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Sunday, 30 September 2018


*            *            *
“The old man’s dead,” he said
“What? How do you know this?”
“I… know what I mean. I got tired of waiting.”
“Damn it, I told you to wait.”
“You said we had to wait until he kicked off. Well the old bastard kicked.”
“The police…..”
“They will never know. The Doc put George on Oxygen last night. I took it off.”
“Christ, this messes everything up.” The rich bastard was panicking.
“Speeds everything up you mean. And you should be glad. He changed his will, didn’t he, cut Fiona out.”
“He couldn’t have changed it, you moron! He wasn’t in his right mind.”
“Says who?” he through back
“Look, if anyone suspects…..”
“No one will. The way it stands now, you get the will and pay me.”
“There’s still the problem of Fiona.”
“I’ll take care of it.”
“Now wait a minute. I’m not sure…..”
“She’ll be dead by nightfall.”
“No, it’s too risky. Not on the same day our father dies.”
“Don’t worry about it. It’ll look like an accident. That’s what you wanted. Right? This was your fuckin’ idea.”
“No. now listen. Wait a few days, okay. Until things calm down. And don’t call me back on this cell. Do you hear me? I hired you to do a job and you’ll be paid, get that straight.”
“Like hell.”
“I’m warning you….”
He laughed and took out a cigarette
“Relax, this is your lucky day.” Then he hung up and went to his jeep. His blood was on fire. Killing George had been too easy. It was Fiona he wanted.
                      *                                  *                             *
Blurry images were visualized in her brain. Yes, she was in a fight with Max, her two friends Phoebe and Pepper were seated adjacent to them.
“Father said he’s not going to give me a dime from his properties.” Max said.
“Not aware of that.” Fiona said
“But you’re aware he’s giving you half of all he owns and the rest to charity homes” he said eyes blazing red
”He wouldn’t wanna waste a dime on an aimless son” she replied
“What….your father is a fucking bastard” he said pointing to her.
“You know what” she threw back
“What?” he allowed
“Fuck off,” she said
Phoebe and Pepper try to calm them down, it’s all a waste.
“I promise you this….bitch. You gonna pay with your life. I own the property and you….go to hell. Watch your back.”
Phoebe exclaims with a frustrated expression lined up on her face.
“Son-of-a-bitch, listen good, you watch your back.”
She left the house with her friends in an annoyed mood and dropped them off without anyone uttering a word to each other.
A week after Phoebe died and a week after Phoebe died, Pepper also died. Could this mean Max killed them.
Now she remembers what really transpired before the accident.
I have to go to the Detective. She grabs her bag and sunglasses but slumps.
             *                            * 

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