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Friday, 28 September 2018


 *           *           *
The house was dark. Quiet. The only sound Fiona heard came from outside her window. It’s now or never, she thought. She wore her robe over her pyjamas. She heard the sound of keys in her pocket- Max’s keys. And now it was time to use them. She had forced herself to stay awake until she was certain Max had gone out.
She went down the hall to Max’s room. She tried the door locked as usual. No surprise.
“What are you hiding?” She wondered aloud
She inserted the first key… It didn’t work
She tried the second … same
She tried next… It slid into the lock but wouldn’t turn. The clock in the hallway struck one.
       Come on, come on, she thought, trying two more keys before the door finally opened. Fiona stepped into the room that smelled mostly of cigarette smoke. “Now, Fiona think,” she whispered and dropping the keys back into her pocket. She saw that name Rylee Pans. She pulled the card from its holder, reading the address and phone number. Telling herself that it didn’t matter, that it was the middle of the night. With trembling fingers, she dialed. Waited within seconds there was a click and the woman’s voice-playful, mischievous. ‘Hi. You know what? Ya missed me I’m out. Leave your name and number and I’ll call you back. If you are lucky.”     
Fiona hung up fast. Should she have left a message?
Who was that woman? A stranger?
As it was Fiona couldn’t waste any more time, so she dropped the card into her pocket with Max’s keys, and searched through his diary, hoping that seeing a name or address or phone number would trigger her memory, but she was disappointed.
“Never give up,” She told herself and turned attention to his computer. She needed a password to get into his e-mail and used all combinations she could think of, but nothing opened the damned files. The clock in the hallway struck 1:30am. How long would Max be out? All night?
She took in a deep breath. Somehow she would uncover all the dirty little secrets of her so called brother, Max.
And of your own, Fiona. What secrets are you hiding?
“Don’t think that way”, she told herself. She was running out of time and there was one last drawer she had not checked.
“Give me strength,” she whispered.
She slid open the drawer and saw a “gun”
A small, silver-plated pistol.
Her heart nearly stopped. Why would Max have a gun?
To protect himself and his family - a family he rarely saw? Or to do bodily harm? She lifted the weapon, checked the chamber and saw the bullets….Her throat went dry. The damned thing was loaded, it felt heavy. She considered putting it back in the drawer because she didn’t want Max to know she’d been snooping, but…. Maybe she’d need it and maybe by taking it she’d prevent him from using it.
       Oh, Lord, she couldn’t trust him, she knew in her heart she couldn’t. Who was this man who kept secrets, locked doors, and hid a pistol in his drawer.
Someone was coming. Fiona went instantly still. She should leave. Now. But what about the gun? If she took the pistol from the drawer Max would realize someone had taken it. If she left it, he could use it ….. against her. Carefully she put the pistol in her pocket as she heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.
There was no time to go out the hall and hurry to her room. She had to hope he would go in through the suite. With trembling fingers she kept the files, closed the drawers, locked them and locked the door to the hallway. He was on the top step. She switched off the light and entered the exercise room, shutting the door behind her. Then she waited. His footsteps closer.
Please don’t let him find me.
He entered after unlocking the door and entered the computer room.
“Son of a bitch,” he said under his breath.
“What the hell? Why is this screen saver on? Who’s been in here?
His phone rang
Get out now. This is your chance.
On silent footsteps she left his room. Eavesdropping.
“Yeah…. I know….No, I didn’t call…. I said I didn’t shit! You’re sure? Yeah, I know about caller ID…. Well, when? I wasn’t home yet…. Jesus Christ, someone’s figured it out!”
Max had to be talking to Rylee Paris and she was telling him about the phone call she had made.
Oh, God, no! somehow the woman was mixed up in this mess, but how? Why? Her head was pounding and she knew she had to get out. Fast.
Fiona didn’t wait another second. He was involved in something deadly. Something that may have cost Parteno James his life. Something that might have been behind her nearly dying the other night. Oh God she was not safe. She had to run.
        She couldn’t do anything tonight. She had to play dumb, like everything was alright, make Max think she didn’t suspect him of anything.
        She entered her bedroom, tucked the gun under the mattress, threw off her robe and lay on the bed, she heard Max’s room door open. She shut her eyes and tried to breathe normally. Slow. Relax. Relax your muscles. Her bedroom door opened and she feigned sleep, breathed deeply forced her eyes to be still. He walked closer to the bed and leaned over her. She could feel his breath on her face and she wanted to scream. Breath slowly, Don’t panic.
“Fiona?” His voice in a whisper
“Fiona?” he called again. His voice calm
She didn’t answer
“Are you awake?” Damn it, he wasn’t going to give up. She rolled as if she was disturbed in her sleep.
“Fiona?” His voice was louder now.
She had to respond. “Wh-What?” she blinked her eyes open. “Oh God, you scared the hell outta me! Max?”
Acting confused and yawned. “What time is it?”
“Late. I know. I just got home. I think someone was in my office tonight. Here, the office here in the house”
“I’m asking you.”
“I don’t know…oh, God! An intruder! Do you think it was an intruder?”
“I don’t think it was an intruder,” he said
“Then why are you waking me up?” she asked
“We have to change the locks. I – I thought you were going to do that. Are you going to check the other floors?”
“No….Fiona….I don’t think anyone broke in.”
“But you said…”
“I thought maybe you were in the office.”
“Me? How? Isn’t it locked?”
“Then how…?”
“I don’t know,” he said and his face looked evil.
“But my keys are missing.”
“You think I found them and broke into your office? Oh Max don’t be ridiculous.”
“The screen saver was on in the office.”
“What does that mean?”
“That someone had used the computer in the last ten minutes, it’s programmed to stay on that long before going into sleep mode.”
“Well, I can’t explain it. You are working too hard. Go to bed, Max. We’ll figure this out in the morning.”
“Just tell me you’re not lying,” he said.
“Okay, I’m not lying and you’re acting like a lunatic”
“Don’t cross me. That would be a big mistake.” He let go of her and stormed off to the office. Probably to discover that his gun was missing.
Tomorrow she would leave.
And go where? With what? You don’t have any money. You don’t have any identification. You don’t have a car.
But she’d find a way to leave this prison.
Even if it killed her.

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