. We'd pay you right back.'re my only hope" Quinn trembled.
"And what about eh your boyfriend then, Edwin? Is he not with you anymore?" He smirked.
I don't know what his catch is but..I don't like it.
"How does this have anything to do with him? Are you giving us the money or not?" She hissed.
"mi dispiace amore mio. Forgive my words.. I can be a bit of a jerk sometimes" he calmly apologized with a smile.
"I'll...give you the money. But you have to let me see you again. Just the two of us, like a date"
Such a devil..
"Okay. One date only. So you'd really give us the money?" She asked slightly grinning.
"Yes, I told you before. I would do anything for your happiness" with that, he made a quick call and a dark guy appeared with a briefcase.
The Lord knows I was trying my best to control my emotions. Finally I had the money, without much stress. I was gonna get Anne and my brothers out of the hands of those demons.
"Thank you so much Sir...I mean, Martin. You have no idea how much this means to me!" I squealed giving him a quick hug before I caught up with Quinn who was avoiding any long conversation with him.
Honestly, if Edwin wasn't a great guy..I'd talk her into giving Martin Moretti a chance. He doesn't seem wrong at all to me. Although those kinda men had skeleton in their closets.
"Ready to get Anne and the boys back?" Quinn smiled with arms open.
"You bet".

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