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Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Anita's POV
"Tracy, we've gat to talk!" I repeated for what seemed like a million times, as we got into our apartment.
On our way home, I'd been asking Tracy her reason(s) for despising me, but she kept mute or just pretended to be asleep. I got pissed at a point, but what could I do? I mean, she was my elder sister who I loved, luckily for her.
She rolled her eyes and snapped her head towards me. "Dummy, could you please fuck off?" She said dryly.
She turned to leave, but I immediately stopped her. I desperately needed us to sort our differences out. It was choking to me, even though not to her.
"What goober?" She groaned with her body askew.
"Tracy, we really don't have to be doing this. I mean, we are blood–"
"But not the same." She cut me off, unapologetically. "I'm Tracy, you're Anita. I'm the bad child, you're the good one. You're mum and dad's favorite, but what am i? A low life bitch? A pest or what?!" She spat on my face with a shaky voice. I knew she was hurt and would cry any moment from now. I was lost for words. My mouth was left in agape. I watched her storm out of my midst and ran upstairs to her room, probably. Dang it! I screwed up.
I rushed upstairs to my room to have a cool shower. If you're wondering, well yes, we stayed in different rooms. The house was too big for us to share a room and besides, we were the only kids of our parents.
After I had finished having my bath, I ran down to the kitchen to have lunch. I hadn't eaten lunch if you've suddenly forgotten. I greeted the chef and he replied me with a polite smile.
"So what's for lunch?" I stood beside him, looking at what he was stirring in the pot. It was a vegetable soup and the aroma was divine. Talk more of its sight, which made my mouth salivate.
"Didn't you check the dinning room before coming here?" He glanced at me before facing what he was doing. He was my favorite out of all the house helps that we had.
"Well, both of you lunch is there." He added.
"So why are you preparing this?"
"It's for dinner. Your mum told me to prepare this." He answered, almost immediately.
"Oh." That was all I let out. I hurried to the dinning room. I was literally starving. I got there and saw Tracy already seated having her lunch and pressing her phone at the same time. I spotted my food which was covered, and went to take it away 'cause it was close to Tracy's and I didn't want her draining me with her angry words.
As soon as I was done eating, I took my plate to the kitchen and started washing it.
"Anita, what are you doing?" One of the maids came running to me. "It's our work to do the dishes, not yours." She looked afraid.
"I know. But I'm also gonna marry someday and I wouldn't wanna come across as lazy. What if we are not so rich and I'm forced to do all the house chores, what would be my excuse then? That I had maids to answer my calling when I was younger?" She smiled genuinely and I faced what I was doing after I'd uttered those words.
"I like you a lot. You're not like your sister."
Obviously, you should.
"You'd better not say that close to her or to my parents." I said instead.
I finished washing the plate, after which, I strolled out of the kitchen to my room. I heard my phone ringing immediately I got in. Who could that be? I looked at the called ID, it was an unknown number. I slid the screen to answer the call.

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