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Friday, 28 September 2018


After we successfully got the money from Martin, we quickly got home to wait for a call.
We tried calling the number of the guy that called us earlier demanding for fifty thousand dollars but it seemed rather disconnected so we decided to wait for the call.
Everything was complete after all. They have no reason to kill anyone after we had gotten them their money.
My heart skipped it's beat every time my phone lit up. I know they gave us a whole day to get it but can't they at least call to find out if we had the money earlier?
Doubtless, I felt a little relieved that at least.. I was finally getting them back. I haven't been myself since they were kidnapped. All I could think of was how they were, what they had to eat. Did they even eat at all?
My head ached as I thought through it all but was interrupted when the main door swung open with Luke walking in looking quite not himself.
"Dumbo what's wrong?" Quinn asked as we exchanged awkward glances.
"Nothing" he grimed as he walked past us.
"Think he found out?" Quinn whispered with eyes widened in disbelief.
"I hope not" I said, my voice a bit shaky.
I dropped the bible I held in my hands while waiting for the call and went upstairs to meet Luke.
I remember as a little girl momma used to force me to church. Getting off bed as early as 5am to get ready, her unending scolds as she dragged me to church. I never wanted to go for one reason; it felt rather boring having to hear the priest preach in our local language. It's no news that I wasn't quite the believer but in this case, all I had was faith.
I prayed in my heart that Luke didn't somehow find out about everything because if he did, I'm not just loosing myself.. I'm loosing him too.
I slowly opened the door to see him starring out the window shirtless. I was scared, too scared to even gather up words to speak.
"What is it?" He asked inaudibly.
"Huh?" I drifted but he didn't respond instead, he turned around. Now starring at me, almost like he could see through me.
That sent my heart to a place I found hard to get it back.
I swallowed hard before asking him.
"What's wrong? don't look fine"
He sighed before rubbing his hands over his face.
"I lost a contract worth the company's in debt"
"And I know who's responsible for this" he added taking a seat on the bed starring at the window, yet again.
"Who?" I questioned moving close to where he sat to calm him.
"Who else would want my downfall? Anne of course" he blurted.
"W..what are you talking about?" I requested completely interested in what he had to say.
It can't be Anne. She is with my brothers and they were kidnapped! There's no possible way in hell that she could be in two places at once. Oh except she's got a twin and I don't think that's also possible. She mentioned nothing of such!
He took a deep sigh" Anne is related to the guy I was supposed to work with. He was interested the last time we had a meeting and just today, he said he doesn't feel comfortable with the decision"
"How then does it have anything to do with her? I mean...not like she told him"
Or she's around. Honey she has been kidnapped!
"I know that bitch.. I know her. She's responsible for this" he spat as though Anne was present with us.
"Hey calm down..breathe.. You don't have to keep thinking that everything that goes wrong has to do with your ex. I'm sorry to say this babe, but you're.. acting like you bear a grudge over nothing. You have to let whatever she did to you go" I wrapped my arms around him, keeping him calm.

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