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Friday, 28 September 2018


Dodging stray bullets, crouching and hiding I was finally able to make it home. I tried to gain access to the main entrance but the door was jammed, I banged the door as loud as possible shouting "Abba! Abba!!", but there was no response, Just when I was about to give up, a voice came from the other end "Jalila is that you?" abba asked, his voice was In whispers. I was filled with joy and quickly shouted "yes! Yes!! Abba it's me". I stepped in immediately shutting the door behind me.
Abba pulled me into a bone crushing hug, "thank God you're okay, I thought something bad had happened to you". While in his embrace, all I could remember is yagana's lifeless body and kaltume. What could possibly have happened to her, could she be dead? Tears flowed freely down my cheeks soaking his jallab.
I hurriedly pulled away from his arms when I saw my two little brothers squatted behind a little cage. We exchanged hugs and I tried to make them feel safe, safe enough to make them stop crying although I knew we were anything but safe.
The ground was vibrating and the walls were visibly shaking, whistling of RPG's could be heard from a mile away exploding upon impact with their target, but this vibration wasn't because of the RPGs that were constantly launched or the shower of bullet rain in Bama, it was from something more, something I have only heard of in tales, it's the armoured tank! I can remember an old soldier once told us the story of this infamous beast, he said it can sail on sea, drive on land and even go through buildings! I instantly became shocked remembering what the old solider had said, so it means they'll smash our house like we trample over colonies of ants? This can't be!!!
Abba took a quick peep through the keyhole in the door, instantly he retreated looking so frightened, never have in seen Abba this frightened in my life, 'Hide jalila! Hide!! They are coming! Do not scream no matter what!!! You must not let them see you! be brave okay? Now take your brothers and go over there and hide I will be right behind you' Abba ordered in whispers pointing to the local silo behind the house.
We ran towards the silo as fast as our legs could carry us under the guise of thick clouds of smoke that filled the skies, leaving Abba behind as he ordered. The sound of continuous rattling gun fire and explosions was evidently heard from a distance, my heart beating at a faster pace than a car's piston, I crouched hugging my two little brothers tightly. I wasn't going to let go of them even at the pains of death.
The distant gun fire grew louder as the insurgents came closer... Apparently close enough to be at our door step, sounds of exploding artillery was so close that it was deafening! We had no where to run! Deep within I knew this was the end but I never for a second imagined my life to end this way.
I was afraid and confused, what in the world did we do to deserve this? Why did God choose to forsake us? What crime or sin could we have committed? I kept muttering any and every prayer that came to my mind hoping that God would forgive us and withdraw this wrath he had sent upon us.
I was knocked out of my mental state by the sound of a loud bang on the door which was soon accompanied by sporadic shooting, there I saw Abba's lifeless body fall to the ground his white garment soaked in his own blood, I quickly press shut the mouths of my siblings who were trying to scream at the horror they had just witnessed but I was too late, I wanted to scream even louder not only for the death of my father but for my own life as well.
A bunch of heartless barbaric looking men marched towards us smirking as thou they just hit the jackpot, I wasn't able to ascertain their figure, my vision was blurry from tears and the thick smoke wasn't helping either. I clutched my crying siblings more tightly and nodded my head between my thighs saying what ever I could remember as my last prayers.
I didn't bother to beg for my life because I knew it'd be to no avail rather I decided to save the last of my energy for a smooth death, I hope they shoot me too because death would be a lot more easier than going through the excruciating pain of being held captive by these savages!

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