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Sunday, 30 September 2018


Immediately, Quinn barged in with my cellphone in her palm which appeared to be ringing.
"So sorry to interrupt, it's uh...your mom" She said and I understood exactly what she meant.
I quickly got up and ran downstairs to pick the call so Luke wouldn't hear a thing.
"Hello?" I said breathlessly leering.
"Time's up. I suppose you got the package" a male voice gruffed.
"Y...yes.. I got it" I blurted spotting the black briefcase where I had hidden it.
"Good, tomorrow by 2pm. Expect a call to deliver the package. Come alone. Further directions will be given later" he instructed before dropping the call.
Quinn stared at me in wonder and just as I began to explain what the man said, we heard Luke's room door swing open and I hurriedly placed my phone over my ear to make it seem like I'm still on call with my mother.
"Ahh...mammi..You scared me, don't worry we'll visit you soon. Just take care of pappa and the boys" I sleeplessly said with a grin.
"Yeah..okay. Bye, love you"
Of course we had to play the part, Luke finding out about this whole thing now is the last thing I want. Especially now that I'm finally gonna cover up my tracks.
"Your mom..always pulling.. legs" Quinn said awkwardly before leaving us to talk.
"So do you feel now?" I questioned in the silence that surrounded us.
I don't know why it felt like he knew what I'd been hiding from him these few days. I hope not, because God forbid..I can't even imagine what would everything we've built.
"You tell me, you don't look so good" he ran his fingers through his hair as he scanned the refrigerator for what to chew on.
"I'm fine"
"I guess it's just a fever or probably my periods, you know.."
No he doesn't, liar.
As much as I hated it, it was all I had to do right now until I'm sure my brothers are back in perfect health.
He stood there starring deep into my eyes as he munched on a cookie with arms folded. It seemed as though he knew I was lying. Oh God, the way the man looks at you would make you confess your sins to him and still want him to save you from it all.
The stare..haunting... Uncomfortable.. Yet intimidating.
"'re getting weird staring at me like that" I laughed trying to drown my fears.
The corners of his lip lifted into a smile as he walked over to the dinning where I stood with my phone tightly held in my hand.
"How about we..go upstairs" he planted a soft kiss onto my cheeks.
"Shower..." he kissed my forehead warmly.
"And...I'll give you a massage to ease you" his voice husky yet I felt like a deer caught in lights.
I was thinking he knew. Even if it was about the kidnap! I was hoping to get yelled at, slapped and thrown out of his house and heart for ever lying to him but no, this man wasn't what I expected. He wouldn't ever lay his hands on me, let alone throw me out of his home.
The thought of how perfect Luke was and how spoilt I've become roamed about my mind making feel rather dumb and unconscious of the things he was now doing to me.
"Babe! At least hold your horses before they leave you hanging" I smirked spanking his hand off my ass.
"Fine jellybean, but know this.. There's always time" he kissed my lips before leaving me there. Clueless.

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